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Tessa and I have in recent months fostered a love for Satellite’s rabbit wraps. Though it always is incredibly difficult to justify paying $5.50 for some vegetables encased in a tortilla, we have faithfully forked over the money for the better part of the spring semester while complaining about it the entire time.
I have more than a slight hunch that they infuse the dressing with some crack-like substance because no matter how many times I tell myself that I refuse to pay for another one, my will power is absolutely diminished by the time lunch time rolls around and I find myself 9 dollars poorer (after mandatory additional coffee and tip) and once again ashamed that I paid such extravagant prices for something I could so easily make.
So, seeing as it is now summer and time is more readily available. I am no longer constrained to prioritizing convenience over all else–and therefore my first culinary mission was deemed to be the replication of this particular wrap.
The first step was to look up the ingredients used in the wrap, located on the Satellite website.
Next, necessary modifications were determined–lemon dressing to replace the pomegranate, omission of sesame seeds, and apples instead of jicama. Mainly, these modifications occurred due to the availability of products at Trader Joe’s. Post TJ’s frolicking session (which is usually a bi-weekly event at the very minimum) I had all the ingredients.
Finally, Operation Reconstruction officially commenced.


Prep work:

Massage the kale with the juice of two lemons and 2 TBSP of olive oil, set aside.
Chop half of one apple, half of one roasted red pepper, and a handful of (pre) shredded carrots


Smear hummus on a tortilla
Layer kale on tortilla
then your chopped ingredients
don’t forget the artichoke hearts!
roll up and enjoy!
little bit of advice: buy tortillas large enough to hold all of your ingredients!
but if you fail to do so, as i did, you have no choice but to get another tortilla and eat it quesadilla style (which, actually, is quite awesome and some might say preferable from the start!)
put any leftover vegetables into Tupperware for future rabbit wrap assemblage ;)
The best part of all, is that the ingredients used to make numerous rabbit wraps all added together come out to be as much as a single lunch at Satellite so not only can you easily customize your own wrap but it is freaking cheap too (leaving you more money for wine, of course! I have priorities..).
edited to add: YIKES! need to use spell check for future posts hahah or just simply re-read what I write


I have accumulated an absurd amount of cat pictures on my phone from this past year, and it seems like such a shame to deny everyone the pleasure of enjoying them! Generally, the only people that get the unique privilege  of seeing such exquisite photos are those unfortunate souls that I regularly accost in public places (i.e. everyone I see within a 10 foot radius).

Speaking from an entirely unbiased perspective, of course, I would have to say that our cats happen to be the best in the world. They continue to provide us with love and quality cuddle time despite the fact that we are rarely home, and occasionally feed them saltines and popcorn when we run out of cat food (let it be noted that oliver will eat anything, and probably does not have a problem with this).

We also subject them to random internet cat trends like cat-breading..

Now that I have a medium through which to display them, I shall proceed to dazzle you with Stanley and Oliver’s magnificence!

Because, really, who doesn’t enjoy a good cat montage? ;)

Happy SatCaturday


It has been almost one year on the dot since I deactivated this baby, and as of 11 pm last night I have made the executive decision to once again air my thoughts online. This is primarily a method of procrastination (see: how to avoid studying for Shakespeare final), but also because the end of finals is terrifyingly near and I am slowly realizing the amount of free time I am about to have on my hands. My summer goal is to cultivate my writing skills through writing as much as possible, and due to my inability to follow through on virtually anything I figured some sort of accountability might be a good idea.

This past year has been excruciatingly boring, hence my retreat from the online world, basically just consisting of school, work, and excessive drinking. I have also fostered a love (along with the rest of the world) with a little thing called Pinterest, so that will no doubt make a great deal of appearances in the near future.

That said, I have been incredibly inspired with life lately due to residing outside of my comfort zone in every conceivable way, and loving every minute of it. Looking back on previous posts, it is bizarre and somewhat surreal that the writer was myself, because I am just so vastly different than that girl. I am in such a beautiful and dynamic period of my life, particularly with developing my identity and familiarizing myself with it, that it seems a shame to not document it in some form. Every atom of my being is so filled with love and wonder for every circumstance I am exposed to and writing about it seems to be the best possible thing at the moment. I am not currently certain of the exact direction I want this blog to take, probably some book reviews, creative writing efforts, craft attempts, home improvements, and random musings.

So…entirely unsure of how to approach this first getting-back-on-the-horse-after-a-year post I will leave you with some pictures and thoughts I have been enjoying lately.