In case you have been living under a rock and are unaware (NM residents that is)–yesterday marked the return to school, and with it my official justification for my slow descent into hermitage (I now declare this a word!).

As of today I have attended all of my classes. VERDICT: I adore every. single. thing I am taking! I am just so excited about the material that will be covered in each of them–much more contemporary literature than I have studied so far and very engaging professors.

I will likely be reading  every spare minute of my time considering I ordered over 27 books online two nights ago, such is the joy of being an English and Philosophy student, but I am honestly one hundred percent okay with that. I began Lolita yesterday afternoon and am already hooked, I can’t believe I had yet to read it actually, but am so glad that the opportunity has presented itself for me to do so now.

Let’s just say I anticipate many nights with snacks, wine, Maverick, and literature in my future. Oliver can come too.

With a new school year comes a fresh start according to fourth graders everywhere, and my horoscope. On that note, we have made a few upgrades within the household including a new snazzy red doormat, lamp placement, and bookshelf that I will kindly spare you pictures of.

You cannot escape a snapshot of the ever-exciting picture rearrangement, however, because it incorporates a B-E-A-U tiful artistic masterpiece that our lovely friend Morgan purchased for us at a silent art auction benefit we were volunteering at recently.

Can you spot it? Oh, actually the lighting is a tad off. Here you go..


I know what you are going to say: it is truly majestic.

There was also some spontaneous cement block purchasing, during a 9:30 pm Lowes trip that resulted in this beauty..

And that is what happens when I go in search of a house plant, despite the fact that the cement block aisle is clear across the entire store. I have no idea.

Fueled by cement block fume intoxication, a Target trip was  subsequently made where I acquired a totally necessary mirrored side table for 20 bucks

that was actually quite awesome ( it was originally 90 dollars). Also, note the cat treats underneath..classy.

Now that I have bombarded you with my breathtaking, phone furniture photos I will present the true gem of recent school finds…

THIS LUNCHBOX! I feel so complete inside, I just want to pack all my meals and take them places. Does anyone need to borrow a lunchbox?! Because you can’t. I need it to carry my hopes and dreams.

That about sums up our pre-school preparations as far as nesting goes. I very much like to get everything all cozy and ready for prime study time cuteness before school begins so that I can focus on more nerdy endeavors (and you probably naively think this is as nerdy as it gets..ha! so wrong).

Happy back-to-school fellow Lobos! ;)

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