(Alternate title: absurd amount of kitten pictures crammed into a finite online space)

Apologies for the recent absence..once again. I was resting, recovering, and rejuvenating post-Brazil in beautiful Castine, Maine.

Primarily, I did absolutely nothing aside from lay at the beach reading, lay out in the yard reading, and in bed reading. Not quality literature either, books that I checked out from the library and that shall not be mentioned by name in such a public manner. Some cheesy movies of the same nature were viewed as well, but the same non disclosure policy remains.

Nothing like some good old fashioned lobster eating, coffee consumption, and occasional jogs in horrific humidity to reset my body (i.e. limit alcohol consumption..Brazil might have permanently damaged my liver) and prepare myself for the beginning of school! Acquiring grandmother clothes never hurt anyone, either, but more on that on a later date. ;)

Now, the true purpose of this post is to announce the arrival of the newest member of Tessa and I’s domestic partnership!

If you have a Facebook (that you obviously must use to stalk me..I am clearly a highly interesting individual!) then this is not necessarily news to you. However, after having the little guy one week or so, a final name has been decided upon. We had a lax approach to naming him, we tried many different names over the course of the week before the winning one was selected (crossing fingers that he is not suffering from an extreme identity crisis).

So, it is my great pleasure to OFFICIALLY introduce…






Mr. Bigglesworth..



He is my cat soulmate, and has taught me that I do in fact have the potential to become a cat lady in the future. I completely see how human interaction is overrated when there is an adorable cat in the picture that will cuddle with you and watch Six Feet Under all day in bed and tell you secrets and lick your mouth and..okay that got a little weird.

That last disturbing bit is unfortunately very, very true but I absolutely DESPISE it. Licking is just altogether unpleasant, particularly when one is attempting to sleep. Other than that though, I maintain my initial position.

Despite the fact that we got Maverick to keep Oliver company in Stanley’s absence, he seems to be suffering from a severe case of only-child syndrome (which I am entirely empathetic of, myself) and is not such a fan of the newest addition. Hopefully he will warm up to the little guy soon and we can be a cute, happy feline-human family and send out Christmas cards of our sunburned faces from our vacation in the Bahamas.

I mean, how can he not eventually love this little face?! I paused my post writing to snap this picture, email it to myself, and then include it at the end. HOW IS HE SO CUTE?!

Shout out to Oliver (and Stan)–you were are just as adorable little ones! 

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