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Can I just say that it is beyond infuriating that an A- in college drops your GPA in relation to an A!


There goes my 4.0 people. Here are some pictures I enjoy, I once again proclaim my obsession with Karl L in photo form. CAN HE JUST MOVE IN WITH ME AND DESIGN MY CLOTHES PLEASE.

We could move into a houseboat and live happily ever after..




CLEAR SKY: check


Whew, finally back home where I belong! The past couple of days have been monumentally hectic but I finished my last final at approximately four this afternoon, packed up my stuff, and am back at home relaxing on my porch freshly showered at 7:30.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat specifically so I made a smorgasbord of yummy things..chicken, whole foods chips, an apple, salsa, hummus, diluted cranberry juice..mmm.

My DVR is going to be completely overloaded because I need to catch up on basically all the shows I like from the last four weeks or so, maybe eight weeks actually! Ah, I just haven’t had time to watch tv, which I am not complaining about it was supremely nice but now I see what I’ve been missing!–30 rock, kendra, the office, real housewives, the hills, house, just everything.

In effort to spend the last of my lobocash and la po meals I made a quick pit stop  at an on-campus convenience store and the cafeteria before I headed to the heights. Packing up all of that food was seriously a nightmare, there was so much it could feed a small country. When I unpacked it at home my mom was like ‘Well I guess we don’t need to go grocery shopping this week’. My last la po meal was sad for me so I took a picture, I’m chronically sentimental I can’t help it!

I’m going to enjoy this night of relaxation because tomorrow is another busy one for me:

  • interview for an article,
  • pick up final load of stuff from dorm/ clean it for final check out
  • sell books
  • return library books
  • make shopping list for cookfest 2010!
  • something else that I no doubt am forgetting but you can see it is preeety busy

I am such a geek, I made a schedule of things I should do each day so I will have a plan to fall back on and avoid getting sucked into laziness. Tonight however, no plan so my inner LAZINESS IS REJOICING!


I should be exhausted, but I am not. I had an excruciatingly busy day, yet I am wide awake..sleep patterns are crazy things. Today I crammed in three classes, an article, a four page paper, and two work outs. I once again had to wake up at seven to move my car before heading to la po for an peanut butter english muffin before my heinously early history class.

I went sans coffee the rest of the day(!!!), depending purely on endorphins from my mid-day elliptical session to pull me through until i grabbed a green tea on the way to my last class of the day. My paper turned out pretty good, considering i held off writing it until this morning and i managed to scrounge together a gigantic salad for lunch. The end of my day was a bit dramatic, but alls well that ends well. I really dont know what to do with myself at this point, im so used to being too beat by midnight to function. I AM GOING CRAZY I THINK (hahah hence the frazzled looking pictures included below–late night posting should be prohibited!)

WELP twelve days till summer! and about double that till i take off on my first trip of the summer :) plus my mom gets back from her trip tomorrow, i always feel better when the momster is in town. GOODNIGHT!

THE DREADED PAPER–final product