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The things a gal will put up with from cute shoes is astounding. Some of the most physically painful moments of many females lives are those spent attempting to break in new high heels.

They may look cute and innocent but looks are deceiving! I have no idea what compelled me to wear these babies to the welcome dinner last night and clubbing afterward because I officially can barely walk.

WARNING: this picture is graphic soooo prepare yourself or quickly scroll down

Disgusting I know, what kind of sick, twisted person puts a picture like that on a blog?


mainly because I want you all to feel my pain hahah

I am actually rather proud of myself because I put up with alot of activity in those shoes before finally breaking down. A trip to Norrkoping (sister city of Linkoping) was made..

..A trip to Maxi (kind of like Walmart) was taken on as well where I stocked up on food to cook with as well as some other stuff.

  • tomatoes
  • eggs
  • mushrooms
  • nectarines
  • bananas
  • museli
  • bran flakes
  • milk
  • etc etc


alright if you want to get technical it was licorice and lime sorbet–yeah sounds atrocious but tastes delicious. and that is really all that matters :)

So you see that alot of walking occured in my life recently (not to mention the at least 10k that we walked in the morning trying to get some bike problems sorted out in another section of town) so I would say that my poor little feet deserve a break..After our run today.

Despites my feet trouble the welcome dinner was fun! We were seated by people we didn’t know which I couldn’t decide if I liked or not, and we given a bottle of wine, an appetizer, dinner, and dessert. The food was alright I suppose.

The more interesting part of the evening revolved around singing. Come countries got up on stage and sang a national song (and no, me and the one other american girl did not partake). Germany took over the entire stage–there are at lease 130 of them walking around campus.

There were also rules–I am in Sweden dont’cha know– like to bang on the table and scream and then yell BORDSSKAL! and drink. Another one was to bang on the table in the same fashion and then scream tempo and then the number of a song from the booklet that we were provided with. I was astounded about the lyrics of the songs that we were expected to scream at a school function!

Astounded but totally pumped. Here is an example:

Cindy’s into whips and chains, kinky, kinky

Finally got it out it was red and sore, God damned son of a bitch never fuck no more

Seriously picture a room of 300 people singing things like this. We are so careful of what we say in America (at least superficially) in public settings but here they are so open and it is fun because many people think or say these things in private settings but not at anything endorsed by the school. Teachers and other public figures act like they are not saying or doing things that we all know everyone does so it seems like in Europe they just cut all the bullshit and let it all be out there.


food for thought.

I am going to go eat breakfast now and rest my poor little feet.

In Ellen Pompeo’s kitchen hahah I wish


You know how they say to not go grocery shopping when you are hungry?

Turns out there is a reason.

Sunflower shopping spree–that store being so close is trouble.

It was kind of an odd day to begin with, considering Tess, Em, and I left Trevor, Colin, Pat and Pavel’s house at 2am or so and proceeded to have a jellybean eating fest (me) and overfeed a fish (em). We woke up pretty early and met Breezy for a breakfast of sushi (odd I know), which was surprisingly not weird at all, there were even some women already there as well (before 11:15 no less).

Sushi is so ridiculously filling that we decided to go work out at our respective gyms. The gym I go to happens to be verrrrry close to Borders and Whole Foods so I decided to stop by and spent TWO HOURS looking at cookbooks and cooking magazines, completely forgetting to eat or drink any water after working out. Needless to say, when I left I was starving but still poor so I limited my purchases at WF to chips and blueberries and decided to stop by Sunflower for two things: an avocado and a sweet potato.

hahah yeah, THAT worked out well. My mom and stepdad are out of town so our fridge was heinously empty..but not for long!



To end my rather odd day, I ate a HUGE late lunch at around four and managed to spoil my dinner. Kemper came over and we watched a show called pint sized brawlers.

For those of you who know me, clearly this show was created SOLELY for my entertainment and fascination. We watched an hour of this I think. It was magical hahah the only reason we even saw it was because the remote was wrestled (literally) out of my hands and I was forced to watch The Ultimate Fighter for an hour instead of my recorded Kathy Griffin: My Life on The D-List!! But it was a blessing in disguise obviously since the pint sized show came on after so it’s okay I suppose.

This morning I woke up at 11:30 (!!WHOA) and decided that since I missed dinner last night, I would eat it for breakfast because it was my favorite.

Chicken salad for breakfast? Ill take it. ;)