So, slowly all of my 27 books required for this semester are trickling in from my online book ordering sources.

Yikes. 27. I know.

I wish I could claim exaggeration when I say reading is consuming every spare moment of my life. Those who know me are aware that I generally keep one book in my purse at all times (in case of a reading emergency, of course) but it has gotten to the point where I have up to three different novels crammed into my bag at any given time.  This is by no means a complaint, I adore everything that I am studying at the moment but it is making me go more than slightly broke.

Okay, that sentence at first does not seem to reflect a direct cause-effect relationship but let me explain. The issue lies in my inability to focus properly at home, coupled with my insatiable need for coffee causes me to spend my free time in various cafes.

I tend to rotate between a selection of different places, but the last few weeks it has reached a rather ridiculous level. Because like any normal person I occasionally snap a phone photo of study sessions..eh..I noticed on my phone the amount of photos I collected in the matter of a week or so!


Now an intelligent person would at this point suggest that I go to the library like a normal student and to that my reply is: I DO! This is in addition to regular library trips.

I am incredibly inspired, interested, and engaged in everything that I am taking this semester–effectively solidifying in my mind that I have chosen the correct fields of study. Due to this I have experienced a recalibration of my life, in which I now look forward to reading in my bed with Maverick and tea more than anything else really.

Alright, that’s somewhat of a lie.. I still do enjoy going out and socializing with the world periodically BUT it appears the majority of my time shall be committed to intellectual pursuits for the near future.

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of writing this is, I suppose it basically just an  interesting observation regarding my life lately as well as an explanation to those wondering why I have dropped off the face of the planet. Don’t worry! I am still here, I am just around the corner reading. ;)

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