“sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.”

 –Philip K. Dick

currently reading: crying of lot 49, the evolution of bruno littlemore, zen and the art of happiness.

Currently listening to: an absurd amount of norah jones..sing it sista!

Also,very much digging this (thanks mel!) hahah

Things I have been putting off for far too long and just need to suck it up and finish.

  • register to vote
  • finally put away my laundry (that I did a week ago)
  • fix my headlight
  • get new glasses
  • register for october races—duke city half marathon, susan komen 10k, autism speaks 5 k
  • buy more chocolate for the house because I ate it all for dinner the other night. household rule number 55: chocolate must always be present!
  • Learn how to properly spell the word ‘vacuum’

My god, what I wouldn’t give for a vacuum. This would save me quite a bit of time spent sweeping up cockroaches from all over our house. 

Dear Maverick, though we appreciate the thought behind would be more than okay with us if you would cease your roach gift delivery system.

Love you, mean it! -Kal and Tess

Seriously, the little monster brings them in from outside, and leaves them for us all over the house! While we recognize the sentiment behind this, it would be preferable if he showed his affection in a different manner.

On that note, cleaning the kitchen is comical experience enough considering no matter how may times we clean and scrub it it seems to remain in a perpetual state of filth. Doing so in heels and with a kitten it becomes absurd and almost impossible. Curse you linoleum!

Seeing as I am on a roll here, I would also like to complain about the fact that no matter HOW MANY CANDLES I BURN my room continues to smell like cat poop. Great!

At least the weather is behaving appropriately now! Love love love fall, thank goodness it has finally seemed to arrive. All of our lives are officially improved–thank you nature.

Anddddd with that, happy weekend to all!

One response to “crackle

  1. Although cats are cute at first they should be avoided – unless,of course, you live on 5 acres in the country, have mice, and they can work for their living; otherwise they come with a litter box and the smell never leaves a property.
    Further, I firmly believe in OPC – short for other people’s cats – you stroke them, hold them, and leave them. mm

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