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The funny thing about taking a class centered around the phenomenon of love is that you start to think about love much more objectively and often.

The funny thing about reading more poetry is that you start to view life in verse.

Put both of those things together and you’ve got a full-blown, cheesed out disaster on your hands. That disaster is currently me.

Hi, my name is Kallie.

Today two things happened–I slipped and fell supremely hard in the morning, and almost cried in class in the afternoon.

And I went to Costco, but that is something entirely different.

My professor of said class said something that just resonated with me so entirely that I was suddenly overcome with emotion and had to fight back tears without consciously knowing why. What is it that he said you might be wondering, and seeing as I exist to satisfy your desires I will comply and promptly inform you.

He essentially said that when you love someone, they inhabit you. They are always with you no matter where you go, and everything that you experience you do so together, physically or otherwise.

He moved onto other related topics and as I glanced around the room all I saw were typical glazed expressions of young adults yearning for freedom from class. I resonated so fully with this idea, however, that I began to jot down my thoughts regarding the concept.

As I wrote, new worlds of realization unfolded before me. If loving someone gives them residence within a portion of your being, then the removal of that person (whether it be a romantic partner, a mother, a friend, a pet, etc) from your life could be equated with an amputation. This amputation hurts in that particular way that we all recognize but is essentially indescribable through language. If you removed an arm, or a liver, you would be given massive doses of medication to stamp out the pain but those afflicted with this disease of being go without such assistance. You might feel that phantom limb perpetually haunting you, an ache for a piece of you that is no more.

It is comforting in a way, to realize that losing a loved one–of any nature–is essentially amputating a portion of your being, yanking out a necessary appendage. It makes me feel better, no doubt.

The following are responses I wrote for aforementioned class:


When you are with everyone but me,

you’re with no one

When you are with no one but me,

you’re with everyone

Instead of being so bound with with everyone,

be everyone

When you become that many, you’re nothing.




I remain stagnantly one-hundred percent supportive of any excuse to wear a dress, eat guacamole, or create a playlist.

Such an occasion has arisen this week in the form of walking to school. I throughly enjoy walking, even in heels, and the trek from my new place to school happens to be the perfect length.

Short enough to avoid seeming daunting, but long enough to facilitate a certain form of meditation.

However, as much as I enjoy the soothing sounds of screeching brakes and the perpetual hum of construction in the university area I much prefer to listen to some jazz on my commute. Hence, the creation of a playlist.




neglected things are being taken care of. I always consider the first day back at school the true beginning of the ‘new year’ as far as responsibilities go. So, happy first day

kitties are being spayed/neutered (finally) so all possibilities of incest are eradicated.

and off to learn and such ;)


As I approach the new dawn of life–i.e. the end of my paper–things are gaining a rosier tint through these glasses contacts of mine. (recent republican victories aside of course)

FOOOORRR instance I learned recently that my front door is the official border into new mexico

congratulations to me?

I also enjoyed a B-E-A-UUUUUUUtiful sunset from the comfort of my own back porch/ sociology paper war room.

Snapped this baby with my phone! it’s better than my camera i fear. technology is taking over,  hovercars here we come.

I am also officially back to work–only I would actually get excited about this BUT my byline will now be once again present in the Daily Lobo as of next week :)

(Can I get a ‘what what’ for getting paid?)


speaking of mmmmmmmhm’s (emphasis on the attitude) REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA IS BACK! hahah nene is my girl

watch it just for you baby–>>andy coop can come too. no idea why they are in a picture together. google images knows though.


ANNYWHOoo kitties are cute


I have signed up for winter break classes that don’t begin until january 3rd SO no more school for this girl until the ripe old age of 19.

All the more time for crafts

Current to purchase list stands at:

  • Globe
  • Large mirror
  • Amy Sedaris’ craft book
  • A life


Writer’s block is one of the most widely spread and acutely affecting diseases that students can experience.

Most often it tends to occur at the absolute worst time possible–and to top it off the mounting pressure that builds every moment makes it spread from the brain to engulf its prey’s entire body.

One paper down, one more to go.

That is my mantra today as I grudgingly attempt to force myself into learning an entire month’s worth of material in one 12 hour period. I woke up this morning ultra early filled with resolve and I read the entire textbook for UNM’s Sociology 101 in under two hours only to find that it held almost no relevance for my paper’s topic.


The assignment:

write an essay about a sociological and/ or/  social problem of your own choice. Start by formulating a research question which you will discuss and analyze using sociological perspectives treated in the course.

The essay shall consist of 4-6 pages and cover at least three perspectives covered in the course (the classical theorists Marx, Durkheim or Weber, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, conflict and consensus perspectives, gender theory, theories of late modernity, and globalization theories).


This would be alot easier if I even knew what the correct definition of a sociological or social problem. According to Google answers it is, “not your face”. Thanks technology, that was helpful.

Don’t let the happy face mug fool you: I’m screwed.



There is nothing I despise more than wrenching myself out of my cozy bed before I am ready. No amount of coffee can make that resentment subside, but that’s reality when you are forced to take a 7:30 final. I managed to choke a kashi bar down with some coffee before steph and I headed for Dane Smith, but really eating at 6:30 is just too awful for words. Luckily, those things are basically candy bars in disguise so at least it was delicious.

I am officially down to 46 dollars of lobocash finally after my shopping spree yesterday. I tried to buy alot of unperishable items that I could take home with me so I ended up with some cheerios, kashi bars, peanutbutter packets, etc. I did buy hummus and baba ghanoush also I think I can handle eating all that in the next few days ;)

Anyways, my history final went well, I think, but I was far from done with the day. I finished up and went directly to the regents meeting which lasted a ghastly 3 and a half hours! I was starving by one, so my dad picked me up and we went caught up over some Vietnamese. I also sent him with a few more tidbits to deposit in my room.

The most exciting news came in the form a purple little plastic square though, MY NEW CREDIT CARD!! I am done for the day, so I think I am going to find something to spend money on! hahah you think I’m kidding, but it’s been like three weeks since I have been able to purchase anything, even a cup of coffee.


MEET MARBLE: our new kitten!

I decided she deserved a post all of her own. So as I eat my huge breakfast, got a final at 3 so I gotta be properly nourished..I have broken my coffee pact but it’s only half a cup so it doesn’t count!

study fest

Today is the ideal setting for a study fest! i am not at all enticed to venture outside so I have created a nest of learning on our beanbag, equipped with various beverages, my agenda, notes, review sheets, etc and I am being proactive in getting an early start on finals!

I have kept to my word and am still on track for abstaining from coffee–green tea is my drink selection for this gloomy morning. I have been at it for an hour and a half and so far have finished my history review, scheduled an interview for later this afternoon, and begun my literary questions review.

Although I am posting in the midst of this study session, I feel like I’m relatively on track. I’m just taking a lunch break and cooking some salmon and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow will be super busy, I have two moms to celebrate mother’s day with so it will be busybusybusy but fun :) As of now the plan is as follows:

8- wake up, go for a run

9:30- write article, send in EARLY!

10- breakfast with my mom

11-2(ish)- go see babies with my mom (the sickeningly sweet documentary, not just babies in general)

4- catch a ride with my step grandparents out to my dads house for mother’s day bbq with my step mom.

8-come back, review french and get to sleep early.

I love moms, don’t you? :)