Number 22948 I love fall: perfect running weather!

Granted, I have yet to actually experience said temperatures yet this year but I am absolutely beside myself with anticipation. Everyone knows fall is the best season, and I will not tolerate any counter arguments regarding the matter.

I have had fairly ideal weather for my sporadic runs the last few weeks. Theoretically I have begun “training” for the Duke City Half Marathon on October 21st, if by training I mean running twice a week at most and playing with my kitten and eating grapefruit the other 99% of my time. In that case, it has been a successful running experience thus far.

This is not what I have been doing. But I shall start now, loosely based on the above plan starting at week three/four.

Running is one of those things that I absolutely love. Now, that said I feel an important distinction must be made: while I throughly adore run-NING, I am by no means a run-NER.

Those last letters really make a gigantic difference. I attempted track one semester, i.e. attempted being the latter and it is just not for me. I am too terrible, and ultimately too lazy. However, my version of the sport suffices nicely as not only does it channel my anxious energy more effectively than virtually anything else (except wine), but it is something that I have done everywhere that I have gone since I fell in love with it in p.e. before 9th grade.

Once I started thinking about it, I realized that I have run throughout my visits to places such as Washington, Oregon, Maine, California, Colorado, Sweden, Italy, France, Brazil, and obviously New Mexico (just to name a few places). It is my favorite way to see a city–running really is surprisingly WAY faster than walking. I realize that sounds incredibly obvious, but the difference is truly amazing.

I have fantastic memories of running in Cinque Terre hillsides, Stockholm’s neighborhoods, Linkoping’s forests, Brazil’s beaches, etc. and it is precisely these memories that I hold onto more than going to any tourist attraction.

So. Not entirely sure as to where I am going with this, aside from holding myself accountable to stop slacking on training so much–about ten weeks out and gonna run 13 miles faster than last year. If I don’t then…well I guess nothing, but it will be really embarrassing because I posted this. Nothing like preserving whatever semblance of a reputation I have as an honest person as motivation!


One response to “motivation

  1. Fall in New Mexico = hands down perfection
    Good luck with the half marathon! I’m working on getting ready for the Hot Chocolate 5K in a month.

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