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I lucked out, I have a mom and a step mom. (and a dad and a step dad, but thats not the point today) who are both awesome. Happy mother’s day! :)

study fest

Today is the ideal setting for a study fest! i am not at all enticed to venture outside so I have created a nest of learning on our beanbag, equipped with various beverages, my agenda, notes, review sheets, etc and I am being proactive in getting an early start on finals!

I have kept to my word and am still on track for abstaining from coffee–green tea is my drink selection for this gloomy morning. I have been at it for an hour and a half and so far have finished my history review, scheduled an interview for later this afternoon, and begun my literary questions review.

Although I am posting in the midst of this study session, I feel like I’m relatively on track. I’m just taking a lunch break and cooking some salmon and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow will be super busy, I have two moms to celebrate mother’s day with so it will be busybusybusy but fun :) As of now the plan is as follows:

8- wake up, go for a run

9:30- write article, send in EARLY!

10- breakfast with my mom

11-2(ish)- go see babies with my mom (the sickeningly sweet documentary, not just babies in general)

4- catch a ride with my step grandparents out to my dads house for mother’s day bbq with my step mom.

8-come back, review french and get to sleep early.

I love moms, don’t you? :)