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Twenty days in and I finally took the plunge into the museum offerings of D.C. I stopped in the Smithsonian portrait gallery on my way to meet up with my friend Charles in Chinatown after work.

I have to say, I consider myself a pretty open person when it coms to art but I really just dont get portraits. They just creep me out. I challenged myself to locate the creepiest ones in the place. Let’s just say there were alot to choose from.

I tried, I honestly did to appreciate the FINE brush strokes, shadowing, and the immense skill it must have taken to create the paintings but i couldn’t get over the eery feeling of being watched by dozens of still, oil painted eyes every time I walked into a new room.


I clearly lack the fine taste and breeding to be able to appreciate the significance and beauty in those. I can however, fully acknowledge an art form of a much more delectable sort:

The art of the sandwich.

Another perk of the mother visit was going to a Safeway that didn’t look like it belonged in a third world country. I took full advantage, loaded my little basket up to the brim with whatever struck my fancy.

TA DA! full fridge..that’s what I’m talking about. Got some english muffins, strawberries, blueberries, turkey, carrots, avocado, tomato, half a dean and deluca sandwich, nectarines, bananas, oatmeal and safeway peanut spread (actually not pb, but it tastes better!)

Now I am presented with the issue to trying to eat it all this week before it goes bad. Enter sandwich number one, I made it last night for lunch today but I forgot to eat it :( guess it will be tomorrow’s lunch.

A good sandwich has several components.

  • A good base–in this case english muffin
  • A protein–i prefer turkey, but chicken is alright too
  • Loooadddssss of veggies–i only had tomatoe and avocado but generally more is more
  • Preferably mustard but I do not have any so the avocado would have to do.


The reason I forgot to eat my sandwich actually has something to do with food as well in a rather contradictory way, not to mention my filling breakfast..

Banana, copious amounts of pb right out of the jar, and green tea–MMMM

Precisely at lunch time I noticed a joint committee hearing in CQ daily that caught my eye. Ironically enough it was regarding world hunger and the new Feed the Future program.

Let me back up a bit

Now, it has undoubtedly been a valuable experience but I have to say that this internship has left me slightly disillusioned with politics as a whole. I have always been aware of the amount of negotiating and schmoozing involved in the political world, but with the recent additional exposure the more I have felt that there is more facade than actual governmental progress.

I nearly forgot that as with most things in life, the bad is usually accompanied by some good. Representatives have the unique ability to use their influential position to provide assistance to those in need. It is so easy to get lost in the seemingly superficial and unnecessary debates about economic policies and tax cuts, or the turmoil of foreign affairs gone wrong. There is so much water to tread; the larger issues generally leave their mark on the agendas of most politicians.

I seem to bring up often my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in this world for no apparent reason rather often and I have often felt and expressed fear that my good fortune has ensued thus far because something horrible is waiting right around the corner. Recently, a new thought process has begun to form.

I’m starting to think that possibly I have been blessed with such extravagant good fortune though so that I would have the opportunity to spread it around a bit.

The way I figure it, people with their own set of issues have less time and less energy to devote to bettering the lives of those around them, or are preoccupied with bettering the lives of a specific few.

It is the government’s responsibility to take care of its citizens. The purpose of electing people to represent us is to better the quality of the public’s life and unite society as a well functioning tool. It’s not just a job for these officials—they have people’s livelihoods in their hands. We are fortunate enough to live in a place with a government that no doubt has its share of flaws, but fundamentally it is not corrupt. People are complaining about our current state of living, of paying more taxes, of being in a recession, of having to live on unemployment benefits and I’m not trying to say that there isn’t substantial worries in your every day lives but there are some considerations that you should think about.

At least you have water, you have a governmental system that pays for your necessities in your dark times or at least makes an effort to. There are horrifically corrupt governments our there that are so intent on keeping their citizens down, they will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

25,000 people die each day due to hunger and related causes. In Africa alone, 265 million people, nearly one-third of the continent’s entire population, suffer from hunger.

This hearing discussed providing financial aid to a list of less fortunate countries to innovate farming and agricultural techniques, educate the population about growing food, and help them get on their feet.

While you are on your computer reading this, I’m assuming you are clothed. Think about the last time you took a shower, think about the last time you slept in a bed, drove in a car, ate a meal. Probably all the above you have done today, while a large portion of the world have not done even one of those things in their LIFE.

It seriously blows my mind. I have a information session on the Peace Corps on Thursday and I am way more excited for it now than I was initially. Even if that specific program is not in my future, I anticipate donating a chunk of my time on earth to helping those in need.

Okay, okay I realize all this sounds cheesy but it’s really the least I could do. I am not religious, nor am I spiritual in the least, but I do try to abide by a set of morals. I try to be the best person I can be, 70 percent of the time haha because I can be a total brat the other thirty.

This concludes the Dr. Phil SLASH infomercial portion of my rambling. Have a wonderful evening, send good thoughts to those who need them!

rainy monday

Is not just a song title, is also the foundation for an ideal day. Growing up in the desert, you really learn to appreciate the merit of a summer stormy day.

Monday, though three days ago, was just that and I took full advantage.

7am. breakfast

2pm.-5pm read in bed with tea–turned into impromptu nap followed by more reading.

5:30pm. nails with mom

730pm. dinner at outback with mo and tess

10:30. more reading and then falling asleep really early.

If rainy monday described the previous day, bustling tuesday would be the appropriate label for the following one. I fueled myself and then proceeded to begin packing up a storm:

Tired out from all that folding I met dad for some sushi!

A nap with the boy was definitely called for, followed by dinner with friends, and then a movie with Kemp. I would say these past few days have been rather ideal–aside from yesterday I suppose which was filled with plane travel. Now I have arrived!

ain’t it cute?

thank you

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that I am one lucky girl.

I sometimes wonder if everyone possesses a pre-determined amount of good fortune because if so, I have definitely used up a fair bit of it in these past 18 years. I see people going through personal tragedies, poverty, dealing the with effects of natural disasters, or addiction and I wonder why it is not me in their place.

I guess you could say that I believe in karma to a certain extent, a fairly low extent but there is some belief nonetheless, and looking back on my life I don’t really think I deserve all the good things I am blessed with. I haven’t done anything BAD persay, I try to be a nice, helpful, and honest person in general, but I haven’t done anything spectacular either and there are times when I am a down right brat.

Life isn't fair. It's a statement that is often uttered, but the absolute truth of it is usually overlooked.

Why should I have four parents, while some have none? Why should I have so much love and happiness in my life, while some are stuck in such hateful situations? It’s scary sometimes to see all the horrible things happening all around us–the oil spill, the haitian earthquakes, the murders occuring on a daily basis, cancer, I could go on and on.–and realize that I have never even had a pet die.

I feel sometimes like I am waiting almost, for something horrible to come to happen to me, it seems like only a matter of time. I have four parents, ten grandparents (all alive and healthy), two fantastic homes, three adorable pets, an amazing set of friends, a cute boy, and great opportunities awaiting me for my future. There is a lot at stake, and I selfishly don’t want to give any of it up.

Okay, that is all kind of heavy stuff I realize. Now I have a SUPER morbid feeling about everything and I am scared to get out of the chair in case I trip down the stairs and get paralyzed or something horrific. The reason that I am thinking about this was because last night my friend and I attended a candle lighting ceremony for a girl on my cheerleading team’s dad. I didn’t have much appetite before, considering the circumstances, but we had plans to go out with the girls after so I figured I probably should.

Enacted some BFD (breakfast for dinner)

Anyways, the ceremony was beautiful and though he passed away too early, as did her mother, I know that one thing that often surprises me is people’s compassion and generosity in times of need.


On a different note, I woke up at precisely 9 am to our cleaning lady coming in the door so despite not getting home until 2 I dragged myself out of bed and made my first green monster! I have heard nothing but good things about these babies for months, but our blender is slightly wacko so I never endeavored to try it. I had a massive headache and was totally tired out so…


-handful frozen spinach

-half a frozen banana

-some almond milk

-one scoop chocolate protein powder

Solid food was just not going to do it for me this morning so I had a trio of beverages while I shot out some emails about a potential article.

I felt super energized and great after drinking the monster of goodness, but I’m not sure which of the components of breakfast did it for me because there WAS a caffeinated portion of the meal. I’ll go ahead and say it was the green monster though…

…CLEARLY I hated it ;)

After working for a bit, I headed out to the gym because my mom is canceling our membership in July so I only have ten more days of having access. I’m really glad that she is finally doing this because our membership is EXTREMELY expensive and neither one of us ever goes to the gym..she plays tennis and runs with the dog and I run outside and hike and do yoga. BUT the next ten or so days I shall be a gym rat!

Now I am off to lunch with the dadster. I am just SO grateful that I am able to spend time with him, and that he able to be there for me!


I am proud to annouce that I have fully abided by the most important rule of summertime:

being outside!

For the majority of the time span from breakfast to this very moment, I have been actively enjoying the outdoors. How, you might ask, have I shown my appreciation for the sun and beautiful day? Allow me to lay it out for you.

Woke up (only SLIGHTLY hungover) and enjoyed a lovely breakfast on my porch with one Jennifer Wright and one cute puppy.

Properly fueled, we set out for a hike! We piled into my car and met up with Kenzie at the Comanche trailhead. I hadn’t ever explored that particular trail, but it was interesting to say the least considering there is very little trail (that we followed anyways) that is not entirely composed of rock faces. August was totally suave about it though, took it like a champ. Lil mountaineer!

What could possibly be more fitting after all that beauty than a delicious lunch at Annapurna with the girls?! While we waited for our food we took tests to determine our doshas and a man that worked there came up and just based on what we looked like guessed what the test confirmed–I’m Vata with a little bit of Pitta. Turns out I enjoy eating all the food that is keeps me unbalanced, but it tastes so GOOD!

Doshas are very interesting, all of Annapurna’s vegan food is prepared according to your dosha’s necessities. As mostly a Vata person turns out I should avoid all raw vegetables! WHAT?! I guess I will just stay unbalanced. To find out what your dosha is and information about it click here and here. ;)

Now I am currently in the process of acquiring new music–official summer playlist is obviously needed.

Really digging 4shared.com lately, it’s legal so I dont feel bad about using it! Loading up on some she&him, coconut records, katy perry, cash cash, etc.

I’m gonna work on this for awhile, then maybe take the new jams for a spin at the gym? hm..

study fest

Today is the ideal setting for a study fest! i am not at all enticed to venture outside so I have created a nest of learning on our beanbag, equipped with various beverages, my agenda, notes, review sheets, etc and I am being proactive in getting an early start on finals!

I have kept to my word and am still on track for abstaining from coffee–green tea is my drink selection for this gloomy morning. I have been at it for an hour and a half and so far have finished my history review, scheduled an interview for later this afternoon, and begun my literary questions review.

Although I am posting in the midst of this study session, I feel like I’m relatively on track. I’m just taking a lunch break and cooking some salmon and mashed potatoes. Tomorrow will be super busy, I have two moms to celebrate mother’s day with so it will be busybusybusy but fun :) As of now the plan is as follows:

8- wake up, go for a run

9:30- write article, send in EARLY!

10- breakfast with my mom

11-2(ish)- go see babies with my mom (the sickeningly sweet documentary, not just babies in general)

4- catch a ride with my step grandparents out to my dads house for mother’s day bbq with my step mom.

8-come back, review french and get to sleep early.

I love moms, don’t you? :)


it’s a sad reality that after my last class of freshman year today, i was inflicted with a nasty case of boredom. after my (second) lunch which i spent sitting on my couch i began to get restless but had no desire to do anything. so i decided, seeing as we have to move out in less than a week and our dorm has to be ridiculously spotless, to go on a mini cleaning spree!


i blasted my music and for the past two hours i have packed up, washed, vacuumed, scrubbed, mopped, swept, and straightened to my heart’s content. inevitably, considering the music and the amount of coffee in my system, it turned into an impromptu photo shoot..PLUS i had to get photo documentation of me CLEANING. I am strictly a dishwasher in our dorm, I like my room to be neat but I do not enjoy ‘cleaning’ in its generic form


I cant believe we have to move out so soon! It is so sad, and our dorm is SO heartbreakingly empty. I’m used to posters, plants, photos, lights, decoration in general but it has all been packed and has lost it’s homey touch. I have left all my decorations up because I have the latest check out date us all of us girls. I have packed a significant amount of stuff and sneakily hidden it under my bed so the room looks intact, but all the drawers are hollow. it’s a facade of homey-ness!