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It appears I have a problem: I am apparently incapable of what some might call ‘taking it easy’

Despite the entire purpose of flying back over the Atlantic two months early basically being to recover from the immense stress I have put on myself for the past 6 months or so the moment I stepped off the plane I found myself creating to-do lists in my head.

It probably doesnt help that I came back during one of the busiest weeks of the year aparently–in between cruising campus looking for my homies, there is an insane amount of parties and events.

That being said, I have had the epitome of a perfect week. I have been in a constant stream gloriousness surrounded by the people I love and spoiled by the beautiful weather.

Seeing as I have barely had time to breathe, much less bliggity blog it UP for ya’ll i’ll go ahead and give you the cliffs notes version. Because let’s be real, who reads the actual books anymore (English majors aside haha we are nerds).

The past week in a nutshell

I visited all the essential favorites–Barnes and Noble, Buffalo Exchange, Whole Foods salad bar, Trader Joe’s..and Walmart hahah

I acquired a fancy shmancy new phone that I suspect has a higher IQ than me

I attended the plethora of parties that have occurred, had coffee and conversations, and had picnics!

I relaxed at home and caught up on my 30 rock, had lunch with dad, got my nails done with my mom, and taken part in Halloween traditions.

I haven’t had time to even contemplate that to-do list, the top of which is cleaning my room at my mom’s..



Oh yeah, I did this too.




“I long, as does every human being, to find myself at home wherever I find myself.”

-Maya Angelou

I feel incredibly mixed up at the moment. I am in a perpetual fog, one in which I am enjoying myself, but at the same time it is rather irritating to be unable to snap out of it.

Since my departure and my clean bill of health I have been attempting to accept my current state as temporary insanity and just enjoy my life despite my mindset being skewed (politically correct way of saying nutso).

I have come to the conclusion that my brain fog could be due to the disappearance of my identity. Who I am is incredibly intertwined with who I try to be for other people, and the people that I choose to surround myself with serve as ‘mirrors’ of sorts that ground me and keep my sense of being in check.

This whole summer I have been without these people, these pillars of assistance and I think my brain is having a hard time scrambling to create the conception of who I am on its own.

I have indefinitely overanalyzed everything that has been going on to an unhealthy extent–I carry that part of me always ;) i suppose– but this theory seems to make the most sense.

There is little conception of where ‘home‘ is for me, which certainly doesnt help. I have many places that I love to be and that I associated as home in many ways but there isn’t really that place that is fully MINE that gives me that comforting sense of relief. I love both my parents’ homes but I dont know, I haven’t fully formulated this thought yet.

I have had alot of time to ponder what exactly I prioritize in a home atmosphere and I have pinpointed certain things that I would like to have included in that place of my own whenever it appears in my life.

For starters a bright, open kitchen with wooden table

Exposed brick wall

Attic room or other rustic style guest room

Hodgepodge of eclectic collectables on display

Relaxing, spacious bedroom

Plentiful bookshelves

Cozy living room, reading area

Garden, even if in an urban location

I don’t ask for much, eh?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Basically it is nice to dream about creating a place of sanctuary, a place where I could escape and feel completely relieved and cut off from the world but able to accommodate my friends and family over when I feel like it.

When I return to Albuquerque I will be living with Tessa (YAY EXCITED) but I don’t know for how long, where I will be going to school next, where I want to live after school, or what I want to do. I am trying to just live in the moment and not worry about it, but it is nagging at me quite a bit.

“When you are safe at home you wish you were having an adventure, when you are having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.”

–Thorton Wilder



6:50 grudgingly wake up, run to GW gym, work out

7:30 shower, eat breakfast, liberally apply deodorant (!!!)

8:15 throw lunch in bag and leave for metro, walk two blocks over and three up

8:25 head down escalators to turnstiles– swipe smart card

8:30 read spare express left over from previous riders

8:45 arrive at Capitol South station

8:47 swipe smartcard and ascend escaltors

8:50 join masses of interns in transit to buildings, remove ipod from earts and go through Longworth metal detector

8:53 head up to the fifth floor, room 1505

8:55 hang up bag, replace flip flops with heels

9:00 make first of many coffee pots of the day


  • fold and distribute morning publications to staff members
  • enter in first batch of constituent mail
  • answer phones
  • check outlook for any tasks
  • give tours
  • write letters or vote recommendations
  • archive and organize last years mail
  • enter phone calls into log
  • send in lunch schedule
  • browse news sites
  • attend hearings/briefings (either for pleasure or to take notes for staff)
  • you get the idea

5:30 start to feel the pull of the door, leaving is so close you can feel it.

6:00 replace heels with flip flops, pop in ipod


attend various receptions with open bar/ free food if applicable

catch metro home

hang out with people

make dinner

do yoga

go to sleep

As with any situation there is some variance. There are catastrophes (most often affiliated with my presence) such as this beautiful lunch combo jackpot..



Yes, that would be my favorite white DRY CLEAN only skirt decorated with my lovely avocado condiment! :(

More often though, the variance derives from afternoon treats! Some are brought in my staff..

(Crappy phone picture of Maya’s blackberry crumble)

Or in today’s case–provided by yours truly!:

I never tasted the final product, I much prefer dough to actual cookies..

Especially when it looks like THAT.

They aren’t pretty but they got rave reviews from the work crowd during the two o’clock mind crunch. They were devoured within the hour along with my 2lb bag of skittles and smaller package of gummy worms.


Kallie: 1

Life: 1 (remember the avocado, skirt situation? yeah..me too)

I seriously can’t believe tomorrow is my last day! It is so surreal. I am definately looking forward to coming home, but there are a fair bit of things that I will miss out here (and some things I will NOT miss)

Like-minded caffeine craving staff

Unlimited coffee access all day

The interns I work with, and staff

Being able to walk everywhere

The energy of the city

Meeting so many new people all the time

Proximity of my dorm to Trader Joe’s

Getting to get decked out in cute professional attire errryay

Giving tours!

Seeing congressmen everywhere

Reading the newspaper and knowing what they are talking about

Free food at receptions!

The shower that does not drain

Being sick and away from home


Top Chef coming on at 9 (and the gym closing at 8:30)

The ghetto Watergate Safeway

Tourist B.O on the metro

Having to always re-use my four plates and one bowl

Trying to hang out with people, but not being old enough to get into a restaurant past 8

Crazy constituent calls

My tiny bed

All in all, I have had a great time out here, though not exactly what I expected. I hope that this isnt jinxing anything and I fall down a flight of stairs or something haha BUTTTTTT yeah it’s my last night so I’m going out now :)