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You know what a rather critical instrument involved in driving is?

A key.

If you would like to be able to drive to places, it is helpful to not lose yours.

Just a little tip for you all.

You are probably assuming that I have had a rough experience involving misplacement of my keys today and you would be right. Today began well, and is shaping up nicely, but there were some bumps in the road.

I was down at campus early today, got my advisement hold taken off, and found out I got a B on my Sociology paper. Under normal circumstances I would be appalled at that grade and would likely have a mini meltdown but considering I went to exactly one class and then learned everything and wrote the paper in one day I’ll take whatever passing grade I can get.

It was beautiful outside so I decided to go on a run and when I was changing in my car like the classy girl I am, no one walked by--always a plus in my book when I manage to not expose myself to strangers.

Then I did a stupid thing. I knew about the whole putting your key through the laces of your shoe trick BUT I failed to remember that you cant just weave it through the front of the laces and call it a day. Turns out you need to string it along one of the laces as well.

I learned this the hard way, and spent my time pondering my stupidity while I attempted to find the AAA 800 number online–which is impossible might I add. My mom eventually found it for me since my AAA card was locked ohsohelpfully in my car, and they sent a locksmith my way as my phone slowly drained of charge.

He unlocked my car, I was able to change my clothes and gather my things, my dad picked up a new key from the dealer, and I walked to meet up with Tessa for the walk over to her house to meet up with people.

The crisis was short lived and minimally dramatic BUT the inconveniences associated with it continue to plague me now. My phone went out when I was at Saggios with the girls while I was attempting to coordinate a place for my dad to pick me up to go home tonight. Attempts to swindle my lovely friends into driving me to Eubank and Central were made, and they did all offer to take my but really its just one of those frustrating circumstances where you have to depend on someone else’s mercy to get you places. (felt like I was in 9th grade again)

NOW, I have my key but my car is down at Jen’s so my dad will have to drop me down there tomorrow and then I will need to drive all the way up to my mom’s to change and pack for Thursday and then all the way back down to campus for work and to hang out with people!

There was a lesson learned from all this though! Don’t go running, ever.



A sweater fetish is not a joking matter, especially for a sweater addict who cannot afford to support her habit. I grudgingly took a look at my bank account yesterday and for a stingy stingaroony like myself I don’t know how I managed to not pass out in horror.

I wont go into details but what was even MORE disappointing was the fact that I had finally found my favorite shop in linkoping lin&co. They had just gotten in some MAGNIFICENT sweaters that I would like to be buried in…for a fine price of about 1500 SEK (thats about 200 smackaroos for you americans). GAH Just shoot me now.

In other news

I got my schedule all sorted out yesterday, and I begin class bright and early tomorrow at the same time that most of you will be tumbling into your beds. My History of the European Identity course and my Swedish course are up first, then nothing for a whole week! I have a very odd schedule. I am hoping to sneak into a Drama Communication course as well but the odds are against me because the wait list is quite long.

After that was all set My friend Jonna and I explored the town a bit more..

and stumbled upon an ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE coffee shop that will be perfect for studying in the winter…inside of course :)

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a restaurant and then headed back to Ryd where my friend Annika and I went for a little 5k run around in the forest! It is so pretty in there and there are so may trails I was scared we would get lost.

We made it out alright, no missing persons report was filed thankfully. I changed, showered, and met up with Jonna at her dorm for some knitting! I finished my first little square of knitting and begun my next spool of yarn! Hopefully by the time I leave here I will know how to make something actually useful hahah.


I am pretty convinced that the contributors of Real Simple magazine are secretly running the world, with a little help from Oprah and Andy Cooper of course. ;)

It is truly sad that I can spend hours on their website, in particular reading about their ‘new uses for old things’:


I am proud of myself for three reasons this morning:

1) I slept in until almost 9!

2) I did not let the 10 am Albuquerque heat scare me away from a run outside

3) I went all 4.93 miles without walking (heat makes me tired)

It was a nice run I suppose one could say, it took me about 35 minutes so I was going pretty slow and it was flat. I had a hard time because the coffee to water ratio was off balance so I was dying of heat and in need to water. Nothing a few glasses of lime water couldn’t fix though!

I downed those while looking at realsimple.com and checking my email and then ate some leftovers from yesterday’s girly brunch. We had a potluck type thing at my house before heading out for thrift store shopping.

Jen made a berry pie, Leah and Molly made a pizza and cinnamon coffee cake, and I made spinach, tomato and basil egg whites with a fruit salad.

It was a HUGE meal, so much so that I was not hungry again until we went out for Brad’s birthday. It was probably one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to– it was a hidden steakhouse and you had to have a password to get in! I got a realllly good salad with olives and artichoke hearts, tomatoes and peppericinis, it had so many flavors that it didnt even need dressing.

I love dressing up :) That brings us to now. I am pleasantly exhausted, once again hanging on my porch after eating great food. Jen literally just popped by while I was reheating breakfast–i have had to get rather creative considering we do not have a microwave right now–she was on a bike ride by my house and we are going to go to REI later and get her a backpack for her Europe trip. I can believe I wont see her until the end of July after Monday!

If you notice, there is an absence of coffee in this breakfast. CRAZY I KNOW. :)


I’m pretty sure i am getting a sunburn just thinking about going outside right now. yep, it’s that sunny. not that i’m complaining necessarily, but i cannot go for a run in the burning atmosphere that is Albuquerque at the moment so i’m stuck in my room listening to wilco and drinking the rest of this morning’s coffee.

I LOVELOVELOVEEEE this time of year for the most part though, its not flesh singing hot yet but its nice enough to wear dresses and no makeup :) i have not worn any form of makeup in like two weeks. im not kidding, i just dont care what i look like anymore because its so beautiful out there no one is looking at little old me!

Despite being utterly mind numbing, today was relatively productive. Had a three classes, an article, a fantastic salad for lunch(made from la po!!) AND i gotttt my housing sitchh under control for my internship in D.C this summer but WOW was it ridiculously priced. anyways i will be residing Francis Scott Key #410 in george washington university for the month of July.maybe i shouldnt put that on the internet.. please dont go there, hide in my closet, and kill me when i’m in the shower online creepers! thanks.

BLAH well as long as i’m sitting here brain-dead and in serious need of physical activity i might as well catch up on my housewives watching! i dont care what city you are in real housewives, i am perpetually addicted.

i hope it cools down soon