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WHY is there always at the very minimum at least one booger particle in my nose? Seriously, I have mucus control problems.

it snot funny!

How grotesque is it that I put that in green font?

So in exciting news, I went on a Saturday cleaning spree that included taking out the recycling. Our glass bottle pile officially only looks minorly alcoholic!

I also mopped. sawweeeet, I know.

Sadly, this effort did nothing to quelch my grouchyness, nor did crepes made by best friend this morning. Possibly a trip to Whole Foods and a nap can save me..

AND SOUP! I made another batch the other night during a romantic evening with two of my favorite people–of course it included the three s’s

Sex and the City, Situps, and Soup. ;)


The fourth “s” was included earlier in that day with some good, old-fashioned silliness! (in conjunction with a fifth “s” SKYPE). Why does everything wonderful begin with an s all of sudden?

Except snot. Definitely not okay with that.


I remain stagnantly one-hundred percent supportive of any excuse to wear a dress, eat guacamole, or create a playlist.

Such an occasion has arisen this week in the form of walking to school. I throughly enjoy walking, even in heels, and the trek from my new place to school happens to be the perfect length.

Short enough to avoid seeming daunting, but long enough to facilitate a certain form of meditation.

However, as much as I enjoy the soothing sounds of screeching brakes and the perpetual hum of construction in the university area I much prefer to listen to some jazz on my commute. Hence, the creation of a playlist.




Is it possible to get a vocabulary transplant?

I realized recently that I have a pretty limited repertoire of conversational topics. I literally talk about the same things approximately 80 percent of the time. If you and I have any sort of memory together, be sure that I will bring up it up at any opportunity.

I’m a little perplexed about this phenomenon, because I honestly don’t sit around thinking about stale subjects very often..okay maybe I do, but not the ones I talk about with people.

Now is the time in our lives where we should be creating new memories, not staying stuck in the old ones. That way, when we look back we will have more variety to reminisce about.

Maybe it is because I have basically secluded myself in comfort this past year, embracing my hermit side because someone was living far away. I neglected important relationships, and though looking back I realize I had a fantastic life and I was so focused on that one missing part that I failed to see what I had right in front of me all along.

I love my life, I love my friends and I can’t wait to create new memories with all of you!

let’s get crackin!



With finals around the corner for everyone, I am fully aware that this is not the time to brag about enjoying having little to no responsibilities at the moment–but that is not going to stop me!

I have always had the tendency to jam pack my life with activities that keep me rushing from place to place at all times, until now! Well, technically until Sweden where I had ABSOLUTELY nothing that I needed to do. So I guess I have to have a little bit of responsibility to keep me grounded.

Yesterday was seriously such a great day, I cannot hold in the boasting. I had coffee and breakfast with one set of parents, then drove in to town and met my mom for coffee and an impromptu shopping session where two of my favorite items were purchased–books and sweater!–then a work meeting, went to jen’s house and cooked, then went to early thanksgiving potluck where at least 6 of my favorite things occurred–including but not limited to eating, drinking, friends watching (the tv show hahah), laughing, etc., then i drove home to my cozy bed and read before falling asleep.

Although I know it will catch up with me this winter break when I am at school from 8:30 am to 9pm for two weeks straight, it is supremely nice that my schedule looks like this

Clearly, less than rigorous.

Considering how little I HAVE to do, it is interesting how busy I have managed to become anyways. I find myself at my computer a surprisingly little amount–facebook creeping down to a minimum ;)

I’ve been eating, baking, etc


On the sale rack of course haha

Andddd decorating in my head BECAUSE I move in with Tessa in about a month!

So excited–it’s my first house and I’m so glad I get to move in with such a good roommate! I have always been lucky with the roommates actually..FLASHBACK! and trevor and mel hahah

“Nothing has happened today, except kindness,” –Gertrude Stein

That is all :)


adj. Courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm

pronunciation: deb-uh-NAIR

Example: She laughed at the contradictions and said out loud to herself as if she were still talking to the debonair Mr. Raymond Minor, ‘I’ve never thought of leaving the South, never.’ — Ntozake Shange, Ifa Bayeza, Some Sing, Some Cry: A Novel


Alright, so. There are certain things that I find fundamentally important to never underestimate in this world:

1) The comfort of UGGs on a chilly day (scoff away if you must, but my feet were flippin COZY all day)

2) How people are inclined to, at even the first mention of religion, just jump down each other’s throats.

CASE IN POINT–today’s article. read the comments. yikes!

3) How morning music sets the tone of the day

4) That dishes, almost with the same accuracy as pets, showcase a person’s personality. This I noticed while unloading the dishwasher this evening.

can you guess which ones my mom, stepdad, and I individually picked out?

If you guessed this one as mine, you would be absolutely WRONG!

^^This is Brad’s.^^

Just kidding hahah but really, what does this jumble say about me? aside from the fact that it is located where a microwave once resided.

p.s. tj’s orange chicken only has two minutes left of cooking in this picture! I was getting restless, hence the picture taking-age/ dishwasher unloading.

5) The impact of a good, old fashioned crossed eye. My greatest skill was learned around the third grade time of my life. I dedicated many hours to perfecting the art of the crossed eyes and therefore show it off as often as possible.

Oh the wonders of public education.

good night!


As I approach the new dawn of life–i.e. the end of my paper–things are gaining a rosier tint through these glasses contacts of mine. (recent republican victories aside of course)

FOOOORRR instance I learned recently that my front door is the official border into new mexico

congratulations to me?

I also enjoyed a B-E-A-UUUUUUUtiful sunset from the comfort of my own back porch/ sociology paper war room.

Snapped this baby with my phone! it’s better than my camera i fear. technology is taking over,  hovercars here we come.

I am also officially back to work–only I would actually get excited about this BUT my byline will now be once again present in the Daily Lobo as of next week :)

(Can I get a ‘what what’ for getting paid?)


speaking of mmmmmmmhm’s (emphasis on the attitude) REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA IS BACK! hahah nene is my girl

watch it just for you baby–>>andy coop can come too. no idea why they are in a picture together. google images knows though.


ANNYWHOoo kitties are cute


I have signed up for winter break classes that don’t begin until january 3rd SO no more school for this girl until the ripe old age of 19.

All the more time for crafts

Current to purchase list stands at:

  • Globe
  • Large mirror
  • Amy Sedaris’ craft book
  • A life