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Does anyone else ever take a picture to gage how crispy sunburned you must look to the world and then get distracted and take a million pictures for no apparent reason?


Yeah, me neither. How conceited and awkward.


I am feeling the itch to switch up my room—only three months in! I blame it on constantly looking at apartment therapy, I warn you it is a dangerous habit!

I have a low bed so I want to make a headboard and make my room not so cluttered. I have piles everywhere! and yellow, and national geographics, and frames, and it is just so freaking busy. I think a bedroom should be more peaceful and serence to counteract the stress that I induce upon myself everyday.

I have a mild obsession with scouring various sites–apartment therapydesign sponge and desire to inspire— and compulsively saving pictures on my computer. I don’t ever do anything more than simply drool over the photos, so it is not really helpful to my life at all.

Yet I continue to do it.

The thing is, I feel like alot of the things I like are absolutely do-able if I decided to invest the time and energy into it. So, and this may just be the coffee talking here, but I am fully motivated to make my room a more peaceful environment.

In other news, I am the proud owner of a spanking brand new french presssssss. It is green, giant, and I love it.


This past month in a nutshell.

Books read: Winter’s Tale, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Bee

Boxes of wine consumed (in household, not indivdually): innumerable

Money spent at Trader Joes: $60

Games of apples to apples played: seven..ish

Sunburns: yep


Things I’ve found

Man the Fuck Up--


What I need!–×19-poster

Favorite Swedish cafe (where we would hang out if we lived in stockholm, no doubt)


I feel like the space you inhabit reflects the goings on in one’s life. Your room tends to be messier when your life is more chaotic and busy, and neater when you have more time and prioritize the need to maintain order.

Our little house has been coming together more and more in the past weeks, reflecting my current life. This is particularly true today with the arrival of a magnificent musical instrument. Our living room has transformed into a place designed for gathering–and gather here we have.

It all began with a new couch

I mean come on, how freaking cozy can you get?

A recent trip home provided us with board games!

and silly kitty pictures..

and finally today we (by we I mean boys and RICO!) moved this baby into our livingroom

Obviously some decoration is going to occur in this area BUT it just gives me chills. It cost us forty dollars each–I have bought shoes for more!

And now, it is spring break. Tes and I have compiled a list of things to do–fully aware that much of it is likely to not get done BUT hopeful nonetheless.

–compost in the side yard

–Take all recycling in the basement and move stuff down there

–Buy plastic chairs for outside

–Move litterbox outside

–Plant flowers

–Buy shower caddy

MMM we shall see. I am no doubt sunburned at the moment but I have literally never been happier and I am so grateful for this week off! I see brunch and camping in the near future and I cannot wait :)


Due to my literature class’s current focus on structuralism and deconstructionism, I have been hyper aware of social and cultural structures and how my world fits around them. We all like to think that we are individually unique, and for the most part we all are, but it is still a peculiar feeling when you realize you totally embody a cliche.

One day you look around and get this eerie sensation of pluralism…

You look at your ever-overflowing recycling pile and notice a particular trend..

and that your sink is perpetually full..

and you mix dollar pre-packaged rice with fresh vegetables as a contribution to a barbeque

and you spend your Saturday afternoon AT a barbeque

and yor turn on your camera the morning after attending a reggae concert with friends and you find pictures that you do not recall being taken..


(Scratch that, you simply take into account that you went to a reggae concert.)

Looks like I am a typical college student hahah when did that happen?!