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It’s been one of those weeks where I just want to curl up in my bed with cookie dough and watch endless episodes of Ally McBeal. However, seeing as I generally try to avoid salmonella and Maverick has been peeing on my bed multiple times a day, I have been fighting this urge and instead attempting to be a functioning human being.

I have been making a concerted effort to re-situate myself mentally (re-situate..about 90% sure that is not a word or even remotely gramatically correct BUT it’s Friday..give me a break) by going on my scheduled runs, socializing as usual, andddddd  eating cookie dough..I’m only moderately concerned about salmonella. Okay, that last one is actually a lie but I have really been craving cookies this week  but have been too lazy to make them.

Anyways, once I started the process of this mental re-situation (BAM, twice! This is happening) I noticed that inspiration has been popping up in the most unexpected of places, and I have been snapping pictures of these moments on my handy little phone as a reminder of how much I appreciate my beautiful life.

On that note,

back to school brunch extravaganza

Are you tired of cat pictures yet? He is likely pondering when he is going to pee in my bed again.

What a profound water it at the dentist

Friend appreciation cards I made! It was Valentine’s Day from 3rd grade all over again

Wine and cheese night!

Jen’s birthday presents from me ;)

Sitting on the couch at Anondyne, such a different perspective!

Saturday afternoon Alibi reading by the duckpond, there was a wedding going on too! I am going to take this opportunity to once again proclaim my love for weddings. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT HURTS. Okay, done.

Being productive at work and reading a 2 year old Harper’s Bazaar that I stole from the gym..who knew there were words in fashion magazines? In my defense, Gwyneth Paltrow was on the cover.

Joe’s night Wednesday! I love being with my friends, I love it more when there is foosball and pool and ping pong and everything that is wonderful in the world (aka alcohol and games) and multiple creepy guys with scraggly beards. Like I said, everything you need.

Anyways, I should probably get off the computer and clean our house. Didn’t anticipate our dress up dinner party last night to turn into a dance party that destroyed our living room/kitchen.

Wait, no, yes I kinda did. But that doesn’t change the fact that I hate dishes.

Really, if nothing else, what you should take away from this is: can someone bring me cookies please?

happy birthday!

Happy happy birthday to my b-e-a-uuuuuuuutiful best friend jen ;) love you to the moon and back!




“sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.”

 –Philip K. Dick

currently reading: crying of lot 49, the evolution of bruno littlemore, zen and the art of happiness.

Currently listening to: an absurd amount of norah jones..sing it sista!

Also,very much digging this (thanks mel!) hahah

Things I have been putting off for far too long and just need to suck it up and finish.

  • register to vote
  • finally put away my laundry (that I did a week ago)
  • fix my headlight
  • get new glasses
  • register for october races—duke city half marathon, susan komen 10k, autism speaks 5 k
  • buy more chocolate for the house because I ate it all for dinner the other night. household rule number 55: chocolate must always be present!
  • Learn how to properly spell the word ‘vacuum’

My god, what I wouldn’t give for a vacuum. This would save me quite a bit of time spent sweeping up cockroaches from all over our house. 

Dear Maverick, though we appreciate the thought behind would be more than okay with us if you would cease your roach gift delivery system.

Love you, mean it! -Kal and Tess

Seriously, the little monster brings them in from outside, and leaves them for us all over the house! While we recognize the sentiment behind this, it would be preferable if he showed his affection in a different manner.

On that note, cleaning the kitchen is comical experience enough considering no matter how may times we clean and scrub it it seems to remain in a perpetual state of filth. Doing so in heels and with a kitten it becomes absurd and almost impossible. Curse you linoleum!

Seeing as I am on a roll here, I would also like to complain about the fact that no matter HOW MANY CANDLES I BURN my room continues to smell like cat poop. Great!

At least the weather is behaving appropriately now! Love love love fall, thank goodness it has finally seemed to arrive. All of our lives are officially improved–thank you nature.

Anddddd with that, happy weekend to all!


So, slowly all of my 27 books required for this semester are trickling in from my online book ordering sources.

Yikes. 27. I know.

I wish I could claim exaggeration when I say reading is consuming every spare moment of my life. Those who know me are aware that I generally keep one book in my purse at all times (in case of a reading emergency, of course) but it has gotten to the point where I have up to three different novels crammed into my bag at any given time.  This is by no means a complaint, I adore everything that I am studying at the moment but it is making me go more than slightly broke.

Okay, that sentence at first does not seem to reflect a direct cause-effect relationship but let me explain. The issue lies in my inability to focus properly at home, coupled with my insatiable need for coffee causes me to spend my free time in various cafes.

I tend to rotate between a selection of different places, but the last few weeks it has reached a rather ridiculous level. Because like any normal person I occasionally snap a phone photo of study noticed on my phone the amount of photos I collected in the matter of a week or so!


Now an intelligent person would at this point suggest that I go to the library like a normal student and to that my reply is: I DO! This is in addition to regular library trips.

I am incredibly inspired, interested, and engaged in everything that I am taking this semester–effectively solidifying in my mind that I have chosen the correct fields of study. Due to this I have experienced a recalibration of my life, in which I now look forward to reading in my bed with Maverick and tea more than anything else really.

Alright, that’s somewhat of a lie.. I still do enjoy going out and socializing with the world periodically BUT it appears the majority of my time shall be committed to intellectual pursuits for the near future.

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of writing this is, I suppose it basically just an  interesting observation regarding my life lately as well as an explanation to those wondering why I have dropped off the face of the planet. Don’t worry! I am still here, I am just around the corner reading. ;)