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It appears I have a problem: I am apparently incapable of what some might call ‘taking it easy’

Despite the entire purpose of flying back over the Atlantic two months early basically being to recover from the immense stress I have put on myself for the past 6 months or so the moment I stepped off the plane I found myself creating to-do lists in my head.

It probably doesnt help that I came back during one of the busiest weeks of the year aparently–in between cruising campus looking for my homies, there is an insane amount of parties and events.

That being said, I have had the epitome of a perfect week. I have been in a constant stream gloriousness surrounded by the people I love and spoiled by the beautiful weather.

Seeing as I have barely had time to breathe, much less bliggity blog it UP for ya’ll i’ll go ahead and give you the cliffs notes version. Because let’s be real, who reads the actual books anymore (English majors aside haha we are nerds).

The past week in a nutshell

I visited all the essential favorites–Barnes and Noble, Buffalo Exchange, Whole Foods salad bar, Trader Joe’s..and Walmart hahah

I acquired a fancy shmancy new phone that I suspect has a higher IQ than me

I attended the plethora of parties that have occurred, had coffee and conversations, and had picnics!

I relaxed at home and caught up on my 30 rock, had lunch with dad, got my nails done with my mom, and taken part in Halloween traditions.

I haven’t had time to even contemplate that to-do list, the top of which is cleaning my room at my mom’s..



Oh yeah, I did this too.




One of the most depressing activities one can do is flip on the morning news. You will be innocently sipping your fresh, dad-made coffee on your couch, with a fire flickering in the background, and kitties snuggled on you happy as can be.

Then you turn on the TV:

-Missing girl’s prosthetic leg found in forest

-Indonesian Tsunami

-Political bullshit

-Notre Dame student dies in freak tower toppling over accident

-Unemployment skyrocketing

-American mauled to death by a jaguar in Belize


CURSE YOU TODAY SHOW! I tune in to see dancing cats, the best halloween costume ideas, and Al Roker’s smiling face–not tragic news!

It seriously makes me sick to my stomach. I want to be informed about what is going on in the world but lately the only form of news that I can stand comes in the form of humor.

Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart have long been my heroes, but at this point they are my sole way of getting news. I realize that it is incredibly biased through my own personal viewpoint–i.e. democratic and utterly disgusted with the notion of a Sarah Palin TV show on TLC

Seriously click it, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Considering boycotting TLC when that airs, even if they do show documentaries about pregnant 70 year olds..

Anyways, Colbert is the love of my live for so many reasons but a large one is his ability to make fun of Glenn Beck. Not that Beck makes it so difficult.

Marry me?



Turns out you can leave the country, but life remains essentially the same wherever you go. Aside from the obvious cultural differences, we are all a part of this giant social organism with the same particular objective.

Granted we each have our unique way of going about achieving said goal and the definitions pertaining to precisely what obtaining this ‘objective’ exactly entails differs, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that each of us is on a journey to achieve happiness.

When you really think about it, everything we do is geared towards this state of being: we try to maximize the amount of pleasure in our life while minimizing the pain (hello utilitarianism hahah knew school was handy for a reason). Anything and everything that we do is motivated by our desire to be happy, even if indirectly. The problem with this is that we are also plagued with this unshakable sense of dissatisfaction.

Also, I have realized that it is INCREDIBLY interesting watching the world interact with itself. Goffman’s conception of the world as a stage with everyone as actors performing for their peers is right on the dot in my opinion.

Who we really are when we sit alone with ourselves and face our inner thoughts in the silence–is it truly cohesive with who we are in social situations? Don’t we alter our personalities to fit with the company that we are keeping at any particular moment? Are these multiple personalities within us what makes us crazy, keeps us sane, or what gives us purpose while we attempt to maintain these facades for our audiences?

Does it even really matter?

The answer to that is fairly simple: probably not. What it is my friends, is a sign that I have had a leeeeeetle bit too much time to think about these kinds of things. Life has settled down considerably over here, which is why I have declined to bore you all to tears with multiple posts. ANYWAYS here is what has been going down in the land of the orderly:

the past has been revisited, and pages created

I was looking through some old posts from earlier this year and picked a few out that I thought described the time period rather well. Interesting to look back, eh? click here to check it out :) or you can get there from the little tab at the top that says the past.

rugs have been bought

breakfasts in bed have happened (more times than i would like to admit)

cakes have been baked

birthdays have been celebrated

beautiful weather has been appreciated

hockey has been watched

toes have been frozen!

leftovers have been consumed

and excitement has been felt because in 3 days 19 hours and 6 minutes I will be seeing my dad! :) no, i am not THAT obsessive compulsive–gotta love countdown doo-dads!


One of the many perks about being a temporary transplant from another place is that responsibilities are minimal. That being said, I have class for approximately 5 hours every week and aside from that I have quite a bit of free time on my hands.

So what was a girl with no class to do on a dreary Thursday but to cook dinner for some lovely ladies?

My first inclination was to make some salmon considering I have yet to eat it out here where it is plentiful and cheap, despite it being a staple back home where it is neither. This all changed when I arrived at the grocery store after the 6km bike ride filled with fog and drizzle.

At that moment I realized only one thing would do–vegetarian chili! and apple crumble.

So I started grabbing cans of beans and corn and vegetables left and right, then biked the goods back to my place and got baking.

Yep, baking.

On my own. If you can call it that, considering it actually was the easiest recipe ever and was mostly chopping.

but I remain quite proud :)

Cooking commenced shortly thereafter, and the girls came over around 7

We had germany, america, and france represented at the table and two swedes on the couch. International chili!

It was deemed edible and I have yet to hear of any ailments after eating it so it looks like my first dinner in sweden was a success!

Going out to Platå followed, which is always a good time mainly because it frequently involves tequila and dancing.


Alright, considering my new expertise in all things culinary (i kid, i kid) I have devised a recipe for the erasmus student experience. You ready? here it is. let it cool after you take it out of the oven :)


Kallie’s perfect recipe for using up free time

5 cups laughing

1/2 cup studying

3 cups going out

1tsp missing home

5 gallons coffee (a day)

1 cup eating

and a sprinkle of hangover


Hello, this post comes with instructions! Follow them and no one gets hurt.

Step one: press play

Step Two: browse through some inspiring autumn-themed pictures (mostly random ones I found, with a few of my own thrown in there)

Step Three: Be convinced (if not already) through shock and awe of the power of tea

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Tea


By now you’ve probably heard that tea is a great mood booster, stress reliever, and all-around master of making you feel Zen. But now you want to know the important stuff: What can tea really help me get? According to tea expert Kiley Holiday, the youngest female tea master in the U.S. and co-owner of the fine tea company l’Âge de Thé, tea can improve the five areas of life that mean the most — your job, your skin, your love life, your finances, and your confidence.

Landing a Job
“Tea obviously can’t walk into your job interview and force the HR rep to hire you on the spot, but it can increase awareness and alertness, without the jitteriness coffee often causes,” says Holiday. The morning of your interview, sip on a blend like Alvita’s Caffeine Free Peppermint Leaf to perk up without suffering an energy crash mid-interview. If you rely on caffeine like fish rely on water, try l’Âge de Thé’s Green Yerba Matte, which mimics the burst of energy similar to caffeine without the negative side effects.

A Date
Aside from the seducing aromas tea can have, like jasmine and spice, tea shops are a great way to meet guys! Holiday recommends ordering a conversation starter (i.e., probably the craziest thing on the menu) in order to create your own icebreaker. For a second-date tea choice, stock your kitchen with Tracy Stern Salon Tea’s The Lover, which gives off a natural-aphrodisiac aroma of chai spices and chocolate. 

A Raise or Promotion
Ever notice how your coworker in the big corner office never seems like he’s about to pull his hair out? The secret to his calm ways could land you your own promotion, or even a raise. Those who have a tendency tostay calm under pressure and not fly off the handle are often the first ones to be brought up when it comes time for a promotion, according to a study conducted for Forbes by Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work and CEO of iOpener. Stabilize your mood with Yogi Tea’s Kava Stress Relief to stay rational and emotion-free at your 9-to-5.

A Flawless Face
Tea is full of antioxidants that detox your skin and fight against free radicals (basically, the annoying factors that make your skin age). Holiday says that tea also contains rooibos, which is full of vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium, three big factors known to improve complexion and promote healthy skin. Pair these anti-aging foods with a cup of antioxidant tea like The Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous #1 Be Well to glow inside and out.

A Positive Outlook
Don’t sneer at the bubbly girl at the coffee shop everyone is drawn to — become her. Holiday says to reap the benefits of a mood-stabilizing tea, pick one with a high concentration of L-theanine. This little miracle worker also helps your body strengthen its immune system, which is why you never see the bubbly coffee shop girl with a cold. Holiday recommends a jasmine green tea, or try Ineeka’s Himalayan Black Intensity Organic Tea for a boost of energy, confidence, and control.


Step Four: Click on the links below to be transported into the freaky world of the internet and the things you can find on there…

15 creepy Justin Bieber products for sale

Ten reasons it would rule to date a unicorn!


Step Five: get up from your chair and treat yourself to a solo dance for–at least–the length of an entire song. An apple dance a day keeps the doctor away!


Word on the street is that it autumn has arrived

Generally the meaning of fall is a bit different for me and involves a fair amount of pumpkin consumption BUT seeing as I am residing in a different country for the first time this time of year I thought I would replace the customary traditions (think early morning trip to the Balloon Fiesta) with a new notion.


If comfort is the word of winter, then enjoyment and simplicity are the words of the fall months. Simplicity is underrated, particularly in America where you have to have a multitude of options at your disposal at all time. When I say ‘you’ I suppose I actually just mean me in this particular instance.

At home, I am always changing the tv or radio channel to see what else is on, constantly perusing various websites on different tabs, always thinking of what I have to do next or what else I could be doing at the moment.

Sometimes you just reach a breaking point where you just have to force yourself to stop. drop. and roll.

And that particular breaking point would be if you are fire..

hahah but really, on a less dramatic note I am going to make a concerted effort to just BE, just enjoy every moment because I am only here for 5 months and I dont want to look back and wish I had appreciated it more because I tend to do that fairly often and it is SO frustrating.

That said, I am working on treasuring the ordinary.

A simple breakfast

Subtantial growth of my sweater drawer

Clean clothes

Perfect running weather

The fact that I finally have a bike

Friends, both here

and there

And I begin this new regard for basic luxuries with a Tuesday filled with beautiful nothing in particular.