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Word on the street is that it autumn has arrived

Generally the meaning of fall is a bit different for me and involves a fair amount of pumpkin consumption BUT seeing as I am residing in a different country for the first time this time of year I thought I would replace the customary traditions (think early morning trip to the Balloon Fiesta) with a new notion.


If comfort is the word of winter, then enjoyment and simplicity are the words of the fall months. Simplicity is underrated, particularly in America where you have to have a multitude of options at your disposal at all time. When I say ‘you’ I suppose I actually just mean me in this particular instance.

At home, I am always changing the tv or radio channel to see what else is on, constantly perusing various websites on different tabs, always thinking of what I have to do next or what else I could be doing at the moment.

Sometimes you just reach a breaking point where you just have to force yourself to stop. drop. and roll.

And that particular breaking point would be if you are fire..

hahah but really, on a less dramatic note I am going to make a concerted effort to just BE, just enjoy every moment because I am only here for 5 months and I dont want to look back and wish I had appreciated it more because I tend to do that fairly often and it is SO frustrating.

That said, I am working on treasuring the ordinary.

A simple breakfast

Subtantial growth of my sweater drawer

Clean clothes

Perfect running weather

The fact that I finally have a bike

Friends, both here

and there

And I begin this new regard for basic luxuries with a Tuesday filled with beautiful nothing in particular.


Now, I get that humans are creatures of habit, but there appear to be certain trends defining my life at the moment to a slightly ridiculous extent.

First off there is the cup collection I have managed to accumulate in my room

Slightly mortifying, but present nonetheless.

Then we come to the endless bowls of bran flakes I have consumed (seems licorice has been replaced)

My obsession with libraries and books has not vanished either

Red lip stick has been the go-to make up attempt to mask my laziness in getting ready for going out.

Evidently I have not grown out of my 13 year old desire to take pictures of myself…?

Classy, I know.

And I have not abandoned my creepy ways either you all must be astounded to know. ;)

Old playlists have been jammed to recently as well, reminders of old times I suppose you could say

But I am working to appreciate where I am at the moment as well,  because honestly the sun shines the same round the globe


The size of the only coffee maker in my room is absolutely ABSURD. Well, absurd if you ignore the fact that it makes about two cups.. which is really all a normal human needs..

ON THAT NOTE, have a wonderful day :)


Good morning :)

Today I have my neurologist appointment, where it should be determined whether I am simply crazy (which is entirely possible) or if there is actually something wrong in my noggin. As a girl who has never has barely had ANY health scares in her life with the exception of just one cut of the finger that required stitches, lets just say the prospect of going to a hospital clinic for brain problems is to say the very least, absolutely terrifying.

When I am terrified I seek out comfort as a means of distraction from my fear. SO on that note I would say some things are alright to do for the sake of calming my nerves.

It is alright for me to break my normal strictly black coffee etiquette and dilute my morning beverage..

It is alright for me to sit on my porch for two hours going through old magazines..with my grandma glasses readily available

Did you spot my breakfast?

Yeah, it is definately MORE than alright for me to consume last night’s dinner that I missed for breakfast

Followed by some M&M’s of course. :)

Breakfast of Champions!

And when I found my mom’s tube of Kalle’s caviar in the fridge…It is alright for me to be absolutely disgusted despite the fact that my name is on the tube..along with a picture of a young male boy because IT IS ALRIGHT that my parents named me after my great grandfather and therefore when I am in Sweden I might be mocked hahah

I do not approve of my name being displayed on such a disgusting product. Tubed caviar..that is just not alright.


It’s truly amazing what a good dose of sleep can do for a gal

WONDERS evidently.

I woke up this morning precisely eight hours after I tumbled into bed last night (not counting the three hour post-work, pre-going out nap earlier) feeling entirely human and decided to trek over to Georgetown for some caffeine sustenance, magazine reading, and people watching at Barnes and Noble.

Upon stepping outside I was surprised by my first experience with a tolerable temperature (70’s!!) and an abundance of raindrops splashing down. I was the sole umbrella-less patron that I encountered on my thirty minute stroll and I loved it. It was the most meditative, refreshing experience that I have had since the first night of my arrival.

As the rain splattered down my face, drenching me through and through I felt as though I was being showered with optimism. Having not brushed my hair, much less put on makeup, and being sans electronics I felt unconstrained in my appreciation of the impromptu shower.

I truly feel renewed and excited for my future once again, which is new considering my draining existence this week.

Hot coffee and words were the perfect accompaniment while I allowed my soaked body to dry a bit. I lost myself in magazines for two and a half hours without even realizing it, and felt perfectly content with just being where I was: observing the present. After reading I walked around Georgetown a little bit–strayed north of M street –before heading back to my dorm.



Happy Birthday America!

The sun is shining, the tourists are flocking, and the interns are partying. I practically feel the patriotic spirit flowing through my veins ;) I began the day trekking off to the Dupont Circle farmer’s market

There was so much variety for a rather small farmer’s market and though I sampled my ass off I didn’t really find anything that I wanted to purchase because we did a trader joe’s run yesterday morning. I was tempted by certain things most definately though:


I did drop by the DC staple of Kramerworks&Afterwords, the beyond adorable bookstore slash cafe slash delicious restaurant, and browsed some books (they offer books galore, so of course I am in love) about Swedish culture to begin prep for my departure in about 50 days. They were bumping with 4h of July business so I refrained from actually purchasing anything BUT I did stop by starbucks for an iced coffee moments later.

I took my time strolling back to the dorm and was touched and intrigued by this rooftop garden

Yesterday was the first day of downtime I had so after our Trader Joe’s excursion, Top Chef & Bethenny Getting Married watching, a quick nap, and phone sesh with the parents I spent the remainder of the afternoon working and then browsing the Washitonian website and finding some tasty food spots to check out!

It’s actually rather sad that I had enough time to create such an intricate list. I made a word document with the name of each place, explanations of directions, the genre of food, a link to them menu (if they had one), and whether it would be best to check out on my way home from work or from my dorm.

I also scratched out a small list of things for me to see in my downtime including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Dupont FreshFarm
  • Phillips Collection
  • National Geographic Museum
  • Kramerworks and Afterwords Cafe
  • Eastern Market
  • Newseum
  • Smithsonian

The underlined ones are the ones that I have now been to so I suppose I’m off to a good start. :) heading out now to be American and all that–bbq and fireworks anyone?


bye bye sunshine!

Traveling is not conducive to blogging one might say, but I do not consider this a bad thing necessarily. It has been interesting to say the least, but I find the fact that I wake up at the same time as Kemper when he is going to his Airforce class at like 6 in the morning slightly disturbing (although in my defense my body DOES think it is an hour later).

While he goes to class in the morning I have taken it upon myself to not sit in his tiny dorm room and listen to the rain, so despite my lack of a key to get back in I layered up and set out in search of coffee!

(secret picture taken in corner of coffee shop hahahah COOL)

I am a strong believer in seasonal affective disorder, and I can tell it is really getting to kemper. The break from the sun is kind of nice for me (at least at this point) but I have never seen him so worn out and lackluster. It is probably not as pronounced when I am not around because he feels comfortable confiding his frustrations to me, but I just want the happy boy I know and love back!

Another thing cloudy environments brings about in my brain is contemplation.

Right now I am at a point in my life where there are certainly a fair deal of things for me to think about. We are in college, these years are the most important in our lives. We are in between the abiding by constraints of our family and being limited by the constraints of adult obligation. I love having nothing else to worry about except enriching my life through study and travel, with no one to answer to if I come home wasted at 4 in the morning yet finding myself still WANTING to get up and go to class the next morning.

Today, I am thinking about my current relationship status. Some might find it beyond tacky that I am choosing to write about this on a BLOG (and I would agree with you to some extent) but I am too lazy to keep a journal so this is the closest thing I’ve got to sorting out all these clashing thoughts.

Long distance relationships are absolutely impossible: they are draining and make everyone involved miserable. In my opinion, the largest and most important part of a relationship is actually being with one another, so I think we did the right thing by breaking up. Obviously we have been a part of each other’s lives for over four years (and together for two and a half) but I like that we are free to do what we want with who we want when we are apart, and enjoy each other’s company when we have the chance to be with one another. It is difficult to hear about the other people that we encounter but I know at the end of the day we are the best for each other.

I have to keep reminding myself that there will be other girls and boys, I certainly don’t want to miss out on the dating experience of college, but the person that I honestly care about at the end of the day is my best friend (the other one, not jenny hahah). If it is meant to be, then it will happen but for now I am just working on enjoying who I am with wherever that might be. I will never get this week back in my life, so I do NOT want to waste it by dwelling on unpleasantries.


Alright it’s official, I am destined to become a baby theif! There is no reasoning with me, so don’t even contemplate trying. Seriously though, I dragged my mom to ‘Babies’ yesterday for the first showing (11:50!) of the first day it is out in the only theater in town that was showing it in honor of Mother’s day. I can honestly say there were no males in the theater..or at least willingly in attendance. It was so good though (how could it not be, it’s a recipe for success) I really recommend it, if you have a vagina you will appreciate it fa show!

Then we went out to lunch at the Daily Grind, which is my new favorite coffee house..well one of them. I think it’s funny that I finally feel at home and love it down in Nob Hill literally two weeks before I have to move back to the heights, that’s life though. The food was DELICIOUS, we split a turkey and green chile wrap.

So I sent my momma home with some of my belongings, packed up some MORE and took’em to my dads house for mother’s day part two. Kristen made delicious food for us: chicken salad, regular salad, avocado, and fruit with angel food cake for dessert. I don’t really like angel food cake, but the fruit was delicious so chowed down on that.

Jen and I finished up the evening with an impromptu viewing of a show at Winnings, we went to go get tea and ran into someone going to it. I love all the music shows I’ve been going to lately, music is such an enriching experience.


it has come to my attention that i am a caffeine fiend. what is a caffieine fiend you ask? its when you are addicted to the jittery drug available in coffee.

you know it’s an addiction when:

  • you wake up refreshed after a full night’s sleep, yet immediately head for the coffee pot
  • you drink upwards of three cups a day
  • you dedicate entire blog posts to discussing it
  • you own more than 40 coffee cups, but no plates or bowls
  • you incorporate coffee as an ingredient in other meals
  • you have saved more than ten pictures of coffee on your computer
  • that jittery, lightheaded feeling is comforting

I think i need to go on a coffee break–a green tea sebatical one might say. I try to do this periodically to cleanse my system from addiction, usually when it gets to the point where i have to drink the equivalent of  two coffee pots a day to feel the effects. It has come to that point, i’m afraid.

Jen is an enabler in my coffee addiction, mostly because she shares it with me. We had a bestfriend-date morning, all of which included our little energizing monster.

It innocently began with toast at winnings, my coffee cup refilled twice.

you’re probably thinking that’s not so bad, one might even say average. Then you would find out we walked to mitchel hall and purchased more coffee, which we then drank at the duck pond.

Even that second cup was manageable, the really troubling thing was when i made myself lunch and reheated left over coffee from yesterday to accompany my yogurt, banana, and oat concoction.

there are two steps in fixing  a problem:

1) addressing your vice. I ADMIT I HAVE AN ADDICTION

2) stop complaining about it and fix it.

looks like it’s green tea for me for awhile…right after i finish this cup ;)