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Alright: preparations for my departure to the northwest are proceeding according to schedule. new drivers license- got it. new playlist- finished. I have been somewhat of a recluse lately I suppose one could say, in the sense that I have only gone out one night so far.

I consider it more of a prioritization of my life though, I am not going to be here for that much of the summer and then I leave for Sweden in the fall so I find it important to allocate a large chunk of my time to hanging with my family, pets, and those closest to me. On that note, yesterday was wonderful: ran errands, hiked with august, made pizza from scratch for dinner, treated myself to new martha stewart magazine and yummy bars ;)

I leave you with a few snippets from the summer playlist! For the summer I went for a lot of upbeat, slightly superficial (think cheesy pop), and quite a few oldies. The actual playlist has over 200 songs so if you think this list is long, you ain’t seen nothing yet ;)

Banquet- Bloc Party

One week- Barenaked Ladies

Nighttiming- Coconut Records

Bottoms up- Keke Palmer

How Bizzare- OMC

My Humps- Black Eyed Peas

California Gurls- Katy Perry

Better Together- Jack Johnson

Sugar- Flo Rida

Magic- B.o.b. and Weezer

Barely Breathing- Duncan Sheik

Starry Eyed Surprise- Shifty

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

What’s your Fantasy- Ludacris

Two Towns from Me- Blind Pilot

Ghosts- Fanfario

Tony the Beat- The Sounds

Russia Privjet-Basshunter

Digital Love- Daft Punk

Dirty Pop- N*Sync

Body Language- Jesse McCartney

The Longest Time- Billy Joel

Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind

Pretty Baby- Spin Doctors

Friday I’m in Love- The Cure

California- Metro Station

Clumsy- Fergie

Whenever, Wherever- Shakira

Once in a Lifetime- Talking Heads

Summertime- New Kids on The Block

Radar- Britney Spears

Faith- George Michal

Love Me- Justin Bieber

Phantom Limb- The Shins


I am proud to annouce that I have fully abided by the most important rule of summertime:

being outside!

For the majority of the time span from breakfast to this very moment, I have been actively enjoying the outdoors. How, you might ask, have I shown my appreciation for the sun and beautiful day? Allow me to lay it out for you.

Woke up (only SLIGHTLY hungover) and enjoyed a lovely breakfast on my porch with one Jennifer Wright and one cute puppy.

Properly fueled, we set out for a hike! We piled into my car and met up with Kenzie at the Comanche trailhead. I hadn’t ever explored that particular trail, but it was interesting to say the least considering there is very little trail (that we followed anyways) that is not entirely composed of rock faces. August was totally suave about it though, took it like a champ. Lil mountaineer!

What could possibly be more fitting after all that beauty than a delicious lunch at Annapurna with the girls?! While we waited for our food we took tests to determine our doshas and a man that worked there came up and just based on what we looked like guessed what the test confirmed–I’m Vata with a little bit of Pitta. Turns out I enjoy eating all the food that is keeps me unbalanced, but it tastes so GOOD!

Doshas are very interesting, all of Annapurna’s vegan food is prepared according to your dosha’s necessities. As mostly a Vata person turns out I should avoid all raw vegetables! WHAT?! I guess I will just stay unbalanced. To find out what your dosha is and information about it click here and here. ;)

Now I am currently in the process of acquiring new music–official summer playlist is obviously needed.

Really digging 4shared.com lately, it’s legal so I dont feel bad about using it! Loading up on some she&him, coconut records, katy perry, cash cash, etc.

I’m gonna work on this for awhile, then maybe take the new jams for a spin at the gym? hm..


Word on the street is that every day you learn something new, well today’s tidbit of knowledge is related to my hometown here in New Mexico.

Evidently Albuquerque is 5th leanest city in America! According to Men’s Heath (http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/metrogrades-fattest-cities/) it is beat by Austin, Seattle, Washington DC, and San Francisco but is above Portland and Denver. It is kind of neat to know that you grew up in an environment where fitness and health is prioritized, but I never realized exactly how much of an impression it has made nationally.

in other news–I am officially settled in each of my homes, after officially relinquishing my dorm keys yesterday at approximately 12:45.


I was wondering just yesterday why I didn’t go get my nails done more often, but after a mother-daughter pampering excursion (times two, jen and her mom joined us) I was rudely reminded while showering at the gym: My toes are ALREADY messed up! I love dark colors on my nails, but that choosing a dark red showcases any minor flaws that occur. Such a bummer, but I absolutely refuse to not run so I guess my nails’ appearance will be sacrificed.


I an unbelieveably sick and tired of cleaning, organizing, packing, loading and unloading. Yesterday, after lugging all my belongings to my mother’s house and unpacking that, I returned to my dorm and cleaned for two hours, then loaded up again, dropped some things at Goodwill, got to my dad’s and just spent an hour unpacking and organizing THAT. Whew, feels nice to have my two rooms back in tip-top shape though I must say.

All that left me utterly tuckered out, plus the fact that in between loading up my car and dropping things off at goodwill I made a two hour gym trip. I did weights for the first time in FOREVER, for at least 45 mins, and then thirty minutes of sprints. I was not too tired, however to cook!

I took a mini nap while half watching julie/julia in the afternoon which inspired me to get off my butt and kick off ‘cook week’! I first made apple brownies, they were incredibly easy and totally delicious!

What you need:

2/3 cup butter (P.S. Cut out a third of a cup of butter and swap in a half-cup of applesauce instead)
2/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar (P.S. I know, I know–sugar!–but this is sort of desserty, so stay with me here. Consider cutting out a tad, if you want to. Apples are sweet enough on their own!)
2 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt
1 t. vanilla
2 t. cinnamon
1 cup apples, chopped fine


Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla; mix well. Add flour, baking powder, and salt and cinnamon; stir well. Stir in apples, nuts, and raisins. Bake in a greased and floured 9 x 9 pan at 350° F. for 35-40 minutes.

Followed by some sweet potato fries through the instruction of this lovely lady and some carrot fries as well using the same recipe. We chowed down on those with our dinner of pad thai, made my Kristen while I did some yoga. All in all the past two days have been utterly fantastic and it looks like it is going to be a b-e-aUUUUUUtiful summer.

love, k


GOOOOODDDDMORNING! It is so interesting how different Albuquerque looks from various locations around the city. I happen to have lucked out, my mom’s house is in the best location in my opinion for sunset and city viewing. I stayed out on the porch after dinner last night for an hour and half basking in the–pardon my cheesiness for a moment– absolute beauty of the sunset. It wasn’t even anything special, I think it was just appreciation of being home again.

From 9 until 11:50 I planned on relaxing but got bored and instead spent my time unpacking and re-integrating myself back into my mom’s house. I only had about one fourth of my junk to put away but it still took FOREVER. This was probably due to the fact that I used this as an opportunity to clean out some of the mounds of old junk stuffed in the back of my closet.

I am SUCH a pack rat.

I am not kidding when I say that I found every single homework assignment from sixth grade an a stuffed expandable folder! Seriously, who does that? I threw away most of it, but kept a little just because I have already housed it for what, eight years now or so.

Ah, I diverge from my original topic: unpacking. I successfully finished after several dance breaks, obviously necessary, to rejuvenate my delirious mind. I have learned that it is better to just face what you don’t want to do and get it done before you have time to think about how much you dread doing it. It is a very handy anti-procrastination tactic. It was all worth it, got all my dresses and jackets hung up and my closet cleaned out.

I realized just how many dresses I have though, which was slightly disturbing. The entire main rack of my closet is comprised of dresses and nothing else! I did color coordinate them, however. We’ll have to see how long THAT lasts, but I was rather proud of myself.

This morning I managed to sleep in until the lovely hour of 8:45, which is unusual these days. I hoped to have coffee out on my porch but it is just too ridiculously windy so I settled for our kitchen instead.

Did I mention that our microwave broke and is currently MIA?

Just a hole in the wall, tragic :(




CLEAR SKY: check


Whew, finally back home where I belong! The past couple of days have been monumentally hectic but I finished my last final at approximately four this afternoon, packed up my stuff, and am back at home relaxing on my porch freshly showered at 7:30.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat specifically so I made a smorgasbord of yummy things..chicken, whole foods chips, an apple, salsa, hummus, diluted cranberry juice..mmm.

My DVR is going to be completely overloaded because I need to catch up on basically all the shows I like from the last four weeks or so, maybe eight weeks actually! Ah, I just haven’t had time to watch tv, which I am not complaining about it was supremely nice but now I see what I’ve been missing!–30 rock, kendra, the office, real housewives, the hills, house, just everything.

In effort to spend the last of my lobocash and la po meals I made a quick pit stop  at an on-campus convenience store and the cafeteria before I headed to the heights. Packing up all of that food was seriously a nightmare, there was so much it could feed a small country. When I unpacked it at home my mom was like ‘Well I guess we don’t need to go grocery shopping this week’. My last la po meal was sad for me so I took a picture, I’m chronically sentimental I can’t help it!

I’m going to enjoy this night of relaxation because tomorrow is another busy one for me:

  • interview for an article,
  • pick up final load of stuff from dorm/ clean it for final check out
  • sell books
  • return library books
  • make shopping list for cookfest 2010!
  • something else that I no doubt am forgetting but you can see it is preeety busy

I am such a geek, I made a schedule of things I should do each day so I will have a plan to fall back on and avoid getting sucked into laziness. Tonight however, no plan so my inner LAZINESS IS REJOICING!