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It’s official–I am in a relationship.



It is with with my computer.


I have coffee, movie and television and occasional dinner dates with my darling white baby–sounds incredibly racist I know, but just go with it. This horrifying realization came about as I considered buckling in my driving companion

NO judgement! When a girl is sans radio for a forty-five minute drive you gotta get creative!

I do occasionally cheat on my petite love muffin with my phone and/or voice recorder. AH, I am a technology whore!

But really, we have an understanding–an open relationship you might say. IN my defense, much of this computer use is in relation to my job so it’s not hours of stumble upon (although there is quite a bit of it, I wont lie). I even had a dream the other night that I was running away from a storm of some sort–and was incredibly sad that I had left my laptop behind!

That was disturbing, to say the least.

It’s not that I have no contact with the outside world, I’m not some creepy recluse whose only light in the house comes from the laptop screen. I’m not albino looking quite yet. However, I do supremely dislike this dysfunctional relationship (he abuses me)–and I would like to limit myself a bit more.

I’m sorry computer, it’s not you..it’s me.


God dag!

Exciting, riveting stuff has been going down in Scandinavia lately. That being said, the second episode of Kallie v. The Milk Carton commences:

The packaging here in Sweden is very different than in America. Gum comes in baggies, yogurt comes in giant plastic pourable tubs, and the milk comes in little cardboard boxes.

That may all look relatively easy but let me just point out a few quick details that the pictures do not show.

1) I cut the bottom too far so everytime I pour it goes all over the floor–oops

2) The timeline is skewed, seriously it was a good five minutes in between each of these pictures.

3) I’m scared it’s going to spill everytime I open the fridge door.


That honestly is the most exciting thing that has been going on in my life–thrilling to read about I realize so I will spare you. Some interesting stuff has been happening back home though…



also, I took a quiz on Real Simple about what color personality I am. Yes, I realize how lame that is but they sent me an email about it so I figured I might as well..I have a soft spot for spam I suppose.

Turns out I am an air personality

I’d agree with that, considering it is flattering hahah why not?

Alright that’s all I’ve got for now. I leave you with an oldie, but goodie. :)


I remember receiving the reading assignment for One Thousand Paper Cranes at some point during my mid-school years. In conjunction with the book we completed a project in which a woman was brought in to instruct us in the art of folding cranes. I’m not entirely sure of the relevance of the craft in relation to the book, possibly so that we could better understand the time and care that it took to make one (much less a thousand). I suspect my teacher was just pawning off her students to an innocent bystander for a day and writing it off as ‘creative’. Who knows?

I just distinctly remember I hated it.

I mean I love the idea of creating art, I enjoy reading about it,  I appreciate looking at it, I admire those who successfully do it, I even occasionally attempt to do it myself–for about five minutes. Then I get frustrated and/or bored and shove my half finished in-progress work of art into a drawer to be found at a later date and recycled.

I truly hold those with creative intelligence in the highest regard, as well as those with the patience to follow something through to the end mostly because I seem incapable of doing either.

I bring this up because after work yesterday my roomate and I walked to Georgetown to meet her friend for some sushi and to go out. On the way we came along a salon front filled with paper cranes. I truly am in love with this city–it has so many dimensions both architecturally and culturally. It is a large city but at the same time is so welcoming and I feel as though I belong.

(Many, many more pictures are sure to come of this wonderful place in the future but for now all I have is some random ones from my internship. From the very moment I arrived here I have not had a chance to sit and do nothing or to whip out a camera and I love it!)

The past few days I have woken up at seven, gotten ready and left for work at 8, worked from nine to six, then walked home (which takes an hour or so), and then immediately gone out, come home and gone to bed, then repeated the following day. I love the busy atmosphere of d.c. but at the same time it is bustling with young energy.

There are a ridiculous amount of interns on the Hill–not to mention other internships available for students including  lobbiest groups, non profits, and business organizations–according to my calculations there are 435 house representatives on the hill alone (not counting senate or other political people) and each of them have one to 35 interns!

I realize it is a bit soon for me to proclaim my adoration for our country’s capital considering it has only been 2 days but things are looking good at this point and I am enjoying myself to the highest extent.

did I mention that my dorm is three blocks away from this baby?


In many ways, I feel as though I am a grandmother in a 18 year old body. I adore classical music, tea, sweaters, pearls, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and I wear dentures.

Okay, one of the above is not true (you caught me, I hate sweaters..) BUT I still bear a striking resemblance to a ninety year-old in many respects. The good news is, this increases my chances of making it into the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest person in the world considering I am ninety at heart NOW and I hope to have at least another seventy years more. This morning I joined my peers in attending the Church of Beethoven.

The “service” is basically church without the religion. People congregate to enjoy coffee and music on a Sunday morning at the Kosmos. Today the line up was

  • F Chopin: Nocturne in E Minor Opus 72
  • C Franck: Sonata in A Major for Violin & Piano
  • Poets: ABQ Unidos . . . Albuquerque Youth Poetry Slam Team

Notice the average hair color of the other attendees..

I have some other exciting news! Well, actually two things (more on that later) but the more superficially exciting one is that after living in NM for 18 years I can finally call myself a citizen BECAUSE I have tried red chile. This may come to a surprise to those of you who know me and are familiar with my obsession with spice, but I have always just had this preconcieved notion that I hated red chile despite never trying it.

After “church” we dined at the ORIGINAL Garcias downtown and I figured what a perfect opportunity to try my hand at some serious carne adovada consumption.


eh..It was alright. I still prefer green but I am up for trying out some more red infused dishes in the near future. I will say that it was spectacular when paired with a smidge of honey on the tortilla and then piled on top.

Since we were already downtown with camera in tow, I decided to try my had at being photographer for my article this week about the warehouse fire on Broadway. The firefighters were trying to go about their usual business while I snapped a few shots. Let’s just say that I will be sticking to writing hahah I don’t think picture taking is my forte.

Now I am off to tidy up the house before my mother returns home from her weekend at our house in Pagosa Springs and then look for a plastic plate and bowl to bring to D.C


I have found that no matter where I go I somehow manage to locate two things: coffee dispensary and a book site. Obviously the coffee venue came first (I have needs people!!!) but the library bit came about yesterday afternoon.

I managed to sleep in until 9, which was particulary astounding considering Kemp and I took a nap from 10:30am to 12, then 5:30pm to 8, and then went to bed at 10pm (guess my early rising ways finally caught up with me). Anyways, I read and stretched out for an hour or so until Kemper returned, we grabbed lunch and then parted ways once again for him to go to class.

I decided to explore this little campus, seeing as it looks SLIGHTLY different than UNM hahah

and as I said earlier, I managed to stumble upon a lovely little library! I was beyond excited to find a section on television, movies, and broadcast journalism. I plopped down in the aisle and explored what the aisle had to offer:

Screenplays scripts for Almost Famous and American Beauty

Anecdotes from the stars of SNL

Advice from ‘Women in Television’ about broadcast journalism

In the basement the article archives were stocked in automated aisles, I thought that was rather nifty. You would just press a button and it would open up where you wanted to look!

I also snatched up a copy of Oregon State’s newspaper The Daily Barometer. I have to say, obviously I am incredibly biased, but I was entirely unimpressed. There were three articles on the front by reporters and I am not kidding the rest of the paper was AP (from other press sources) and it was PUNY.

It was written rather clumsily and there were more than a few syntax errors, made me feel proud to be a part of The Daily Lobo. Speaking of which, I am currently attempting to do an article from thousands of miles away sans voice recorder hahah so this will be interesting. It is about how the Health Sciences library is renting out iPads and they are all being incredibly helpful but I am crossing my fingers I can get this sucker knocked out today because we are travelling for the weekend to one of Kemper’s friends houses I guess.


There is nothing I despise more than wrenching myself out of my cozy bed before I am ready. No amount of coffee can make that resentment subside, but that’s reality when you are forced to take a 7:30 final. I managed to choke a kashi bar down with some coffee before steph and I headed for Dane Smith, but really eating at 6:30 is just too awful for words. Luckily, those things are basically candy bars in disguise so at least it was delicious.

I am officially down to 46 dollars of lobocash finally after my shopping spree yesterday. I tried to buy alot of unperishable items that I could take home with me so I ended up with some cheerios, kashi bars, peanutbutter packets, etc. I did buy hummus and baba ghanoush also I think I can handle eating all that in the next few days ;)

Anyways, my history final went well, I think, but I was far from done with the day. I finished up and went directly to the regents meeting which lasted a ghastly 3 and a half hours! I was starving by one, so my dad picked me up and we went caught up over some Vietnamese. I also sent him with a few more tidbits to deposit in my room.

The most exciting news came in the form a purple little plastic square though, MY NEW CREDIT CARD!! I am done for the day, so I think I am going to find something to spend money on! hahah you think I’m kidding, but it’s been like three weeks since I have been able to purchase anything, even a cup of coffee.