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Everyone has their zone of zen, mine happens to be my lovely little green honda civic–1997 born, standard (not automatic), and sans cd and/or tape player.

People who have been in the car with me are probably astounded to hear this bit of information seeing as I am afflicted with an acute case of road rage. This would be because the love for my vehicle is conditional. Depending on its location and traffic conditions mainly.

When moving freely at a reasonable pace, on the freeway anywhere east of the four hills area, my sanity is restored. Some people channel their best thoughts in the shower, or burrowed in their bed with an animal, but I find that contemplation comes easiest to me in the duration of the last thirty minutes of the fourty minute commute to my dad’s house.

I simply turn up the music and let my mind wander. Occasionally my ipod dies and I am left without music so I just listen to the sounds of my engine because my radio doesn’t work and even THAT fails to bother me in my four door space of serenity.

Do not call me while I’m in transit to the pop’s abode, do not text me–aside from the fact that it is illegal to do so, there is no service so I cannot get it anyways–communication is impossible and sometimes that feeling of solitude is comforting.


That being said, my week of total socialization and abq re-integration has come to a close and a new month has begun!

So, just for those of you that didn’t already know …

I’M BACK! (like the herp, i just stick around..can’t get rid of me muhahah)

I celebrated Halloween a day early, as I suspect many of you did as well, and I have had a wonderful 31st. It began with a 2 year old’s dance party, and ended with a bbq at home.

Yes, I still forced my dad and kristen to dress up and watch a scary movie!


woooo self timer!

The kitties were excited, and moderately bothered by my cat-ear wearing ways.



hope you said rabbit rabbit! :)


Doesn’t it drive you nutso when someone brings something up but then refuses to tell you what it is. It particularly bothers me when someone begins saying something and then proceeds to awkwardly pause and say ‘nevermind’. Saying nevermind does not automatically wipe the memory of you beginning the conversation out of my mind forever.

Instead I become consumed with wondering what on earth you wanted to tell me but then decided against it for whatever reason. The funny thing is, as are most things in life, is that I do this to people ALL THE TIME. Just this week I have referenced an exciting event and then promised to reveal it at a later time.

Well, that time is now. My news does not affect most of you because you are not a part of my family BUT I officially have a fourth parent! This does not bring about much change in my life, as I already considered Kristen (who has been in my life and  living with us for more than half of it) my step mother but they finally decided to go all traditional on us and get married.

I couldn’t say anything because they didn’t even tell her parents until after the fact–it was a small courthouse wedding on June 25th. Without further ado, here are some pictures! :)

In celebration of the union, I picked up some cupcakes from cupcakeology as a wedding cake of sorts.

GAH you are probably surprised at my early post, but I was once again woken up by my boy’s need to wake up and workout at the freaking crack of dawn. I have been up since 6:30. And I have massive bug bites from all the spiders that I have decided to let live this past week, that’s it.

I am renewing my arachnid killing policy


Seeing as I have significantly reduced my coffee intake recently, I should not be surprised that I was still feeling the effects of a five o’ clock grande black coffee at almost one last night. I was feeling slightly fatigued when Kemp and I opted out of hanging with the gang at eleven thirty, but after brushing my teeth and settling down with my book before bed I realized I was too antsy to catch any zzz’s.

I am slightly cursing myself for not joining Leah in her choice of herbal tea over coffee yesterday afternoon, but I figured I would go ahead and begin writing a post to clear my head and possibly tire myself out.

Father’s Day was filled with cooking (any excuse I get these days I swear). I had stayed out a bit late the night before so I crashed in town at my mom’s house, and the drive out on Sunday morning to my dad’s was CRAZY pretty. Driving while taking pictures is obviously not advisable I realize BUT on did it quickly, while not looking at the camera, and strictly on straightaways.

On the Father’s Day menu

(*= from scratch)

  • Baba Ghanoush*
  • Chilled Asparagus
  • Shrimp and Scallops de Jonghe*
  • Green Salad
  • Cinnamon Ice Cream*
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream*

I feel as though I can’t say that I made a salad or vegetable dish from scratch because I didn’t grow the veggies in some garden or something..what exactly qualifies something as being from scratch?! That term just sounds gross in my opinion, but I diverge..’From scratch’ or otherwise IIIITTT was delish of course and the weather cooled down a bit so it was pleasant eating outside.

hahah we are all making ridiculous faces. My dad is the photographer

Me dishing out some de Jonge..unaware of picture taking at this time

MMmmmK people fast forward a bit to Monday!!

Can be described in two words : lazy day. I drove into town early, got my oil changed, hung out with the boy–he was subjected to two episodes of the O.C. in exchange for some quality world cup watching–grabbed coffee with leah and then dinner with my mom, and then Kemper and I headed off to Morgan’s to hang out with everyone.

Over our dinner conversation I was reminded by my mom of all the things that I was unaware of about my looming internship. I realized I had a multitude of questions about the dorm where I would be staying, what the dress code is, the hours involved, etc.

I arrived home and jotted down these questions to call about in the morning but realized with a little online research that I had all the information at my fingertips.

Here’s some things I discovered!

What my room will look like–I WILL HAVE A KITCHEN AND BATHROOM!! I will share this with one other person so hopefully the other intern and I are of the same political party…hahah. Actually that is not really a concern, considering I have a step dad and boyfriend who do not share the same political views as I do and I love them just the same :)

Also I cleverly figured out where I would be commuting to and from campus to Capitol Hill every day using a little thing I call Google Maps..perhaps you have heard of it? Total distance is 3.1 miles on the dot. So unbelievably tempting to forgo the metro and rent a bike instead but I have been assured that aside from the problematic heels+skirt+bike issue that it will be RIDICULOUSLY hot and humid and therefore a horrible idea to attempt to walk and or bike to work.

YIKES I have so much to do before I leave. Gotta get my stuff together for my Swedish Visa, call the internship office with my questions, do laundry and pack (duh), spend time with all my loved ones, work (if I ever manage to stop being such a sketch-ball writer..I swear I don’t know what it has been about this past month but I feel flakier than a croissant), etc.

Overwhelmed is an understatement.

thank you

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that I am one lucky girl.

I sometimes wonder if everyone possesses a pre-determined amount of good fortune because if so, I have definitely used up a fair bit of it in these past 18 years. I see people going through personal tragedies, poverty, dealing the with effects of natural disasters, or addiction and I wonder why it is not me in their place.

I guess you could say that I believe in karma to a certain extent, a fairly low extent but there is some belief nonetheless, and looking back on my life I don’t really think I deserve all the good things I am blessed with. I haven’t done anything BAD persay, I try to be a nice, helpful, and honest person in general, but I haven’t done anything spectacular either and there are times when I am a down right brat.

Life isn't fair. It's a statement that is often uttered, but the absolute truth of it is usually overlooked.

Why should I have four parents, while some have none? Why should I have so much love and happiness in my life, while some are stuck in such hateful situations? It’s scary sometimes to see all the horrible things happening all around us–the oil spill, the haitian earthquakes, the murders occuring on a daily basis, cancer, I could go on and on.–and realize that I have never even had a pet die.

I feel sometimes like I am waiting almost, for something horrible to come to happen to me, it seems like only a matter of time. I have four parents, ten grandparents (all alive and healthy), two fantastic homes, three adorable pets, an amazing set of friends, a cute boy, and great opportunities awaiting me for my future. There is a lot at stake, and I selfishly don’t want to give any of it up.

Okay, that is all kind of heavy stuff I realize. Now I have a SUPER morbid feeling about everything and I am scared to get out of the chair in case I trip down the stairs and get paralyzed or something horrific. The reason that I am thinking about this was because last night my friend and I attended a candle lighting ceremony for a girl on my cheerleading team’s dad. I didn’t have much appetite before, considering the circumstances, but we had plans to go out with the girls after so I figured I probably should.

Enacted some BFD (breakfast for dinner)

Anyways, the ceremony was beautiful and though he passed away too early, as did her mother, I know that one thing that often surprises me is people’s compassion and generosity in times of need.


On a different note, I woke up at precisely 9 am to our cleaning lady coming in the door so despite not getting home until 2 I dragged myself out of bed and made my first green monster! I have heard nothing but good things about these babies for months, but our blender is slightly wacko so I never endeavored to try it. I had a massive headache and was totally tired out so…


-handful frozen spinach

-half a frozen banana

-some almond milk

-one scoop chocolate protein powder

Solid food was just not going to do it for me this morning so I had a trio of beverages while I shot out some emails about a potential article.

I felt super energized and great after drinking the monster of goodness, but I’m not sure which of the components of breakfast did it for me because there WAS a caffeinated portion of the meal. I’ll go ahead and say it was the green monster though…

…CLEARLY I hated it ;)

After working for a bit, I headed out to the gym because my mom is canceling our membership in July so I only have ten more days of having access. I’m really glad that she is finally doing this because our membership is EXTREMELY expensive and neither one of us ever goes to the gym..she plays tennis and runs with the dog and I run outside and hike and do yoga. BUT the next ten or so days I shall be a gym rat!

Now I am off to lunch with the dadster. I am just SO grateful that I am able to spend time with him, and that he able to be there for me!


Let’s see if I can remember how to do this. I was greeted yesterday when I stepped off my flight towing my significantly larger bag into 90 degree weather. Since then there were some other signs signaling that I was home:

-construction everywhere, and traffic madness

-the heat (obviously)

-difficulty breathing on my run today

-the empty fridge at my mom’s house

-my crazy kitties

Wow, it is astonishing how quickly these past three weeks flew by, I can hardly believe that they are over. Here’s a little recap of my trip in picture form.

I went on a nice run in Portland

The next day it was beautiful outside, so we dragged our hungover selves to the Saturday Market

As we lay there, someone played a harp at our feet!

We ran across the CUTEST antique store. I wanted to steal everything, but seeing as that would be exceedingly difficult I settled for taking pictures.

Fast forward a few days and I was on beautiful Bainbridge Island (off the coast of Seattle) for my cousin Chandler’s graduation! Shout out to my fam–I know you guys are reading this :)–They have the cutest house off in the forest. So green and cozy!

I feel so creepy that I took these hahah but I really do love your house Kirsten and William! My favorite part of the house is the porch and views, I read outside quite a bit while everyone was doing their thing.

I went across to Seattle to retrieve my aunt and her hubby, and of course a stop at Pikes Market was necessary

There was so much beautiful produce

And flowers!

Seriously, unreal. Here are some scraps of pictures that I cant really place.

I really like these last two :)

I’m a sucker for teacups and flowers.

that’s all folks