I have accumulated an absurd amount of cat pictures on my phone from this past year, and it seems like such a shame to deny everyone the pleasure of enjoying them! Generally, the only people that get the unique privilege  of seeing such exquisite photos are those unfortunate souls that I regularly accost in public places (i.e. everyone I see within a 10 foot radius).

Speaking from an entirely unbiased perspective, of course, I would have to say that our cats happen to be the best in the world. They continue to provide us with love and quality cuddle time despite the fact that we are rarely home, and occasionally feed them saltines and popcorn when we run out of cat food (let it be noted that oliver will eat anything, and probably does not have a problem with this).

We also subject them to random internet cat trends like cat-breading..

Now that I have a medium through which to display them, I shall proceed to dazzle you with Stanley and Oliver’s magnificence!

Because, really, who doesn’t enjoy a good cat montage? ;)

Happy SatCaturday

2 responses to “caturday

  1. Cute cat(s) but what does it have on the head at the last two pics?

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