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Going through so many life changes in such a short span of time, as well as being around/visiting people who are established in their careers and family has led me to stop ignoring the fact that adulthood is looming on the horizon and contemplate my current path.

I have led a life filled with comfort and I would not take back a second of it. However, I feel that I have wasted these 18 years to a certain extent. I’m not the girl who goes out often, I’m not the girl who takes risks, I never have any crazy stories to tell you (but I gladly listen). The next 18 I want to look back on and not have this feeling. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for a new beginning, I am about to move to another country, sans my support network of parents, best friends, and boyfriend.

My mom has made ‘goal lists’ of sorts my whole life, yes thats where I get my list making compulsion i’m afraid (thanks mom). Anyways, she organizes them into short and long term goals and dreams. Some are general hopes for the future, think move to Paris, while some are more immediately do-able like painting the living room.

During her recent visit I was reminded of these lists that I had previously never thought about very much and I brought them up. She proceeded to ask me what would be on mine and I honestly had no answer.

There is so much I want to cram into my lifetime, much of which would be impossible to accomplish in conjuction with one another. This trip has made me incredibly self reflective, maybe its being away from home and sick or just working and being formally introduced to the real world, who knows.

I have been attempting to pin point some things that I would like to have in my life, and I think I have begun to nail down a few.

  1. -Live abroad
  2. -Travel to Greece, Spain, Chile, Ireland, and the Caribbean
  3. -Do something to change someone (or preferably multiple someone’s) life
  4. -Write a book
  5. -Be featured in a major publication (nyt, the new yorker, the chicago sun times, any magazine..really anything)
  6. -Have multiple homes in places I love
  7. -Get in a fist fight
  8. -Decorate a house to reflect myself fully
  9. -Become a yoga instructor
  10. -Go to cooking school
  11. -Open and run a sandwich/coffee/book store
  12. -Be an au pair for a summer
  13. -Plant a garden from scratch
  14. -Run a marathon
  15. -Live a year on strictly the bare minimum
  16. -Live a year ridiculously extravagantly
  17. -Go on an absolutely luxurious vacation
  18. -Get married in Castine
  19. -Break out of my comfort zone
  20. -Not be so selfish
  21. -Fly in a private jet
  22. -Speak another language (aside from my sketchy french)
  23. -Have a family. You know kids, hubby, dogs, the whole deal
  24. -Win a difficult tennis game
  25. -Go to a spa and get the works
  26. -Ski in the alps, preferably with my dad
  27. -Climb another 14-er
  28. -Cry so hard I throw up (from happiness or otherwise)
  29. -Tell someone I despise exactly how I feel about them
  30. -Have a The Hangover kinda night

That’s where I’m at as of now, some of them are odd I know but I try not censor my thoughts on this blog (within reason) so there you go.

Creating an oasis in a home is high on my priority list for my life as of now, being in a generic dorm room unable to decorate has worn on me a bit and I have become obsessed with finding pictures that reflect things I would like to encorporate into my future homes.



I’m pretty sure i am getting a sunburn just thinking about going outside right now. yep, it’s that sunny. not that i’m complaining necessarily, but i cannot go for a run in the burning atmosphere that is Albuquerque at the moment so i’m stuck in my room listening to wilco and drinking the rest of this morning’s coffee.

I LOVELOVELOVEEEE this time of year for the most part though, its not flesh singing hot yet but its nice enough to wear dresses and no makeup :) i have not worn any form of makeup in like two weeks. im not kidding, i just dont care what i look like anymore because its so beautiful out there no one is looking at little old me!

Despite being utterly mind numbing, today was relatively productive. Had a three classes, an article, a fantastic salad for lunch(made from la po!!) AND i gotttt my housing sitchh under control for my internship in D.C this summer but WOW was it ridiculously priced. anyways i will be residing Francis Scott Key #410 in george washington university for the month of July.maybe i shouldnt put that on the internet.. please dont go there, hide in my closet, and kill me when i’m in the shower online creepers! thanks.

BLAH well as long as i’m sitting here brain-dead and in serious need of physical activity i might as well catch up on my housewives watching! i dont care what city you are in real housewives, i am perpetually addicted.

i hope it cools down soon