It’s been one of those weeks where I just want to curl up in my bed with cookie dough and watch endless episodes of Ally McBeal. However, seeing as I generally try to avoid salmonella and Maverick has been peeing on my bed multiple times a day, I have been fighting this urge and instead attempting to be a functioning human being.

I have been making a concerted effort to re-situate myself mentally (re-situate..about 90% sure that is not a word or even remotely gramatically correct BUT it’s Friday..give me a break) by going on my scheduled runs, socializing as usual, andddddd  eating cookie dough..I’m only moderately concerned about salmonella. Okay, that last one is actually a lie but I have really been craving cookies this week  but have been too lazy to make them.

Anyways, once I started the process of this mental re-situation (BAM, twice! This is happening) I noticed that inspiration has been popping up in the most unexpected of places, and I have been snapping pictures of these moments on my handy little phone as a reminder of how much I appreciate my beautiful life.

On that note,

back to school brunch extravaganza

Are you tired of cat pictures yet? He is likely pondering when he is going to pee in my bed again.

What a profound water bottle..got it at the dentist

Friend appreciation cards I made! It was Valentine’s Day from 3rd grade all over again

Wine and cheese night!

Jen’s birthday presents from me ;)

Sitting on the couch at Anondyne, such a different perspective!

Saturday afternoon Alibi reading by the duckpond, there was a wedding going on too! I am going to take this opportunity to once again proclaim my love for weddings. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT HURTS. Okay, done.

Being productive at work and reading a 2 year old Harper’s Bazaar that I stole from the gym..who knew there were words in fashion magazines? In my defense, Gwyneth Paltrow was on the cover.

Joe’s night Wednesday! I love being with my friends, I love it more when there is foosball and pool and ping pong and everything that is wonderful in the world (aka alcohol and games) and multiple creepy guys with scraggly beards. Like I said, everything you need.

Anyways, I should probably get off the computer and clean our house. Didn’t anticipate our dress up dinner party last night to turn into a dance party that destroyed our living room/kitchen.

Wait, no, yes I kinda did. But that doesn’t change the fact that I hate dishes.

Really, if nothing else, what you should take away from this is: can someone bring me cookies please?

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