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Alright, I have officially misplaced my credit card and my mind. I’m actually concerned more about the credit card because even if I found my mind I would still be unable to purchase new shoes. It is officially the weekend for me, and only one week of actual classes left!! I am keeping myself busy, I took out the recycling and am now taking the first wave of junk back up to my parents house in OPERATION MOVE BACK HOME.

All my junk is going to have to be transported in phases considering I am such a hoarder (whoreder some might say..) BUT at least I am a responsible little clutter-nut! The amount of things I brought to my dorm at the beginning of the year has at the very minimum quadrupled.

I am really going to miss my lobo cash because even though I have a ridiculous amount left, the Sahara platters are the bomb. Seriously, baba ganoush is my absolute favorite thing to put in my mouth–don’t even begin thinking anything dirty hahah.

“If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.” –Albert Einstein


I should be exhausted, but I am not. I had an excruciatingly busy day, yet I am wide awake..sleep patterns are crazy things. Today I crammed in three classes, an article, a four page paper, and two work outs. I once again had to wake up at seven to move my car before heading to la po for an peanut butter english muffin before my heinously early history class.

I went sans coffee the rest of the day(!!!), depending purely on endorphins from my mid-day elliptical session to pull me through until i grabbed a green tea on the way to my last class of the day. My paper turned out pretty good, considering i held off writing it until this morning and i managed to scrounge together a gigantic salad for lunch. The end of my day was a bit dramatic, but alls well that ends well. I really dont know what to do with myself at this point, im so used to being too beat by midnight to function. I AM GOING CRAZY I THINK (hahah hence the frazzled looking pictures included below–late night posting should be prohibited!)

WELP twelve days till summer! and about double that till i take off on my first trip of the summer :) plus my mom gets back from her trip tomorrow, i always feel better when the momster is in town. GOODNIGHT!

THE DREADED PAPER–final product


still have not begun my paper. I have been getting increasingly less procratinator-inclined these past few weeks and I dont quite understand why i have regressed :( hence the double post i am going to do today..its gotten THAT desperate. Still no facebook though, it seriously has not been difficult at all I am kind of surprised to report.

The past few hours I have distracted myself by making a delicious dinner (consisting of food taken from la po believe it or not), watching ANTM, and going to barnes and noble to read magazines. Now I am re-settled at my desk, my notes and re-steeped peppermint tea on hand, ready to knock this sucker out…right after this of course haha i’m not THAT ready.


GAH freedom is so close it is almost unbearable. Only two more weekends in our little dorm before I head back to the mainland. I temporarily have my vehicle, though i am having a bit of trouble with the radio sadly. Nevertheless I have the ability to go wherever I want whenever i so choose, which is a novelty in and of itself.

There are a few staple places i consistantly choose to visit on the occasion that I have my car:

1) Whole Foods

2) Barnes and Noble

3) Sports and Wellness

4) Trader Joes

5) Target

6) Anthropologie

I have once again misplaced my credit card so it kinda makes going many of those places pointless AND to top it off I also have the biggest headache the world has ever seen, too much coffee today i suppose. What is a girl to do when she is forced to wake up at the un-godly hour of seven to move her car out of the dorm parkinglot to avoid a ticket?!

Caffeine is clearly the answer, but with great caffination comes great responsibility my friends

HYDRATE AND EAT PROPERLY to avoid coffee overload! yikes, I was so busy today that was just not in the cards. I am making up for it now though, just popped some pills (vitamin c, fish oil, and green tea supplement) and washed those babies down with a giant glass of lemon water. :)

One good thing about waking up early is being able to eat a delicious breakfast and actually ENJOY it. Yesterday morning and this morning both i was able to treat myself a tasty morning–yesterday yogurt and coffee, today banana and chunky pb. I perused a cool art book that i snagged at the fine arts library awhile back. I included pictures of these breakfasts–notice the byline on the paper of the yogurt and coffee one. (even after all these months i love seeing my name in print, doesn’t get old!)

I’m going to lay down and relax to my shins and death cab playlist before i begin my next writing project (literary questions paper). I’m actually pretty excited to write it, its about this play called Rock n Roll which i highly recommend reading it is truly well written. Discussion about greek mythology, communism, cold war politics, and influence of music are seamlessly blended and accompanied by a kick ass soundtrack. (think rolling stones, syd barrett, etc)

If you have a moment i recommend looking up Syd Barrett’s solo albums he released after splitting from pink floyd :

The Madcap Laughs & Barrett.

Pure genius people, schizophrenia does that to a person.

ISSUE: lack of toilet paper

SOLUTION: using any other form of paper. think napkins, papertowels, etc.

It’s astonishing what we things we will miss when we become personally responsible for acquiring them. Things like paper towels, dish soap, and toilet paper were always taken for granted by me until college. Now for the past week I have resorted to stealing toilet paper from school, stuffing it in my bag and depositing it in our bathroom. Napkins, tissues, and other options have also been put to use, do your best to avoid mental pictures.

I woke up incredibly sore from our impromptu entirely uphill run yesterday (sad because it was only 2.33 miles according to so I woke up at seven, ate half a luna bar and a bit of coffee and set off on a cute little four mile nob hill adventure! It was clear and sunny, but still chilly because of the time, so basically perfect. I made my way up Wellesley to the cutest park ever, jogging by adorable little nob hill houses the whole way there. I really love it down here, i only wish i had had my time I guess because that path is a keeper.

I walked out of my room this morning to find an…interesting magazine cut out left for me on the floor:

“Men are scared of powerful, confident vaginas. But I wasn’t born with a special vagina”

Hahhaha, always interesting in my dorm to say the least. I find it hilarious how girls have a unique culture all their own. Boys cannot, will not, and probably wouldn’t want to understand it but they get sucked in nonetheless. Over-analyzing, critical, actually rather conniving ways are present in every girl, I do not care if you are ‘different’. I try my best to avoid these downfalls of character, but despite my best efforts I recognize that I too possess them. It is definitely a toxic environment to be a part of but no matter how shallow and juvenile it may seem to opposite sex, the fact remains that when you send a text with a smiley it is construed as flirting (whether or not that is your intention) and if you are female and present you are being judged and compared (on appearance, actions, intelligence, humor, you name it).

Stupid things get exemplified, every action gets magnified, and no comment goes un-heard. I’m not saying there isn’t some variation from individual to individual, but it is my experience that we all possess some degree of this femininity flaw.


(I had so many pictures and didnt want to lump them all together so i went ahead and did two posts..i’m not so savy with this whole wordpress thing quite yet. the moment i figure out how to add pictures in addition to a gallery and not have the two coincide i will be a happy girl!)

After french, jen and I sunbathed by the duck pond but as i was wearing a sweater with no shirt underneath i resorted to tying it up and looking slightly promiscuous especially because i walked back with it still like that and no shoes on (got a boyfriend proposition from a really tall black guy too hahah maybe i should do that more often.KIDDING.)

Freeing myself from facebook for who knows how long is unexplainably liberating, even though i didn’t really have time to get on that often in the first place completely removing myself from it has been nice. I have been supremely focused on enjoying the outdoors, my friends’ company, my schoolwork, and cooking!


What you put into your body really does impact how you feel, act, and think. My disposition is so much lighter, and i feel the drive to nourish it the way it deserves. Last night I made a stirfry-esque dinner that was a bit salty but delicious nonetheless.

Anyways, continuing on. For breakfast I was lazy and had cereal at la po, but for lunch i devised yet another culinary achievement! Pourable eggs with spinach and chicken, and of course salsa. It was sooooo good. I’m eating it as i write this so i guess i should refrain from using past tense.

Dont even try to tell me that doesn’t look delicious!!!


If cloudy mondays are Postal Service days, then mondays of today’s accord are Santana days. I have become an official salsa obsessed sun-child, and it feels great! I brought my camera with me when i left the dorm today because I had a feeling it was going to be an exceptional day. Snapped a few shots around campus when i felt it necessary..