It has been almost one year on the dot since I deactivated this baby, and as of 11 pm last night I have made the executive decision to once again air my thoughts online. This is primarily a method of procrastination (see: how to avoid studying for Shakespeare final), but also because the end of finals is terrifyingly near and I am slowly realizing the amount of free time I am about to have on my hands. My summer goal is to cultivate my writing skills through writing as much as possible, and due to my inability to follow through on virtually anything I figured some sort of accountability might be a good idea.

This past year has been excruciatingly boring, hence my retreat from the online world, basically just consisting of school, work, and excessive drinking. I have also fostered a love (along with the rest of the world) with a little thing called Pinterest, so that will no doubt make a great deal of appearances in the near future.

That said, I have been incredibly inspired with life lately due to residing outside of my comfort zone in every conceivable way, and loving every minute of it. Looking back on previous posts, it is bizarre and somewhat surreal that the writer was myself, because I am just so vastly different than that girl. I am in such a beautiful and dynamic period of my life, particularly with developing my identity and familiarizing myself with it, that it seems a shame to not document it in some form. Every atom of my being is so filled with love and wonder for every circumstance I am exposed to and writing about it seems to be the best possible thing at the moment. I am not currently certain of the exact direction I want this blog to take, probably some book reviews, creative writing efforts, craft attempts, home improvements, and random musings.

So…entirely unsure of how to approach this first getting-back-on-the-horse-after-a-year post I will leave you with some pictures and thoughts I have been enjoying lately.



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