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Am I the only one in the habit of attributing personalities to inanimate objects?

Sometimes I will see a plant, bicycle, or a jar and I will just get this overwhelming sense that they know a secret, or a joke and they are trying to share it with me.

Really, everything has a personality on some level. If you treat your belongings well, an observer can sense that. If you drink  juice out of your glasses with love and good thoughts, those glasses gleam a bit brighter; if you adore your car and caress it with polish, it will drive a bit smoother. There is such a focus on treating other people with kindness and respect, which is absolutely necessary as well, but it has occured to me that objects deserve the same respect in a way.

Enjoy your bed, nestle in it with a book and revel it its company. It is your sleeping companion, it knows all your uncensored behavior but refrains from judgement and faithfully holds you as you slumber each evening.

Once you open up this possibility of objects being company, you will realize that you are never truly alone (you can decide if this creeps you out or not). When you are lonely, hug your pillow, or lean against your wall.

While reading Hemingway’s short story, Hills like White Elephants, I really admired the girl’s natural inclination to regard everything as an independent entity with thoughts, feelings, and personality. She looked upon a beaded curtain as though it was saying something to her, and the hills as though they were innocently existing elephants–her environment spoke to her more than her human companion.

As a person requiring immense amounts of personal space at frequent intervals, yet perpetually suffering from an undefinable sort of loneliness, this concept is simultaneously intriguing and comforting to me.

I now look upon my house full of characters, instead of clutter. ;)


Philosophy of Soup

I have this theory and before you ask, yes it does involve soup. of course.

It goes a little something like this..

When your world becomes turbulent, insisting on violently tossing you about  and you can’t quite seem to grasp any shred of normalcy there is only one remedy to set your mind straight.

Step one: Breathe. Take one of those deep, life changing breaths that center you and invigorate you more than any cup of coffee could possibly accomplish.

Step two: Put on your apron, slippers, put on some jazz, and gather your gaggle of vegetables.

Step three: Chop your little heart out–dice your frustrations out on the cutting board. As the carrots, potatoes, zucchinis fall away into little fragments under your knife and your multicolored army swells across your counter begin to toss them into a large, bubbling pot. Your troubles will evaporate with the sensational smell of your comforting creation.

Step four: Have a glass of wine..or two..while you patiently await the soup to form.

Step five: Eagerly ladle a bowl far to large for common sense, sit down, close your eyes, and enjoy.

There is something about that first steaming bowl of jumbled goodness created by you that is comforting and satisfying in a way that escapes definition. People ask why I talk about soup in a mildly obsessive manner, it is rather bizarre I realize, but it really comes down to this indescribable correlation associated with safety and love that is perpetually nestled in my brain .

Though I have paralled the soup experience with..other things..my affinity for this mind-mending method stems from something much deeper. There is never a time when soup will not fix a bad day.

So. On the darkest days when your head is hopelessly tangled in knots that you cannot even fathom beginning to unravel, give it a try. This simple act is essentially a reminder to slow down, meditiate upon the simple beauty of the world.

Plus, you get to eat at the end–and honestly what is better than that?


Is there anything more satisfying than an awesome itunes experience? not in my short life hahah i have low standards I suppose.

Little did I anticipate that Albuquerque’s recent fogginess would result in me waking up to probably about 10 inches of snow yesterday!! Welcome, winter. We have been expecting you.

Snowy days are such a source of comfort for me, so I will credit that to my great–albeit sleepy–day. I had a difficult, but needed conversation in the morning, took a long bath and read, hung with friends, went to see a movie with my best friend..it was a nice Friday I would say. ;)

It helps that it was capped off with streak of songs that fit my mood completely. Considering my itunes has everything from Marvin Gaye to Elliot Smith to Dixie Chicks it is always nice when it just nails your mood in music form under free reign!

can’t believe I only have a week and a day of being 18 left!


It’s beginning to look a lot like…September really but seeing as we are at t-minus 11 days, 18 hours, and 19 mins until Santa slips down the world’s chimneys we can just go ahead and finish the above sentence with the anticipated answer.

This time calls for gift crafting, tea drinking, and christmas picture taking. How many takes before we find one where we all look normal? Only time will tell, quite possibly never.

I could literally win an award for awkward picture taking. Someone whips out a camera, I become a stiff alien unable to smile. It is a terrible condition.

BLAH, okay.

most boring  family ever

fake smiles..we really don’t want to be doing this.

theeere we go. i realize it is blurry, but it’s not in the real version.

It should come as no surprise that August is the centerpiece of the photo. He wasn’t all that photogenic on this particular night..

hahahahah this gets me everytime. I think this is what I was laughing at in the final photo that we chose.

And his penis is front and center so that is inappropriate for the front of a calendar. I still love him though, god help me.


With finals around the corner for everyone, I am fully aware that this is not the time to brag about enjoying having little to no responsibilities at the moment–but that is not going to stop me!

I have always had the tendency to jam pack my life with activities that keep me rushing from place to place at all times, until now! Well, technically until Sweden where I had ABSOLUTELY nothing that I needed to do. So I guess I have to have a little bit of responsibility to keep me grounded.

Yesterday was seriously such a great day, I cannot hold in the boasting. I had coffee and breakfast with one set of parents, then drove in to town and met my mom for coffee and an impromptu shopping session where two of my favorite items were purchased–books and sweater!–then a work meeting, went to jen’s house and cooked, then went to early thanksgiving potluck where at least 6 of my favorite things occurred–including but not limited to eating, drinking, friends watching (the tv show hahah), laughing, etc., then i drove home to my cozy bed and read before falling asleep.

Although I know it will catch up with me this winter break when I am at school from 8:30 am to 9pm for two weeks straight, it is supremely nice that my schedule looks like this

Clearly, less than rigorous.

Considering how little I HAVE to do, it is interesting how busy I have managed to become anyways. I find myself at my computer a surprisingly little amount–facebook creeping down to a minimum ;)

I’ve been eating, baking, etc


On the sale rack of course haha

Andddd decorating in my head BECAUSE I move in with Tessa in about a month!

So excited–it’s my first house and I’m so glad I get to move in with such a good roommate! I have always been lucky with the roommates actually..FLASHBACK! and trevor and mel hahah

“Nothing has happened today, except kindness,” –Gertrude Stein

That is all :)


People always ask me why my favorite day is Tuesday, and honestly I cannot pinpoint an exact reason. It’s like asking why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, or why I sneeze fourteen times in a row, or why I am in love with Anderson Cooper.

It’s probably best if you just accept the answer as it is, and don’t questions it too much. Questions create problems. Instead, allow me to distract you from this introductory ramble with…

News round up!

news from my life, and otherwise.

  • I am now a World Market member–get the coups and everything. This is a dangerous development in my biography, but as necessary as a Border’s one I’d say.
  • Sarah Palin is now allowed control over the English language. WHAT THE WHAT?! not cool.
  • The Olsen twins have a younger sister..who looks more like them than they do!

  • On the Olsen twin note, I have a sudden unexplainable desire to own a multi colored, long sleeved, sparkly dress

A desire that I will likely ignore, because honestly I don’t want to look in my closet and see more than one dress adorned with sequins..my eyes couldn’t take it!

  • Harry Potter comes out this week! As if you didn’t already know..
  • I am still drinking smoothies despite it finally deciding to act like Autumn around here.

  • and microwaves still rock. dont believe me? click microwaves doubters!
  • Tuesday is still my FAVORITE day so have a good one :)



Not so much because of the actual day of birth of any particular person is so magical, but instead because of the air of celebration that tends to accompany them.

And the excuse to eat cake (0r more accurately for those of who you know me..ridiculous amounts of frosting).

Candles, presents, and a heavily frosted cake..what more could you ask for?

See that frosting glisten? Yep, I made that and it is shining because it is baked to the brim with love.

hahah alright cheesy BUT I if one man hadn’t been born on November 14 some years ago, then I would not be here to write about it.

Or to enjoy a home-made Lebanese Linner (or Delicious Dunch if you prefer)!


from the kitties too