Happy Friday!

I went to a movie by myself today for the very  first time, ever. I have been meaning to do so for so long, but each time I planned on taking myself on a movie date I was distracted by other social obligations and/or just entirely unmotivated when it came down to it.

Today presented the perfect opportunity however, seeing as I was out of class at 11 and after two plus hours reading Lolita and inhaling caffeinated beverages I was definitely ready for a break.

I looked at the time and decided to see Celeste and Jesse Forever primarily because it was what was showing at the time.

I was surprised about how un-selfconscious I was about the entire wasn’t strange in the least. I guess I always categorized movie going as a social event, despite the nonsensical nature of that considering you sit in a dark room and are not allowed to talk.

What I would like to know is where the logic in collectively going to the movie theater, paying ten dollars (assuming you are going in the evening, that is), and then sitting for 2 hours without speaking derived from. Such a bizarre concept once you begin really analyzing it.

While sitting and waiting for the previews to begin, because I arrived a solid 15 minutes before the movie time, I started thinking about other cultural normalities and oddities regarding doing particular activities alone.

The most prominent example of acceptable public solitariness is smoking. It is absolutely acceptable to stand outside a restaurant, or anywhere really, alone if you have a cigarette in your hand. If I just casually decided to stand outside of somewhere for 20 minutes, I would indefinitely receive some incredibly strange looks from passersby.

Without a cigarette, it is essentially just loitering. Strange.

Enthralled by this first solo mission, I have decided it must become a personal tradition! I know my mom used to do that same thing, just to casually escape the world occasionally..midday excursions are ideal because it is cheaper than a sandwich (and definitely cheaper than therapy), not to mention air-conditioned.


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