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Well there is some bad news, some good news, and some cookie news!

Without a doubt cookies get their own category.

Good News:

  • I managed to sever the bond the couch had made with my ass.
  • I had a great hour at the gym
  • I know what I am doing for everyone for X-Mas! I will need some help for a few of them so I’ll let you all know soon ;)

Bad News:

  • Lowes is out of baby cactuses
  • I did not get anything else done that I wanted to today
  • I set out to buy x-mas presents, but instead bought 26 dollars worth of baking supplies for..

Cookies News!

I used THIS RECIPE. best. cookie. ever.




more good news

  • i did not eat my weight in cookies and only feel minimally sick to my stomach. My strategy? I countered any cookie consumption with equal fruit and tea

Can you spot the cookie?

  • Also, there was only one isolated crumble incident..

Don’t fret–I took care of that ;)

A bit more of bad news


  • the room remains a disaster zone to be tackled at a later date. tomorrow possibly…probably not though.

AH out of control!!!

In the forecast for tomorrow

1) more baking–for lobo holiday party

2) cycling class possibly

3) room cleaning..maybe

4) work..maybe

5) make secret santa present!

6) holiday party

7) staying fly


It seems to me that pairs occur often in my life.

It has probably always been like this but I have noticed it more lately because I have been reading Her Fearful Symmetry–which is about twins. For instance, good days are paired with..not as good ones. I should have known that my wonderful wednesday would be followed by a throughly sick thursday (attempt at alliteration..BAM that just happened twice)

I woke up on the right side of the bed Wednesday, went to the gym, and donned my favorite sweater

I didn’t wash my hair in the shower, so that called for some quick curlage

QUICK FACT: I always curl my hair when I am too lazy to wash and brush it. Quite possibly the one and only perk of having really really fine hair is it takes two seconds to curl.

blonde flashback

I drove my dirty-haired self down to campus for lunch with the crew, followed by a short reporters meeting which led to non stressed hanging out until Jen’s african dance performance.

I met up with Jen’s mom to watch some sweet African Dancing–at the end we got to try too! It was fun :)

I could feel a bit of sickness creeping in so I headed to Whole Foods to pick up some soup. Who woulda thought that they only had two options, both of which were supremely salty?!

not me. boo.

I got asked for out for drinks in the produce section–which made me feel simultaneously old and young. Old because they thought I was old enough to be able to do that, and young because I had to inform the asker that I was not.

Then I headed to the best friend’s place for dinner, youtube videos, and sleepover!


was rough from the get-go. My three day hair was not so tasty looking to say the least and I had to wake up at eight and drag myself to a three hour long Finance and Facilities Regent’s meeting sans breakfast.

I barely escaped dying of hunger before I dropped my stuff at the office and clacked my way to satalite for a rise and shine. Doesnt that just sound happy?

It was delicious, but scarfed in approximately four minutes. After an hour of trying to cough my way through work I gave up and headed home for an afternoon of TV and on and off napping. Punctuated by periodic eating and vitamin C taking.

Blah. Today is Friday. It is 1, and I woke up at 12 which is how I know that I am officially under the weather. I have plans for today–none of which I have made any kind of headway on.

Hopefully I will write my article, hopefully I will get to the gym, hopefully I will get off my couch.

We’ll see I guess.


Good morning :)

Today I have my neurologist appointment, where it should be determined whether I am simply crazy (which is entirely possible) or if there is actually something wrong in my noggin. As a girl who has never has barely had ANY health scares in her life with the exception of just one cut of the finger that required stitches, lets just say the prospect of going to a hospital clinic for brain problems is to say the very least, absolutely terrifying.

When I am terrified I seek out comfort as a means of distraction from my fear. SO on that note I would say some things are alright to do for the sake of calming my nerves.

It is alright for me to break my normal strictly black coffee etiquette and dilute my morning beverage..

It is alright for me to sit on my porch for two hours going through old magazines..with my grandma glasses readily available

Did you spot my breakfast?

Yeah, it is definately MORE than alright for me to consume last night’s dinner that I missed for breakfast

Followed by some M&M’s of course. :)

Breakfast of Champions!

And when I found my mom’s tube of Kalle’s caviar in the fridge…It is alright for me to be absolutely disgusted despite the fact that my name is on the tube..along with a picture of a young male boy because IT IS ALRIGHT that my parents named me after my great grandfather and therefore when I am in Sweden I might be mocked hahah

I do not approve of my name being displayed on such a disgusting product. Tubed caviar..that is just not alright.

If there is one person who I would absolutely DIE to climb into their life for a day (preferably longer) it would have to be Rachel Zoe.

Seeing as I am rather incapacitated in hopes of recovering from whatever this ailment is, I have been literally glued to the television in between doctors appointments and stuffing my face. Today there were episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project!!!!

I seriously idolize that tiny fashion goddess to the furthest extent. In the featured episodes today, she was complaining of her vertigo and what she was saying really resinated with me–she couldn’t even remember what it was like to feel normal anymore and she was sick and tired of dealing with it.

GAH she is too adorable. Like a grown up olsen twin basically. Some googling brought up what might possibly be my favorite NYT article ever!

This is all. I seriously have not even one smidgen of news. I am going to return to my TV watching perch now…I have a neurologist appt on Thursday to make sure everything in my head is alright.

catch-up time


Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while, after leaving off with such a dismal (and apparently worrying) post. Luckily for me, I have the best mom in the world (no offense to any other mothers out there, but it’s my opinion) who flew her cute little patootie out here and to spend some quality mother-daughter time! and okay, a side of business as well

Thursday night she met me at the office, I got to show her around our little Congressional box before taking her poor, dizzy daughter to the sole urgent care facility in DC that takes our insurance.


This may not come as a surprise but apparently I am officially a resident of Crazytown. It appears that nothing is physically wrong with me, so this little bit of vertigo must originate from within my noggin.

That said we chowed down at Hank’s Oyster Bar before metro-ing out to her lavish hotel where I enjoyed a KING SIZE BED and wonderful sheets. AH. I also indulged in coffee for the first time the next morning and it actually helped my condition a bit.


My caffeine needs met, I set out to enjoy my Friday decked out in a yellow shirt (bright colors=happiness) and successfully gave my second tour of the Capitol in addition to a slew of other various tasks throughout the day because we were down to 2 interns.

Kept busy, the day flew by and Mom and I ate out at Founding Farmers before going to sleep like the little early birds we are. There was a justifiable reason for heading to bed so early this time, however:

I had to wake up for my 7:30 tour of THIS baby..


YEP, it was actually not all that interesting but I tried to take my time and remember all the details because it is not every day that you get to step foot in a place where so many great men and women who have shaped America’s history have resided. You can imagine that security was quite abundant, if you even bring a bag with you to the grounds they shut down the tours for the rest of the day.

All the secret service men were quite good looking, but they were pretty staunch about following the rules dang it hahah. I asked one how the rooms could ever be used by the president if people were always walking through them on tours but he informed me that tours happen in the mornings and then they shut it down for afternoon business.

And no, the Obamas were not there. They were in Maine for the weekend, as were the rest of my family all together without me :(


I was back to my dorm by 8:30 so mom and I grabbed coffee at a cafe downstairs and planned our day. We first went to Georgetown for a bit of shopping and then lunch at THE DISNEYLAND OF FOOD

DEAN AND DELUCA people..The granddaddy of Whole Foods. I will never look at WF the same again now that I know what is out there. ONly I would take pictures of this store but I was in HEAVEN.

Their samples of baked goods were too good to be true. I seriously have never tasted anything so wonderful in my life– I am not exaggerating–I am returning before I leave.

Then we headed out to Great Falls–My mom’s childhood home. We drove around, and I got the full run down. Saw all of her houses, schools, friends houses, hang outs, horse stables, etc. With some time to spare we made a stop at the Great Falls nature park.

Over on the other side of the Potomac you could see people in Maryland looking out at the falls from their side.

We then went to her childhood friend’s home to clean up and relax before dinner at a fabulous French restaurant with a crowd of very well educated and diverse individuals. I had the best halibut I have ever encountered this night.

I realize I look really thrilled in this picture but I didn’t think I was in  it haha and the other one half the people aren’t paying attention SO we are stuck with this one. I promise I wasn’t an angry bunny  this night..just this picture. I generally don’t genuinely smile in pictures anyways though because I feel uncomfortable and fake. It drives everyone crazy but I cant really bring myself to do otherwise.


was filled with the Tour de France, visits to mom’s old friends, a proper grocery store run, and then I was returned to my dorm and said goodbye to the momster

this brings us up to speed..


I began this morning filled with fresh resolve to face my situation positively. I woke up extra early for a light jog–after breakfast and a shower I was feeling worse than ever and was worried I couldnt even make it to work but I pulled it together and somewhere along my day I started feeling LOADS better.

Possibly it was because of

–A member of the staff’s birthday Chipotle and baked goods

–getting to leave office for a bit to retrieve aforementioned Chipotle

–being occupied with tasks

–having coffee

–leaving an hour early to attend a reception with glorious fruit platters everywhere

–a heart pounding sprinting run followed by 20 minutes of relaxing hatha yoga

–taking out my contacts

–a generally positive attitude

As of now I am feeling a less horrible, not perfect but alright, I am reluctant to say that in case I jinx myself but I am going to keep taking it easy and see how it goes.

Time for laundry now!!

the term ‘desperately need to do it’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.


It appears as though I have a penchant for jinxing myself. Merely hours after proclaiming my love for all in the world and excitement for the future I was struck down by a mysterious illness.

The truely peculiar thing about this sickness was that it was not quantifyably a sickness at all! I couldn’t, and still can’t really, explain or precisely put my finger on what is wrong with me other than that something is not right. It’s a mystery–all you detectives out there..Here you go.


  • My mind is disconnected from my body at times–seems as though the world is moving beneath me and I am floating
  • Slight headache
  • Tired
  • Nauseous occasionally
  • Eating, drinking, closing my eyes–nothing helps!

As of now I think that I have stress and tension induced vertigo BUT other suspected causes ranged from sodium deficiency, lack of iron, exhaustion, inner ear trouble, low blood sugar, heat exposure, the list really goes on and on.

I suspect it might be a combination of everything–stress of a new job, new climate, and possibly being a bit sick. All i know is that I am four days into whatever this is and worried that there is something dreadfully wrong with me.

Needless to say my meals have been less than exciting. Breakfast has been instant oatmeal every morning, lunch has been a kashi bar and fruit or a quarter of a subway footlong and yogurt or fruit and dinner has been sporadic.

Egg + spinach + salsa

Baked salmon & Trader Joe’s veggie mix.