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It is monday and I do not know how I survived but I did. The last 12 hours (give or take) have been a blur where the world was merely but a space in which I whizzed by in a blur.

My feet hurt, my soul hurts, I seriously need a lot of chocolate chips to remedy this. I leave you with some of life’s essential questions:

1) How on EARTH does one person (i.e. me) manage to generate such vast quantities of dishes from one measly meal?!

2) What does one do with a box filled with more oranges than a human being could possibly eat in a week (how long I predict them lasting before they get squishy and disgusting)

3) Was pilates originally invented as a form of medieval torture?


You know those days that fly by with activity and at the end you are too tired to eat, much less upload pictures and/or attempt to cyber re-create your life for your family and friends to read about?

Welcome to my week.

It has been exhausting, it has been humid, and it is already Thursday evening! I rang in my one week anniversary with D.C. yesterday with a hectic morning following a disastrously stressful Tuesday. All’s well that ends well I suppose, but I’m slightly balder from frantically pulling my hair out.

Basically, my identity got stolen and my credit card cancelled on the eve that my visa application was due. SO I had to wake up Wednesday morning bright and early and trek to the State Department, beg to be let in and get money transferred to me until my lovely mother can bring me my new card.

After that I had to walk to Georgetown to the Swedish Embassy to turn in my visa application and then book it down to work to make it just in time two hours late to my Capitol Tour Guide training.

Not to mention that all of this was happening while D.C. was plunged in the midst of a 118 heat index sweltering summer day. At least it was causal week because it is Congressional Recess. Needless to say yesterday afternoon upon arriving back at my dorm I immediately scarfed soup and bread and settled in for some serious Weeds watch-age.


Today was pleasant–though tiring. Minus getting lost a bit on the walk back to work. I have decided to walk the three miles back to my dorm each evening that it is tolerable instead of taking the Metro to save money, get some exercise, and see the city! Today though I picked an unforchanate path and ended up walking straight to WAY OUT OF THE WAY of my dorm.

I stumbled upon some “must see monuments” along the way that I have somehow managed to not see yet despite all my walking adventures and was sufficiently unimpressed.

Call me un-american if you wish but the reflective pools look a hell of a lot better on tv than in person. Check out that water–GROSS!

Looks good in pictures though, I’ll give it that.


  • Georgetown is still beyond adorable ^^
  • I finally had the chance to pick up my GWU gym pass and the gym seemed pretty nifty to me so I will defintely hit it up this weekend.