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It is monday and I do not know how I survived but I did. The last 12 hours (give or take) have been a blur where the world was merely but a space in which I whizzed by in a blur.

My feet hurt, my soul hurts, I seriously need a lot of chocolate chips to remedy this. I leave you with some of life’s essential questions:

1) How on EARTH does one person (i.e. me) manage to generate such vast quantities of dishes from one measly meal?!

2) What does one do with a box filled with more oranges than a human being could possibly eat in a week (how long I predict them lasting before they get squishy and disgusting)

3) Was pilates originally invented as a form of medieval torture?


Alright, so. There are certain things that I find fundamentally important to never underestimate in this world:

1) The comfort of UGGs on a chilly day (scoff away if you must, but my feet were flippin COZY all day)

2) How people are inclined to, at even the first mention of religion, just jump down each other’s throats.

CASE IN POINT–today’s article. read the comments. yikes!

3) How morning music sets the tone of the day

4) That dishes, almost with the same accuracy as pets, showcase a person’s personality. This I noticed while unloading the dishwasher this evening.

can you guess which ones my mom, stepdad, and I individually picked out?

If you guessed this one as mine, you would be absolutely WRONG!

^^This is Brad’s.^^

Just kidding hahah but really, what does this jumble say about me? aside from the fact that it is located where a microwave once resided.

p.s. tj’s orange chicken only has two minutes left of cooking in this picture! I was getting restless, hence the picture taking-age/ dishwasher unloading.

5) The impact of a good, old fashioned crossed eye. My greatest skill was learned around the third grade time of my life. I dedicated many hours to perfecting the art of the crossed eyes and therefore show it off as often as possible.

Oh the wonders of public education.

good night!


Soooo I’m pretty positive that my corridor mates all think that I am a freak-o psychotic-killer-pedophile-extraordinaire.

This probably does not come as a surprise to some of you, but for those of you who have deluded yourselves into considering me a normal human I will spell out the reasons why:

Exhibit 1.

My beet consumption habits. Sounds innocent enough, except that the process of cooking them leave the kitchen looking like a crime scene.


So worth it though–appearances during the cooking process aside–love them!

Exhibit 2.

My possession of creepily too young for me objects, such as my favorite IKEA purchase:

Clearly things just taste better out of a frog head.

I can’t wait until they get a load of my onesie once it gets more chilly.. ;)

Exhibits 3. and 4.

My incessant skyping at a loud volume. I actually barked at my dog on the screen today. Yep, now I can add the ‘barking girl’ to my resume of supreme weird-ocity.

Hi MOM! you didn’t know I was snapping this picture muhahahah ditto for jen:


Happy birthday beautiful best friend :) Have a wonderful day, you deserve it spicyyyyy lady


hahah found that randomly. But hugs from Sweden to you!

huggityhug hahah this was from Mel’s birthday last year…CRAZY

Alright, now where was I? AH yes, that’s right.

The fact that they can probably hear me playing my ‘Sounds of the Rainforest’ soundtrack through the night to help me sleep paired with my odd hours of coming and going, occasional morning vacuuming sessions essentially serves as more exhibits and therefore solidifies the perception of my oddness hahah

I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, I find myself rather entertaining truth be told, and if you are entertaining yourself that’s all you can really ask for.

Geez I should really take a nap, but my bed was so lovingly made by yours truly for once and I really have no desire to mess that up.

P.S  Do you see Top Chef playing on my computer? Yep.