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If there is one person who I would absolutely DIE to climb into their life for a day (preferably longer) it would have to be Rachel Zoe.

Seeing as I am rather incapacitated in hopes of recovering from whatever this ailment is, I have been literally glued to the television in between doctors appointments and stuffing my face. Today there were episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project!!!!

I seriously idolize that tiny fashion goddess to the furthest extent. In the featured episodes today, she was complaining of her vertigo and what she was saying really resinated with me–she couldn’t even remember what it was like to feel normal anymore and she was sick and tired of dealing with it.

GAH she is too adorable. Like a grown up olsen twin basically. Some googling brought up what might possibly be my favorite NYT article ever!

This is all. I seriously have not even one smidgen of news. I am going to return to my TV watching perch now…I have a neurologist appt on Thursday to make sure everything in my head is alright.