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One of the most depressing activities one can do is flip on the morning news. You will be innocently sipping your fresh, dad-made coffee on your couch, with a fire flickering in the background, and kitties snuggled on you happy as can be.

Then you turn on the TV:

-Missing girl’s prosthetic leg found in forest

-Indonesian Tsunami

-Political bullshit

-Notre Dame student dies in freak tower toppling over accident

-Unemployment skyrocketing

-American mauled to death by a jaguar in Belize


CURSE YOU TODAY SHOW! I tune in to see dancing cats, the best halloween costume ideas, and Al Roker’s smiling face–not tragic news!

It seriously makes me sick to my stomach. I want to be informed about what is going on in the world but lately the only form of news that I can stand comes in the form of humor.

Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart have long been my heroes, but at this point they are my sole way of getting news. I realize that it is incredibly biased through my own personal viewpoint–i.e. democratic and utterly disgusted with the notion of a Sarah Palin TV show on TLC

Seriously click it, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Considering boycotting TLC when that airs, even if they do show documentaries about pregnant 70 year olds..

Anyways, Colbert is the love of my live for so many reasons but a large one is his ability to make fun of Glenn Beck. Not that Beck makes it so difficult.


Marry me?


God dag!

Exciting, riveting stuff has been going down in Scandinavia lately. That being said, the second episode of Kallie v. The Milk Carton commences:

The packaging here in Sweden is very different than in America. Gum comes in baggies, yogurt comes in giant plastic pourable tubs, and the milk comes in little cardboard boxes.

That may all look relatively easy but let me just point out a few quick details that the pictures do not show.

1) I cut the bottom too far so everytime I pour it goes all over the floor–oops

2) The timeline is skewed, seriously it was a good five minutes in between each of these pictures.

3) I’m scared it’s going to spill everytime I open the fridge door.


That honestly is the most exciting thing that has been going on in my life–thrilling to read about I realize so I will spare you. Some interesting stuff has been happening back home though…



also, I took a quiz on Real Simple about what color personality I am. Yes, I realize how lame that is but they sent me an email about it so I figured I might as well..I have a soft spot for spam I suppose.

Turns out I am an air personality

I’d agree with that, considering it is flattering hahah why not?

Alright that’s all I’ve got for now. I leave you with an oldie, but goodie. :)