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I pressed the play button on my itunes today to determine what song today should be defined by..


also, just for giggles.


As a stereotypical type-a individual, let me just say that meditation is the opposite of relaxing. On the contrary, it is quite possibly one of the more difficult endeavors I have undertaken thus far. Eliminating thoughts and focusing solely on your present state of being is a mental workout equivalent to a marathon.

I would definitely benefit from a meditation class like the one that I crashed at PSU today. It was totally interesting, but I got a headache from all the visualizing.I find the fact that I am a perfectionist even during activities within my own mind is a tad disturbing. It didnt help much that I was hungry during the class, it was at 2 so almost my lunch time, and my brain was absolutely overflowing with thoughts.

The feature meditation of the class had us visualize each chakra color on our body, then identify which ones were most difficult for us to picture and spend some time becoming aware of the energy within those areas.

I could easily see the red, yellow, and blue ones.

Root Chakra  – RED

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Location: Base of spine and in the region of the pubic bone. Includes genitals and reproductive organs.
Symbol, Color and Sound: Muladhara (Root/Base Chakra) is symbolized by a lotus with four petals. Red is the color of energy, vitality and power. Sound “lam”.
Influences: Sexuality, mentally it governs stability, emotionally – sensuality and spiritually it influences a sense of security.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – YELLOW

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Location: Above the navel, stomach area
Symbol, Color and Sound: lotus with ten petals. Yellow is the color of intellect and it’s used for mental stimulation. Sound “ram”.
Influences: Physically, Manipura influences digestion, mentally – personal power, emotionally – expansiveness and spiritually- all matters of growth.

The Throat Chakra – BLUE

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha, Vishuddhi

Location:Throat region, parallel to the thyroid gland
Symbol, Color and Sound: Lotus with sixteen petals. Color blue helps to communicate your emotions properly. Sound “ham”.
Influences: Physically Vishuddha influences communication, emotionally- independence, mentally – fluent thought and spiritually associated with a sense of security.

I could not picture indigo or violet at all, so I went back to Tessa’s dorm and looked up what all of this meant after making a little dorm meal from the scraps I snuck out of the cafeteria last night.

Tofu, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms

I Googled my little heart away after chowing down, while listening to and uploading the cds we checkout of the library. Evidently I am not in tune with trusting or my sense of beingness, or wisdom. I thought it was really interesting.

Let me just say I find it immensely awesome that Portland’s public library had a fantastic and diverse mucis selection that is available for checkout. We scored some cool finds:

  • Slowblow
  • Matt Costa
  • Emiliana Torrini
  • The Sounds
  • Swords
  • Aqualung
  • Noel Lenaghan
  • Chris Robley


Alright: preparations for my departure to the northwest are proceeding according to schedule. new drivers license- got it. new playlist- finished. I have been somewhat of a recluse lately I suppose one could say, in the sense that I have only gone out one night so far.

I consider it more of a prioritization of my life though, I am not going to be here for that much of the summer and then I leave for Sweden in the fall so I find it important to allocate a large chunk of my time to hanging with my family, pets, and those closest to me. On that note, yesterday was wonderful: ran errands, hiked with august, made pizza from scratch for dinner, treated myself to new martha stewart magazine and yummy bars ;)

I leave you with a few snippets from the summer playlist! For the summer I went for a lot of upbeat, slightly superficial (think cheesy pop), and quite a few oldies. The actual playlist has over 200 songs so if you think this list is long, you ain’t seen nothing yet ;)

Banquet- Bloc Party

One week- Barenaked Ladies

Nighttiming- Coconut Records

Bottoms up- Keke Palmer

How Bizzare- OMC

My Humps- Black Eyed Peas

California Gurls- Katy Perry

Better Together- Jack Johnson

Sugar- Flo Rida

Magic- B.o.b. and Weezer

Barely Breathing- Duncan Sheik

Starry Eyed Surprise- Shifty

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

What’s your Fantasy- Ludacris

Two Towns from Me- Blind Pilot

Ghosts- Fanfario

Tony the Beat- The Sounds

Russia Privjet-Basshunter

Digital Love- Daft Punk

Dirty Pop- N*Sync

Body Language- Jesse McCartney

The Longest Time- Billy Joel

Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind

Pretty Baby- Spin Doctors

Friday I’m in Love- The Cure

California- Metro Station

Clumsy- Fergie

Whenever, Wherever- Shakira

Once in a Lifetime- Talking Heads

Summertime- New Kids on The Block

Radar- Britney Spears

Faith- George Michal

Love Me- Justin Bieber

Phantom Limb- The Shins


Alright it’s official, I am destined to become a baby theif! There is no reasoning with me, so don’t even contemplate trying. Seriously though, I dragged my mom to ‘Babies’ yesterday for the first showing (11:50!) of the first day it is out in the only theater in town that was showing it in honor of Mother’s day. I can honestly say there were no males in the theater..or at least willingly in attendance. It was so good though (how could it not be, it’s a recipe for success) I really recommend it, if you have a vagina you will appreciate it fa show!

Then we went out to lunch at the Daily Grind, which is my new favorite coffee house..well one of them. I think it’s funny that I finally feel at home and love it down in Nob Hill literally two weeks before I have to move back to the heights, that’s life though. The food was DELICIOUS, we split a turkey and green chile wrap.

So I sent my momma home with some of my belongings, packed up some MORE and took’em to my dads house for mother’s day part two. Kristen made delicious food for us: chicken salad, regular salad, avocado, and fruit with angel food cake for dessert. I don’t really like angel food cake, but the fruit was delicious so chowed down on that.

Jen and I finished up the evening with an impromptu viewing of a show at Winnings, we went to go get tea and ran into someone going to it. I love all the music shows I’ve been going to lately, music is such an enriching experience.

truth doesn’t make a noise

dont think about it too much

If you close the door
the night could last forever
Leave the sunshine out
and say hello to never

–Velvet Underground

WEEKEND RECAP, sparknotes style:
dinner with friends, laundry, five hour orientation for sweden, daily lobo banquet, daily lobo party, run for the zoo, sauna, relaxation, homework. BAM.