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neglected things are being taken care of. I always consider the first day back at school the true beginning of the ‘new year’ as far as responsibilities go. So, happy first day

kitties are being spayed/neutered (finally) so all possibilities of incest are eradicated.

and off to learn and such ;)



Not so much because of the actual day of birth of any particular person is so magical, but instead because of the air of celebration that tends to accompany them.

And the excuse to eat cake (0r more accurately for those of who you know me..ridiculous amounts of frosting).

Candles, presents, and a heavily frosted cake..what more could you ask for?

See that frosting glisten? Yep, I made that and it is shining because it is baked to the brim with love.

hahah alright cheesy BUT I if one man hadn’t been born on November 14 some years ago, then I would not be here to write about it.

Or to enjoy a home-made Lebanese Linner (or Delicious Dunch if you prefer)!


from the kitties too