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rabbit rabbit

Why yes, I did in fact make Kemper stay up till precisely 12:00 am this morning so I could make sure I would have luck this month. Does anyone else do that? Better safe than sorry I’d say :)

We were thoroughly exhausted after our weekend spent in Grants Pass, Oregon. Kemp’s friend invited us to stay with his family for Memorial Day weekend where his hometown holds a giant celebration. We enjoyed boat races, a carnival, rhino driving (?? it’s the little car), beautiful weather, and each other!

Today I am off to Portland, Kemper is going to drop me off after he finishes up his last class of the day. I have only gotten a small taste of the place and I am ready to devour the whole dish! Six days of exploration, I can’t wait :) I seriously love traveling and bopping around new places by myself. (Tess will of course be there but she will be busy with finals around the corner, so I anticipate alot of solo navigation).