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Hello, this post comes with instructions! Follow them and no one gets hurt.

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Step Three: Be convinced (if not already) through shock and awe of the power of tea

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Tea

(from shine.yahoo.com)

By now you’ve probably heard that tea is a great mood booster, stress reliever, and all-around master of making you feel Zen. But now you want to know the important stuff: What can tea really help me get? According to tea expert Kiley Holiday, the youngest female tea master in the U.S. and co-owner of the fine tea company l’Âge de Thé, tea can improve the five areas of life that mean the most — your job, your skin, your love life, your finances, and your confidence.

Landing a Job
“Tea obviously can’t walk into your job interview and force the HR rep to hire you on the spot, but it can increase awareness and alertness, without the jitteriness coffee often causes,” says Holiday. The morning of your interview, sip on a blend like Alvita’s Caffeine Free Peppermint Leaf to perk up without suffering an energy crash mid-interview. If you rely on caffeine like fish rely on water, try l’Âge de Thé’s Green Yerba Matte, which mimics the burst of energy similar to caffeine without the negative side effects.

A Date
Aside from the seducing aromas tea can have, like jasmine and spice, tea shops are a great way to meet guys! Holiday recommends ordering a conversation starter (i.e., probably the craziest thing on the menu) in order to create your own icebreaker. For a second-date tea choice, stock your kitchen with Tracy Stern Salon Tea’s The Lover, which gives off a natural-aphrodisiac aroma of chai spices and chocolate. 

A Raise or Promotion
Ever notice how your coworker in the big corner office never seems like he’s about to pull his hair out? The secret to his calm ways could land you your own promotion, or even a raise. Those who have a tendency tostay calm under pressure and not fly off the handle are often the first ones to be brought up when it comes time for a promotion, according to a study conducted for Forbes by Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work and CEO of iOpener. Stabilize your mood with Yogi Tea’s Kava Stress Relief to stay rational and emotion-free at your 9-to-5.

A Flawless Face
Tea is full of antioxidants that detox your skin and fight against free radicals (basically, the annoying factors that make your skin age). Holiday says that tea also contains rooibos, which is full of vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium, three big factors known to improve complexion and promote healthy skin. Pair these anti-aging foods with a cup of antioxidant tea like The Republic of Tea’s Get Gorgeous #1 Be Well to glow inside and out.

A Positive Outlook
Don’t sneer at the bubbly girl at the coffee shop everyone is drawn to — become her. Holiday says to reap the benefits of a mood-stabilizing tea, pick one with a high concentration of L-theanine. This little miracle worker also helps your body strengthen its immune system, which is why you never see the bubbly coffee shop girl with a cold. Holiday recommends a jasmine green tea, or try Ineeka’s Himalayan Black Intensity Organic Tea for a boost of energy, confidence, and control.


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