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Okay, grossest-title-award goes to me on this post BUT that is all I can say to describe the scene at the memorial around 9pm on July 4th. It was madness I tell you, utter madness!

We arrived late after our dinner of frozen yogurt–which I have to say, I am not a fan of. It absolutely does not taste like ice cream. Whoeever said that is a dirty liar–so it packed by the time we got there! I got some amusement from the quad pod of douches that were walking in front of us that apparently color coordinated their outfits.

SARDINES IN A CAN PEOPLE, that is what it was.

Anyways fireworks were cool I guess, I’m not particularly into them but they were loud and huge so if that is what qualifies a fireworks show as quality then I suppose it was. America sure is obnoxious hahah we got today off though so I spent all day public pooling it UP. It was in the 100’s so it was well worth the 4 dollar non resident price tag.

I’m throughly exhausted for no particular reason SO I’m going to go rest up for work tomorrow. :)