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I absolutely adore the squeaky-clean feeling of post dentist knashers, although I do not approve of the time which I was expected to wake up to make my appointment (7 o’clock). I was done an hour too early to sell my books to Page One Too so I just browsed and found what new books I wanted while waiting for 10 to arrive.

Book shopping is the love of my life, hands down my all time favorite activity. I go through books like Whole Foods chips during a Top Chef marathon so it is great that I can sell them back and get new ones. Currently I am in the process of deciding which one to start first, Jen and I just got back from the gym and ate lunch (slash breakfast for me, i was cranky because of lack of food–i couldn’t eat before the dentist though!).

Yesterday I was great, but I was totally beat by the time dinner rolled around. I was once again indecisive about what I wanted to eat for dinner, there was too much to choose from. I made a delicious snack tray–sun chips, some greens, salmon, guac, and salsa. The avocado in the fridge was approaching its last days, so I made quick use of that.

My mom and step dad loved it! We watched the season finale of House, which was great, then I creeped on facebook (IM TAKING ANOTHER BREAK  as of now hahah) subsquently talked with Kemper, and fell asleep.

AHHHEM..RANT WARNING: (skip over if you hate immaturity..I just have to let it out but that doesn’t mean you have to read it hah)

I am seriously so incredibly weirded out about how some girl’s brains work. I just dont see how they can interpret a situation so far from reality, (and honestly I find it creepy that I took the time to look at someone I dont know’s facebook profile to notice their misinterpretation in the first place). Just because my boy is aware of your crush and allows it to perpetuate doesn’t meanhe feels anything for you like that, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a girlfriend of 2 and a half years, and doesn’t mean he says nice things about you to her. He thinks you are creepy and prepubescent. so. ANYWAYS, I am just not going to get on facebook for awhile again because it is infuriating basically and frankly I think its sad you cant find an actual boyfriend so you have to ask mine to take pictures with you and pretend like you are going out. Age is not an excuse for doing psychotic things like that, I certainly didn’t at 16, maybe your ex-boyfriend broke up with you for a reason (if he even was ever your real boyfriend).

okay,I truly apologize that I vented about that in such a public forum but I have held it in since March and it has just reached a ridiculous level of crazy at this point, too much for one girl to internally maintain.


I am going to figure out what I want to cook tonight at my dad’s, so I will leave you with a little glimpse of my ridiculous hair from yesterday hahahah. ;)