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Things that frustrate me about driving.

1) Bitter person incessantly tailgating me, a dangerous practice on the freeway might I add, following me across all lanes of i40–you need to grow up and realize that I did not, in fact, pull in front of you on the entrace jus to spite you. In reality,  you were just going a lower speed than me and I needed to get over so I put on my blinker and pulled in front of you.

Grow up, deal with it. We are all going in the same direction at the same general pace so it truly doesn’t matter if someone is temporarily in front of you. Actually you should probably work on being accustomed to it seeing as someone will pretty much always be in front of you somewhere.

2) Please use blinkers! Despite popular belief, I am not a mind reader: I have no idea where you are going or why you are slowing down or if you are planning to turn. They are convinenetly located at your disposal so it is appreciated if you would allow them to fulfill their purpose.

3) Racing to get to a red light is idiotic and gasoline wasteful. If you want to be the first to stop then be my guest, but just realize that you are an idiot. That is all.

4) I don’t care if you drive the same speed as me ALLLLL the way down Tramway ghetto creepster, I will not give you my number and/or be your ‘mamacita’ or ‘mami’. Find someone else to impregnate.

5) Look at me strangely all you want, but I know that you sing along too. Maybe not as rambunctiously as some (cough..me) but you still do nonetheless so just allow me belt out Tom Petty in peace–and enduring minimal embarrassment.

6) LEAD AND COLE. you suck. everyone knows. sucksucksuck.


Everyone has their zone of zen, mine happens to be my lovely little green honda civic–1997 born, standard (not automatic), and sans cd and/or tape player.

People who have been in the car with me are probably astounded to hear this bit of information seeing as I am afflicted with an acute case of road rage. This would be because the love for my vehicle is conditional. Depending on its location and traffic conditions mainly.

When moving freely at a reasonable pace, on the freeway anywhere east of the four hills area, my sanity is restored. Some people channel their best thoughts in the shower, or burrowed in their bed with an animal, but I find that contemplation comes easiest to me in the duration of the last thirty minutes of the fourty minute commute to my dad’s house.

I simply turn up the music and let my mind wander. Occasionally my ipod dies and I am left without music so I just listen to the sounds of my engine because my radio doesn’t work and even THAT fails to bother me in my four door space of serenity.

Do not call me while I’m in transit to the pop’s abode, do not text me–aside from the fact that it is illegal to do so, there is no service so I cannot get it anyways–communication is impossible and sometimes that feeling of solitude is comforting.


That being said, my week of total socialization and abq re-integration has come to a close and a new month has begun!

So, just for those of you that didn’t already know …

I’M BACK! (like the herp, i just stick around..can’t get rid of me muhahah)

I celebrated Halloween a day early, as I suspect many of you did as well, and I have had a wonderful 31st. It began with a 2 year old’s dance party, and ended with a bbq at home.

Yes, I still forced my dad and kristen to dress up and watch a scary movie!


woooo self timer!

The kitties were excited, and moderately bothered by my cat-ear wearing ways.



hope you said rabbit rabbit! :)