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It’s beginning to look a lot like…September really but seeing as we are at t-minus 11 days, 18 hours, and 19 mins until Santa slips down the world’s chimneys we can just go ahead and finish the above sentence with the anticipated answer.

This time calls for gift crafting, tea drinking, and christmas picture taking. How many takes before we find one where we all look normal? Only time will tell, quite possibly never.

I could literally win an award for awkward picture taking. Someone whips out a camera, I become a stiff alien unable to smile. It is a terrible condition.

BLAH, okay.

most boring  family ever

fake smiles..we really don’t want to be doing this.

theeere we go. i realize it is blurry, but it’s not in the real version.

It should come as no surprise that August is the centerpiece of the photo. He wasn’t all that photogenic on this particular night..

hahahahah this gets me everytime. I think this is what I was laughing at in the final photo that we chose.

And his penis is front and center so that is inappropriate for the front of a calendar. I still love him though, god help me.