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thank you

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that I am one lucky girl.

I sometimes wonder if everyone possesses a pre-determined amount of good fortune because if so, I have definitely used up a fair bit of it in these past 18 years. I see people going through personal tragedies, poverty, dealing the with effects of natural disasters, or addiction and I wonder why it is not me in their place.

I guess you could say that I believe in karma to a certain extent, a fairly low extent but there is some belief nonetheless, and looking back on my life I don’t really think I deserve all the good things I am blessed with. I haven’t done anything BAD persay, I try to be a nice, helpful, and honest person in general, but I haven’t done anything spectacular either and there are times when I am a down right brat.

Life isn't fair. It's a statement that is often uttered, but the absolute truth of it is usually overlooked.

Why should I have four parents, while some have none? Why should I have so much love and happiness in my life, while some are stuck in such hateful situations? It’s scary sometimes to see all the horrible things happening all around us–the oil spill, the haitian earthquakes, the murders occuring on a daily basis, cancer, I could go on and on.–and realize that I have never even had a pet die.

I feel sometimes like I am waiting almost, for something horrible to come to happen to me, it seems like only a matter of time. I have four parents, ten grandparents (all alive and healthy), two fantastic homes, three adorable pets, an amazing set of friends, a cute boy, and great opportunities awaiting me for my future. There is a lot at stake, and I selfishly don’t want to give any of it up.

Okay, that is all kind of heavy stuff I realize. Now I have a SUPER morbid feeling about everything and I am scared to get out of the chair in case I trip down the stairs and get paralyzed or something horrific. The reason that I am thinking about this was because last night my friend and I attended a candle lighting ceremony for a girl on my cheerleading team’s dad. I didn’t have much appetite before, considering the circumstances, but we had plans to go out with the girls after so I figured I probably should.

Enacted some BFD (breakfast for dinner)

Anyways, the ceremony was beautiful and though he passed away too early, as did her mother, I know that one thing that often surprises me is people’s compassion and generosity in times of need.


On a different note, I woke up at precisely 9 am to our cleaning lady coming in the door so despite not getting home until 2 I dragged myself out of bed and made my first green monster! I have heard nothing but good things about these babies for months, but our blender is slightly wacko so I never endeavored to try it. I had a massive headache and was totally tired out so…


-handful frozen spinach

-half a frozen banana

-some almond milk

-one scoop chocolate protein powder

Solid food was just not going to do it for me this morning so I had a trio of beverages while I shot out some emails about a potential article.

I felt super energized and great after drinking the monster of goodness, but I’m not sure which of the components of breakfast did it for me because there WAS a caffeinated portion of the meal. I’ll go ahead and say it was the green monster though…

…CLEARLY I hated it ;)

After working for a bit, I headed out to the gym because my mom is canceling our membership in July so I only have ten more days of having access. I’m really glad that she is finally doing this because our membership is EXTREMELY expensive and neither one of us ever goes to the gym..she plays tennis and runs with the dog and I run outside and hike and do yoga. BUT the next ten or so days I shall be a gym rat!

Now I am off to lunch with the dadster. I am just SO grateful that I am able to spend time with him, and that he able to be there for me!


..are quickly approaching status ‘COMPLETE’ I am happy to announce. As usual, this Sunday has been magnificent, relaxing, and highly photographed.

It all began with a lazy morning filled with caffination, reading and kitty loving.

Little marble is feisty! It was beyond gorgeous outside, perfect for making some SUN TEA.

–Have you ever heard of sun tea? It is where you put water and tea bags outside and let the sun heat and steep it. I only found out today about it, but I was tickled!–

Did I mention that wildflowers are taking over our yard? Not that I’m complaining..

After much dawdling it was off to my mom’s house for some serious trip prep. I popped in some laundry and headed out to enjoy the sun before my three weeks without it.

After a quick elliptical session and stretch, laundry was done, folded, and set out to be packed:

So the amount of food I am bringing could sufficiently feed a small country in Africa BUT I have my reasons so before I show you…hear me out. I used alot of my lobocash to buy things that would not go bad, limiting my choices to chips, candy, and energy bars basically. The first two options were out as soon as they were suggested, leaving me with the third. I am now in possession of an army of energy bars. Now I figure I can put my purchases to good use and save some money on my trip by snacking on those babies. And now revealing the loot:

I am super excited, got my boarding pass all printed out. My clothes on the path to being packed, and a delicious salmon dinner to enjoy.

Au revoir ;)


I am pretty convinced that the contributors of Real Simple magazine are secretly running the world, with a little help from Oprah and Andy Cooper of course. ;)

It is truly sad that I can spend hours on their website, in particular reading about their ‘new uses for old things’:


I am proud of myself for three reasons this morning:

1) I slept in until almost 9!

2) I did not let the 10 am Albuquerque heat scare me away from a run outside

3) I went all 4.93 miles without walking (heat makes me tired)

It was a nice run I suppose one could say, it took me about 35 minutes so I was going pretty slow and it was flat. I had a hard time because the coffee to water ratio was off balance so I was dying of heat and in need to water. Nothing a few glasses of lime water couldn’t fix though!

I downed those while looking at realsimple.com and checking my email and then ate some leftovers from yesterday’s girly brunch. We had a potluck type thing at my house before heading out for thrift store shopping.

Jen made a berry pie, Leah and Molly made a pizza and cinnamon coffee cake, and I made spinach, tomato and basil egg whites with a fruit salad.

It was a HUGE meal, so much so that I was not hungry again until we went out for Brad’s birthday. It was probably one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to– it was a hidden steakhouse and you had to have a password to get in! I got a realllly good salad with olives and artichoke hearts, tomatoes and peppericinis, it had so many flavors that it didnt even need dressing.

I love dressing up :) That brings us to now. I am pleasantly exhausted, once again hanging on my porch after eating great food. Jen literally just popped by while I was reheating breakfast–i have had to get rather creative considering we do not have a microwave right now–she was on a bike ride by my house and we are going to go to REI later and get her a backpack for her Europe trip. I can believe I wont see her until the end of July after Monday!

If you notice, there is an absence of coffee in this breakfast. CRAZY I KNOW. :)


I absolutely adore the squeaky-clean feeling of post dentist knashers, although I do not approve of the time which I was expected to wake up to make my appointment (7 o’clock). I was done an hour too early to sell my books to Page One Too so I just browsed and found what new books I wanted while waiting for 10 to arrive.

Book shopping is the love of my life, hands down my all time favorite activity. I go through books like Whole Foods chips during a Top Chef marathon so it is great that I can sell them back and get new ones. Currently I am in the process of deciding which one to start first, Jen and I just got back from the gym and ate lunch (slash breakfast for me, i was cranky because of lack of food–i couldn’t eat before the dentist though!).

Yesterday I was great, but I was totally beat by the time dinner rolled around. I was once again indecisive about what I wanted to eat for dinner, there was too much to choose from. I made a delicious snack tray–sun chips, some greens, salmon, guac, and salsa. The avocado in the fridge was approaching its last days, so I made quick use of that.

My mom and step dad loved it! We watched the season finale of House, which was great, then I creeped on facebook (IM TAKING ANOTHER BREAK  as of now hahah) subsquently talked with Kemper, and fell asleep.

AHHHEM..RANT WARNING: (skip over if you hate immaturity..I just have to let it out but that doesn’t mean you have to read it hah)

I am seriously so incredibly weirded out about how some girl’s brains work. I just dont see how they can interpret a situation so far from reality, (and honestly I find it creepy that I took the time to look at someone I dont know’s facebook profile to notice their misinterpretation in the first place). Just because my boy is aware of your crush and allows it to perpetuate doesn’t meanhe feels anything for you like that, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a girlfriend of 2 and a half years, and doesn’t mean he says nice things about you to her. He thinks you are creepy and prepubescent. so. ANYWAYS, I am just not going to get on facebook for awhile again because it is infuriating basically and frankly I think its sad you cant find an actual boyfriend so you have to ask mine to take pictures with you and pretend like you are going out. Age is not an excuse for doing psychotic things like that, I certainly didn’t at 16, maybe your ex-boyfriend broke up with you for a reason (if he even was ever your real boyfriend).

okay,I truly apologize that I vented about that in such a public forum but I have held it in since March and it has just reached a ridiculous level of crazy at this point, too much for one girl to internally maintain.


I am going to figure out what I want to cook tonight at my dad’s, so I will leave you with a little glimpse of my ridiculous hair from yesterday hahahah. ;)


I am proud to annouce that I have fully abided by the most important rule of summertime:

being outside!

For the majority of the time span from breakfast to this very moment, I have been actively enjoying the outdoors. How, you might ask, have I shown my appreciation for the sun and beautiful day? Allow me to lay it out for you.

Woke up (only SLIGHTLY hungover) and enjoyed a lovely breakfast on my porch with one Jennifer Wright and one cute puppy.

Properly fueled, we set out for a hike! We piled into my car and met up with Kenzie at the Comanche trailhead. I hadn’t ever explored that particular trail, but it was interesting to say the least considering there is very little trail (that we followed anyways) that is not entirely composed of rock faces. August was totally suave about it though, took it like a champ. Lil mountaineer!

What could possibly be more fitting after all that beauty than a delicious lunch at Annapurna with the girls?! While we waited for our food we took tests to determine our doshas and a man that worked there came up and just based on what we looked like guessed what the test confirmed–I’m Vata with a little bit of Pitta. Turns out I enjoy eating all the food that is keeps me unbalanced, but it tastes so GOOD!

Doshas are very interesting, all of Annapurna’s vegan food is prepared according to your dosha’s necessities. As mostly a Vata person turns out I should avoid all raw vegetables! WHAT?! I guess I will just stay unbalanced. To find out what your dosha is and information about it click here and here. ;)

Now I am currently in the process of acquiring new music–official summer playlist is obviously needed.

Really digging 4shared.com lately, it’s legal so I dont feel bad about using it! Loading up on some she&him, coconut records, katy perry, cash cash, etc.

I’m gonna work on this for awhile, then maybe take the new jams for a spin at the gym? hm..


GOOOOODDDDMORNING! It is so interesting how different Albuquerque looks from various locations around the city. I happen to have lucked out, my mom’s house is in the best location in my opinion for sunset and city viewing. I stayed out on the porch after dinner last night for an hour and half basking in the–pardon my cheesiness for a moment– absolute beauty of the sunset. It wasn’t even anything special, I think it was just appreciation of being home again.

From 9 until 11:50 I planned on relaxing but got bored and instead spent my time unpacking and re-integrating myself back into my mom’s house. I only had about one fourth of my junk to put away but it still took FOREVER. This was probably due to the fact that I used this as an opportunity to clean out some of the mounds of old junk stuffed in the back of my closet.

I am SUCH a pack rat.

I am not kidding when I say that I found every single homework assignment from sixth grade an a stuffed expandable folder! Seriously, who does that? I threw away most of it, but kept a little just because I have already housed it for what, eight years now or so.

Ah, I diverge from my original topic: unpacking. I successfully finished after several dance breaks, obviously necessary, to rejuvenate my delirious mind. I have learned that it is better to just face what you don’t want to do and get it done before you have time to think about how much you dread doing it. It is a very handy anti-procrastination tactic. It was all worth it, got all my dresses and jackets hung up and my closet cleaned out.

I realized just how many dresses I have though, which was slightly disturbing. The entire main rack of my closet is comprised of dresses and nothing else! I did color coordinate them, however. We’ll have to see how long THAT lasts, but I was rather proud of myself.

This morning I managed to sleep in until the lovely hour of 8:45, which is unusual these days. I hoped to have coffee out on my porch but it is just too ridiculously windy so I settled for our kitchen instead.

Did I mention that our microwave broke and is currently MIA?

Just a hole in the wall, tragic :(


MEET MARBLE: our new kitten!

I decided she deserved a post all of her own. So as I eat my huge breakfast, got a final at 3 so I gotta be properly nourished..I have broken my coffee pact but it’s only half a cup so it doesn’t count!