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it’s a sad reality that after my last class of freshman year today, i was inflicted with a nasty case of boredom. after my (second) lunch which i spent sitting on my couch i began to get restless but had no desire to do anything. so i decided, seeing as we have to move out in less than a week and our dorm has to be ridiculously spotless, to go on a mini cleaning spree!


i blasted my music and for the past two hours i have packed up, washed, vacuumed, scrubbed, mopped, swept, and straightened to my heart’s content. inevitably, considering the music and the amount of coffee in my system, it turned into an impromptu photo shoot..PLUS i had to get photo documentation of me CLEANING. I am strictly a dishwasher in our dorm, I like my room to be neat but I do not enjoy ‘cleaning’ in its generic form


I cant believe we have to move out so soon! It is so sad, and our dorm is SO heartbreakingly empty. I’m used to posters, plants, photos, lights, decoration in general but it has all been packed and has lost it’s homey touch. I have left all my decorations up because I have the latest check out date us all of us girls. I have packed a significant amount of stuff and sneakily hidden it under my bed so the room looks intact, but all the drawers are hollow. it’s a facade of homey-ness!