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Let me just preface this post by cursing the inventor of the bicycle seat–they are (were) a cruel, cruel human being.


You know what is not cruel? The fact that it is free to do laundry here. Seeing as I have not had an opportunity to take advantage of this yet, I decided to celebrate ‘Thirsty Thursday’ in style..Grandma style that is ;)

I am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of clean towels, underwear, and work out gear- HURRAY!

So, homesickness is beginning to rear its ugly head. I definately did not get my fill of at-home relaxation this summer and now I am craving it desperately. Sitting here I realized that this year has been different and will continue to be different than other years of my life:

First off, I did not go to Maine with my family this summer because I was in Washington DC

I didn’t go to the lake with my group of friends like last year either

This year I will be out of the country for Thanksgiving–my FAVORITE holiday

For the first time in my ENTIRE life I will not be in the same house for Christmas

The past two years my birthday has been celebrated with the same four people trekking to the same dang place..

But not this year. :(

I wont be back country skiing with my dad either, which we normally do.

Changes are a part of life, I get that. I am just a very tradition-oriented person and I love to do things that I already know I love over and over again. I’m the type of person who listens to the same song 500 million times until I get absolutely sick of it or eats the same sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until I cannot stand the sight of it for years.

All I need right now is a snuggle session with my doggie..

..some gingerbread pancakes and fruit salad..

and a taste of home

And then I will be just fine

Or maybe just some sleep will do the trick.