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Beginnings are a funny sort of thing. Everything has one and they are all different. There is always that first step to begin a marathon, a first smile of a baby, the first cup of java in the morning.

Each town in existance sprung up from the first building and grew into its current state. Continued growth is what makes the world go round. Yesterday we visited the origins of Linkoping, the town in which I am studying during the next few months.

a short bus ride led us to..


where we came across a little garden

whose flowers and leaves sprouted from seeds sown long ago

And an old fashioned printing press

Where ink is imprinted onto paper, transforming mere ideas into them into literature that people can hold in their hands and pass along to their friends

And a wood shop where trees serve as the basis for art, utensils, decorations, and toys. The large trunks of the leafy giants in the area are carved into useful objects

I don’t know what the origin of my life from this point will be, but I sure hope it involves chocolate (like the chocolate factory in Gamla Linkoping)

Shifting back into present day life we took the bus into the city center

The student pub, HG, is very interesting but it was totally fun to get into. There is a dance floor with a stage, restaurant, two bars, a private room, the whole deal

I particularly like the bar rules

and the shot names

Blackjack? It looks deserted here, but that was because people had moved to the dancefloor–it was quite busy before this picture.


Speaking of beginnings, I BEGAN my courses today. It is interesting because we never meet on the same day, or at the same time. They give you a syllabus and you check where it will be that day. Sometimes on thursdays, mondays, eight o clock, 5 oh clock..you never know.

Oh, Sweden keeping things interesting you sly dog. ;)

There are elections coming up in the next couple of weeks so lots of free food is being given out

I think I am going to be seeing the beginning of a new pants size pretty soon hahah

I am encountering so many new experiences without the people who generally define who I am, with people who have no idea about my normal temperament, my normal habits, likes, or dislikes. I have kind of had to throw any preconcieved notion of who I think of myself as, who I want to be, or who I am out the window and just allow myself to BE and enjoy where I am and who I am with.

I can tell that coming here was the correct choice, and that it could potentially be the commencement of a new chapter of my life. I dont want to put too much thought into it because that would defeat the whole point, now wouldn’t it but I have to say that if this is the beginning of the rest of my life..

Then this is a beautiful way to begin it. :)