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It seems to me that pairs occur often in my life.

It has probably always been like this but I have noticed it more lately because I have been reading Her Fearful Symmetry–which is about twins. For instance, good days are paired with..not as good ones. I should have known that my wonderful wednesday would be followed by a throughly sick thursday (attempt at alliteration..BAM that just happened twice)

I woke up on the right side of the bed Wednesday, went to the gym, and donned my favorite sweater

I didn’t wash my hair in the shower, so that called for some quick curlage

QUICK FACT: I always curl my hair when I am too lazy to wash and brush it. Quite possibly the one and only perk of having really really fine hair is it takes two seconds to curl.

blonde flashback

I drove my dirty-haired self down to campus for lunch with the crew, followed by a short reporters meeting which led to non stressed hanging out until Jen’s african dance performance.

I met up with Jen’s mom to watch some sweet African Dancing–at the end we got to try too! It was fun :)

I could feel a bit of sickness creeping in so I headed to Whole Foods to pick up some soup. Who woulda thought that they only had two options, both of which were supremely salty?!

not me. boo.

I got asked for out for drinks in the produce section–which made me feel simultaneously old and young. Old because they thought I was old enough to be able to do that, and young because I had to inform the asker that I was not.

Then I headed to the best friend’s place for dinner, youtube videos, and sleepover!


was rough from the get-go. My three day hair was not so tasty looking to say the least and I had to wake up at eight and drag myself to a three hour long Finance and Facilities Regent’s meeting sans breakfast.

I barely escaped dying of hunger before I dropped my stuff at the office and clacked my way to satalite for a rise and shine. Doesnt that just sound happy?

It was delicious, but scarfed in approximately four minutes. After an hour of trying to cough my way through work I gave up and headed home for an afternoon of TV and on and off napping. Punctuated by periodic eating and vitamin C taking.

Blah. Today is Friday. It is 1, and I woke up at 12 which is how I know that I am officially under the weather. I have plans for today–none of which I have made any kind of headway on.

Hopefully I will write my article, hopefully I will get to the gym, hopefully I will get off my couch.

We’ll see I guess.



You know what a rather critical instrument involved in driving is?

A key.

If you would like to be able to drive to places, it is helpful to not lose yours.

Just a little tip for you all.

You are probably assuming that I have had a rough experience involving misplacement of my keys today and you would be right. Today began well, and is shaping up nicely, but there were some bumps in the road.

I was down at campus early today, got my advisement hold taken off, and found out I got a B on my Sociology paper. Under normal circumstances I would be appalled at that grade and would likely have a mini meltdown but considering I went to exactly one class and then learned everything and wrote the paper in one day I’ll take whatever passing grade I can get.

It was beautiful outside so I decided to go on a run and when I was changing in my car like the classy girl I am, no one walked by--always a plus in my book when I manage to not expose myself to strangers.

Then I did a stupid thing. I knew about the whole putting your key through the laces of your shoe trick BUT I failed to remember that you cant just weave it through the front of the laces and call it a day. Turns out you need to string it along one of the laces as well.

I learned this the hard way, and spent my time pondering my stupidity while I attempted to find the AAA 800 number online–which is impossible might I add. My mom eventually found it for me since my AAA card was locked ohsohelpfully in my car, and they sent a locksmith my way as my phone slowly drained of charge.

He unlocked my car, I was able to change my clothes and gather my things, my dad picked up a new key from the dealer, and I walked to meet up with Tessa for the walk over to her house to meet up with people.

The crisis was short lived and minimally dramatic BUT the inconveniences associated with it continue to plague me now. My phone went out when I was at Saggios with the girls while I was attempting to coordinate a place for my dad to pick me up to go home tonight. Attempts to swindle my lovely friends into driving me to Eubank and Central were made, and they did all offer to take my but really its just one of those frustrating circumstances where you have to depend on someone else’s mercy to get you places. (felt like I was in 9th grade again)

NOW, I have my key but my car is down at Jen’s so my dad will have to drop me down there tomorrow and then I will need to drive all the way up to my mom’s to change and pack for Thursday and then all the way back down to campus for work and to hang out with people!

There was a lesson learned from all this though! Don’t go running, ever.