Listening to Fleetwood Mac with my best friend on a  Brazillian porch immersed in sunshine with a cup of french press coffee in my hand is the moment in which the three days of cancelled flights, no sleep, and multiple meltdowns all become worth it.

As much as I would like to complain about the hectic nature of my journey, I actually am incredibly thankful I had such an interesting and unique experience–mainly because it is hilarious and is a great conversational topic in awkward situations. Also, people totally are more willing to provide favors when you are crying (like hotel rooms and free coffee)…alright I might have milked that one a little bit.

The thing is, as anyone that knows me is unfortunately well aware of, that when I do not sleep enough I transform into this bizarre conglomeration of raging bitch and infantile freak–picture periodic, spontaneous crying spells and feeling true anger at the Dalai Lama for speaking too loud on Piers Morgan while I am trying to cram myself into a horrendously uncomfortable airport chair to sleep.

Actually, that is deserved..what a dick. He needs to keep it down. (kidding! kind of)

Within my 45 hours of travel (19 of which were spent in the Houston Airport..I think, don’t trust my math skills automatically..and by math I of course mean basic counting) 5 cups of coffee were consumed, 2 kindle books purchased, 15 episodes of Arrested Development were watched, and snacks were the only thing pulling me through.

First Amendment of travel–bring snacks! It is absolutely non negotiable. The pretzels and ginger ale provided on the airplane are not sufficient, although I have to say that I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys airplane food..I am more than totally cool with it in fact.

Second Amendment–see above. I cannot reiterate this important tip enough.

I think that what it really comes down to (the moral of this story one might say) is thank goodness I do not live in Houston, or their airport. 


2 responses to “arrival

  1. Pretty sure the Houston airport is cursed. Glad you made it out alive!

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