Five things

1) Woke up the other morning and immediately made this soup –entirely appropriate I know. Hey, sometimes a girl just needs some soup..at 10 in the morning..in 90 degree weather..

regardless it was delicious, the picture was not as pretty as this one though.

2) I am currently re-reading this wonderful book and loving every word (gets me every time)

3) Shortly after my Caturday post, Stanley went missing. We have put up signs around our neighborhood and have checked the pound but are currently crossing our fingers for her safe return. Oliver has set up post next to the cat door and has taken to expressing his grief through incessant meowing at an incredibly high pitch. If nothing else, I hope Stanley returns soon so that my sanity can be preserved (within reason) because he is slowing driving me insane.

4) On another note, can I just go ahead and say what we are all thinking?

Jessica Simpson’s baby is kind of ugly.

Now, I really hate to say that about a baby –but it’s true! This cruel and astute observation of mine comes as a result of my reading of People magazine at work.

The baby article itself is actually quite bizarre, apparently her husband went out and bought a piano when he found out his baby had long fingers. I’m sorry but that seems INCREDIBLY excessive and presumptuous. The longest fingered baby in the universe will not be playing a piano that costs more than my soul until at least 2, why buy at three weeks old?

Ultimately I am nothing but sympathetic for the little girl because she has to grow up with someone who doesn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna as a mother. Goodness gracious, if only she could have been cut some slack. Maybe she will improve! I’m sure she is a really nice baby.


5) All I want in this world is to see the Dictator (okay, and a trampoline..and a pool filled with swedish fish..and to be good at sudoku). JUDGE ALL YOU WANT–it looks hilarious and I will go by myself if I must! I never claimed to have good taste, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy for goodness sake (GA fans–that plane crash WHAT WAS WITH THAT)

Okay, I suppose that is all that has been occupying my mind lately. It’s over now and we all survived, I hope.

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