I know the general rule is to trust your intuition in most matters–but sometimes your first inclination can be just plain wrong.

For instance, I am inclined to eat peanut M and M’s for every meal but when I think about my fast track to diabetes lifestyle I throw in a a veggie for good measure–or ten.

I am inclined to stumbleupon through my entire math class–but then I would not learn how to add in Eqyptian. And that would be just to much of a shame.

Watching Bravo re-runs on my couch is absolutely my first inclination upon release from said math class on a Tuesday afternoon but going for a run, doing homework, and reading in my bed leaves me in a much better mood.

Also, I am incredibly inclined to criticize the hell out of this picture but instead I choose to accept it as it is and the moment that it represents. Which is much more important in my opinion.

Going with your gut is nice in theory, but sometimes it is a tad more destructive to do so and it is necessary to be able to identify when this is true.


One response to “blah

  1. You certainly made the right choice when you picked this sharp and stylish mother – now you know what you will look like in your forties. Luv mm

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