I am feeling the itch to switch up my room—only three months in! I blame it on constantly looking at apartment therapy, I warn you it is a dangerous habit!

I have a low bed so I want to make a headboard and make my room not so cluttered. I have piles everywhere! and yellow, and national geographics, and frames, and it is just so freaking busy. I think a bedroom should be more peaceful and serence to counteract the stress that I induce upon myself everyday.

I have a mild obsession with scouring various sites–apartment therapydesign sponge and desire to inspire— and compulsively saving pictures on my computer. I don’t ever do anything more than simply drool over the photos, so it is not really helpful to my life at all.

Yet I continue to do it.

The thing is, I feel like alot of the things I like are absolutely do-able if I decided to invest the time and energy into it. So, and this may just be the coffee talking here, but I am fully motivated to make my room a more peaceful environment.

In other news, I am the proud owner of a spanking brand new french presssssss. It is green, giant, and I love it.


This past month in a nutshell.

Books read: Winter’s Tale, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Bee

Boxes of wine consumed (in household, not indivdually): innumerable

Money spent at Trader Joes: $60

Games of apples to apples played: seven..ish

Sunburns: yep


Things I’ve found

Man the Fuck Up--http://www.mtfu.org/


What I need!–http://www.etsy.com/listing/62194108/keep-calm-and-drink-coffee-13×19-poster

Favorite Swedish cafe (where we would hang out if we lived in stockholm, no doubt)http://cafestring.com/

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